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Macbook Batteries & Pricing

Buying retail beats ordering online! Why?

These are replacement batteries that exactly match your laptop requirements. To guarantee that you walk away with a battery solution, please bring your laptop so we can give you the exact matching battery.

All batteries exchanged/returned will incur a 20% replacement restocking fee if battery is purchased without bringing in the Laptop.

All our Batteries carry a 1 Year Warranty.

Original receipt must be present.
Warranty excludes failure due to damage, misuse or wear.

Why buying retail beats an online/eCommerce purchase...hands-down!

Avoid the Pain of Online Purchase :

  • You don't need to research the exact battery model your laptop needs.

  • You don't need to pay up-front and online with credit cards.

  • No waiting for delivery from an online supplier.

  • You don't need to ensure you are available to receive the battery when the courier comes to deliver it.

  • No stress when you discover the battery does not work because: 

    • You ordered the wrong battery.
    • The supplier shipped the wrong battery.
    • you ordered the right battery, and the supplier shipped the right battery, but unfortunately your laptop has some other problem in addition to the battery, or instead of the battery, and ...
  • No stress when you discover that you did not need the battery at all, because: 

    • the problem was not with the battery but with your charger.
    • the problem was not with the battery but with the charging port inside your laptop that is used for connecting your charger
    • the problem was not with your battery but with your charging circuits in the laptop itself.
  • No stress about needing to ship the battery back.
  • No stress about getting a refund.
  • No paying for courier/post office delivery charges.
  • No pursuing supplier or insurance when the battery is not delivered.
  • No pursuing the vendor if the battery croaks within the warranty period.

Embrace the Comfort of In-Store Purchase :

  • Walk into the store with your laptop, and eliminate the risks and guesswork associated in buying a replacement laptop battery
  • Make sure your laptop smiles back at you when we put in a new battery.
  • If your laptop does not smile, it has other issues (charger, charging port, or charging circuits) and you will be informed accordingly. The friendly folks at The TechKnow Space will provide you with solutions to all these problems.
  • When your laptop begins a happy boot up dance into Windows, look us in the eye, thank us, and pay for the solution with cash/debit/credit...then watch us smile to the happy ringing of our cash register!
  • Know where to find us via phone, email, or a physical location should you need any follow-up help. No need for long and painful emails...we will always be there for you!

Net Cost :

  • An additional $10 to $20, over an eCommerce solution.
  • A drive down to one of our convenient locations in the GTA, open 7 days a week.

Net Benefits :

  • No waiting
  • No heavy-lifting
  • No stress
  • Guaranteed solution

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Buying a New Macbook Battery

Finding a replacement battery for your macbook can be very time consuming. You could buy from Apple the Macbook batteries on Apple Canada start at $139 & up and then you have to wait for it to be delivered. You could buy online through Amazon, or eBay, and hope you are getting the right battery. When you come to us instead of Future Shop, Best Buy, or Staples we always have someone ready to help you (we all know they are never around when we actually want some help), we will install your battery and make sure it is working before you leave.

Common Problems With Macbooks
  • You plug in your adapter and the charging light doesn't come on
  • The orange light is on, but isn't charging
  • Green light is on but isn't fully charged
  • Your battery is swollen, and it is hard to use your trackpad if not impossible
  • You see an "X" over top of the battery icon in the finder menu
  • Every time you unplug your Macbook and it shuts off completely
Sometimes we get someone coming in saying that they bought a battery online, and their macbook still doesn't work, we take a look at the macbook and find out they need a new adapter, or their connector needs to be fixed.

Why Come To Us?

Why wait for it to be delivered? Why pay for shipping or duty/customs fees? We are open every day, have two convenient locations and have the lowest retail price in the GTA.

With us, you come in with your Macbook, and your adapter, and then we will check your Macbook and make sure that you actually need a replacement battery (takes us all of two minutes to check!).

Types of Macbook Batteries

There are also two types of Macbook batteries, a user removable battery and built-in batteries. Apple started using built-in batteries in 2009 with the 17" Macbook Pro, and then started using them in the rest of their macbook line.

If you have a Macbook that requires a built-in battery it is best to let a professional install it. There are some online tutorials, not many and every Macbook model is different. Unless you are a Macbook expert, taking apart your unibody Macbook requires skill and knowledge. You have to be very careful not to electrify the logic board, as you could easily create some damage to your Macbook. We can replace a built-in Macbook battery for you while you wait, and save you the stress and hassle of trying to do it yourself.

Laptop Battery Replacement Process

It is strongly recommended that you bring your laptop and, preferrably, your old battery and laptop AC adapter. This enables us to do a 2-minute check to verify that you actually need your battery to be replaced. 


Apple Laptop Batteries

Apple currently manufactures the Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro. The Macbook, Powerbook, and iBook have been discontinued, for which we have batteries in stock.

These are some of the popular Apple models that we carry batteries for:
MACBOOK 13 Model A1181
MACBOOK PRO 13 Unibody Model A1278
MACBOOK PRO 13 Unibody Model A1384
MACBOOK PRO 15 Retina Model A1398
MACBOOK PRO 15 Model A1150
MACBOOK PRO 15 Model A1211
MACBOOK PRO 15 Model A1226
MACBOOK PRO 15 Model A1260
MACBOOK PRO 15 Unibody Model A1286
MACBOOK PRO 17 Model A1151
MACBOOK PRO 17 Model A1212MACBOOK PRO 17 Model A1229
MACBOOK PRO 17 Model A1261
MACBOOK PRO 17 Unibody Model A1297
iBOOK G3 12
iBOOK G3 14
iBOOK G4 12
iBOOK G4 14
iBOOK M6497
MACBOOK AIR 11 Model A1370
MACBOOK AIR 13 Model A1237
MACBOOK AIR 13 Model A1304
MACBOOK AIR 13 Model A1369
Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860

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