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iPhone Back Cover Repair - iPhone Models

HAPPY CUSTOMERS iPhone Models Back Cover Replacement Service Price Repair Time

iPhone 7 Plus $CALL 1 Hour
iPhone 7
iPhone 6S Plus $CALL
iPhone 6S
iPhone 6 Plus $129.95
iPhone 6
iPhone 5S $99.95
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5
iPhone 4S $29.95
iPhone 4

iPhone Models Back Cover Replacement Service Price Repair Time
iPhone 7 Plus $CALL 1 Hour
iPhone 7

iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 6S
iPhone 6 Plus $129.95

iPhone 6

iPhone 5S $99.95
iPhone 5C

iPhone 5

iPhone 4S $29.95
iPhone 4

iPhone 7, 7 Plus Back Cover Replacement

Whether your iPhone 7 or iphone 7 + back cover has developed some cracks, scratches or is warped or dented, bring your iPhone to our repair professionals for a back cover replacement, and in a couple of hours your phone will be good as new!


The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both have an aluminum metal back cover which is similar to the previous models. The metal frame helps to make the phone lighter and also thinner. The back cover can take a lot of wear and tear, after putting it in and taking it out of your pocket or purse, or resting on your wallet or keys multiple times a day.

If there is damage to the back cover, whether it is from dropping it, or your car keys scratching against it, it can have other effects on the phone. Problems like the screen lifting can also happen because of damage to the back and the edges of the phone. If this occurs, it will need to be replaced.

Apple changed the frame of the phone slightly, curving the edges of the screen and the case to meet with a more rounded look. They explain the design change on their website,

“The first thing you notice when you hold iPhone 6 is how great it feels in your hand. The cover glass curves down around the sides to meet the anodized aluminum enclosure in a remarkable, simplified design. There are no distinct edges. No gaps. Just a smooth, seamless bond of metal and glass that feels like one continuous surface.”


The new design is not without its flaws, however. The thin aluminum is perfect for keeping the phone light, but apparently bad for keeping it straight. Some users have noticed that putting the phone in their pants pocket can bend the casing of the phone slightly.

This has been attributed to the large size of the phone in combination with slimness of the frame. Unfortunately when these factors meet the bony part of your leg through your pants pocket, the phone is the one which ultimately loses.

Apple hasn’t admitted there is an actual issue with bending, and so far it seems this problem only happens for a very tiny minority of users.

Forbes Magazine said online about the bending issue,

“The thinness, the lightness, the smooth edges and the metal build are all supposed to serve to delight the user. But…users that are used to putting their phone in their pocket will continue to do so as long as the pocket is large enough. (This is no mean feat for the 6 Plus!) So the fact that a routine trip to the back pocket could lead to a permanently bent (and possibly unusable) iPhone should be uncomfortable for Apple.”

-Forbes, September, 2014

So, if your back cover gets bent or warped, you need to replace it…pronto! Failure do this will result in your screen popping out of the frame, or worse….even crack L

As grandma would say “A stitch in time saves nine”. You better believe it! Procrastinate and you will lose your screen. Now instead of a back cover replacement, which was primarily a cosmetic concern, you now have a real problem with your screen, and your iPhone has a serious usability issue.

So grab your iPhone and mosey on down to the TechKnow Space, where our multi-year experienced technicians will replace your back cover in one hour.

Another solution might be to buy a good case that can be used to protect your entire iPhone including your back cover.

harrison chan

a year ago-

When my iPhone 6 screen shattered I did not know what to do as I needed it fixed right away. Most companies that I called could only fix it over night. But luckily when I called The TechKnow Space they were able to fix it within ONE HOUR!!! I was so happy! The customer service was great!!! I took it into the Mississauga location and I would highly recommend this fast and affordable company for any repair!!! The work is EXCELLENT!!


iPhone 5,5S, 5C back cover replacement Mississauga & Toronto, Ontario.Whether your iPhone 5, 5C or 5S back cover has developed some cracks, scratches or is warped or dented, bring your iPhone to our repair professionals for a back cover replacement, and in a couple of hours your phone will be good as new! 





Christopher Gallagher

6 months ago-

Replaced screen on iPhone 5 done in less than an hour, phone worked like new


iPhone 4, 4S Back Cover Replacement

iPhone 4, 4S back cover replacement Mississauga & Toronto.Constructed of glass faces and a metal rim, the iPhone 4/4S is fashionable and sleek, however it is also quite fragile.

Unfortunately the iPhone 4/4S back cover was not manufactured with the same high-strength glass as the front. If you bump, nudge or drop your iPhone 4/4S, the back cover can easily crack, break or even smash!

The iPhone 4/4S back cover is very delicate and the replacement needs to be done with extreme care. So, whether the back cover is shattered or cracked, usable or not, our expert technicians will do their magic and make sure the replacement back cover looks as sleek and shiny as when you first brought it home.

Your iPhone 4 or 4S is in good hands with us. We’ve got your Back with your iPhone 4/4S back cover replacement!

Jolanta Nowakowicz

a year ago-

I came here without an appointment because I needed to fix my iPhone 4s screen. Service was quick, staff was super polite and it was done within an hour. Screen looks great and I'm thrilled with the service.

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