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iPhone Mainboard Problems We Repair

About Our iPhone Mainboard Repair service.

Your iPhone mainboard may also be referred to as an iPhone Logic Board or Motherboard.

Many iphone failures turn out to be a result of a failure of a mainboard component.  

A summary of such iPhone mainboard problems requiring board level repair include:

  • Dark display
  • No backlight
  • Touchscreen not responding
  • Touch IC "Disease"
  • Won't charge even after port replacement
  • Damaged connectors

Refer to the following table to determine the price and repair turnaround time for your iPhone Logic Board failure:

iPhone Mainboard Repairs iPhone Mainboard Repair Price
Typical iPhone Mainboard Repair Time

iPhone No Backlight RepairNo Backlight Repair

-Dim Backlight

-Brightness won't increase

$CALL 2 to 4 Days

iPhone Blank Screen - No Image RepairBlack Screen Repair

-No Image

-Turns on but No Display


iPhone Touch IC Controller RepairTouch IC Repair (iPhone 6 Plus)

-Touch Disease

-Grey Bar of Death

Not Repairing
Take to Apple

iPhone not charging repairNot Charging Repair

-Charging Circuit Failure

-Charges Intermittently

$CALL 2 to 4 Days

iPhone no power, not turning on repairNo Power Repair

-Power Management Repair

-On board power circuit failure


iPhone cameras not working main board level repairCameras Not Working Repair

-No Photo Preview

-Camera not activating


iPhone Blue screen of death repair mainboard serviceBlue Screen Repair

-Blue Screen Of Death


iPhone cameras not working main board level repairBroken Connectors Repair

-LCD / Touchscreen Connector

-Missing / Broken Pins

-Corroded Contacts

$CALL 1 to 2 Days

4013 Error Code / iPhone Won't Restore Repair


iPhone data recovery from damaged mainboardiPhone Won't Turn On Data Recovery

-Data Recovery (Damaged Mainboard)

$CALL 3 to 7 Days

What is iPhone Touch IC Disease

iPhone Touch Disease, or Touch IC disease as it is so-called is a failure of on the mainboard of the iPhone (affecting iPhone 6 Plus models especcially) that casues a degradation and eventual failure of the iPhone's touchscreen response.  

Essentially you will find that over time as you attempt to interact with the iPhone's touchscreen it will become more and more difficult to activate the controls and eventually nothing will hapen when you touch or swipe.

Some are calling this problem (which Apple has acknowledged exists) a defect.  However Apple's website indicates that the failure is a result of repeated drops, knocks and/or other stresses experienced by the iPhone. They are neither covering failure under warranty nor repairing the damage -- leaving affected users to their own devices to find a solution from a third party repair shop.

The cause of the problem consists of the failure of 2 integrated circuits on the iPhone mainboard - namely the U2402 & U2401 chips which require replacement in order to provide a solution.

iPhone touch disease showing grey bar

A distorted grey band may show intermittently at the top of the display.

This distinctive grey band is usually a tell-tale sign that your iPhone is suffering from the mainboard surface-mounted component failure known as Touch Disease, Touch IC Disease or Touch IC Failure.  

iPhone Back-light Problem Caused By Mainboard Damage

There are several possible reasons (other than a failed or broken display assembly) for a dim backlight or no backlight at all:

  • Long Screw Damage

    • Sometimes an inexperienced home-technician or Do-It-Yourself enthusiest undertakes to replace their own iPhone Screen.  If they have not been very careful to put the same screws back into the same places a long screw may be tightened in where a shorter screw rightfully belonged.  This error may result in the longer screw having been driven down into the traces on the mainboard causing a short-circuit or a broken circuit.

  • Diode Failure

    • Diode failure may happen as a result of the drop that broke the iPhone glass and (not obviously) also caused internal damage. It is not unusual for this failure to become evident until after a new screen has been installed.  This component replacement may accompany long screw damage.
  • Backlight Coil Failure

    • The least often culprit and usually a by-result of other damages -- still requiring replacement in such circumstances.

Data Recovery from iPhone With Damaged Mainboard

When your iPhone mainboard is damaged, you haven't synced your iPhone's data with iCloud, AND you consider that data to be vital business information or irreplaceable nostalgic photos and videos (for example) -- you may not yet be completely out of luck!

There is more than one approach to go about recovering data from a damaged iPhone. 

1. The iPhone doesn't work but powers on to the point where when interfaced with a computer and software data recovery is possible.

2. Repairing the mainboard damage sufficiently to allow access to the iPhones memory and using a host computer and data recovery software.

2. Removing the on board storage integrated circuits and recovering data from the on-board flash storage using a specialized iPhone flash IC host. 

Bring your damaged iPhone in to us and we will determine the best (if any) method to recover your iPhone data. 

iPhone Wont Turn On Due To Mainboard Damage

An iPhone that doesn't turn on after damage to the mainboard as a result of impact, liquid exposure, heat etc. is not necessarily bricked forever. 

Depending on the circumstances that led to the damage there may be a short circuit, an open circuit that should otherwise be closed, or a capictor or other surface mounted 'power-management' component may be damaged.

Extensive testing using microscopes and infrared heat sensors to specifically identify the damage, and subsequently repairing circuits or replacing components with micro-soldering and reballing tools is required.

The entire process of repairing an iPhone that has mainboard damage preventing it from powering on can take several days.

What Causes The iPhone Blue Screen of Death

The iPhone Blue Screen (Of Death) is a situation where during normal operation of the iPhone or when interacting with certain apps it suddenly goes to a all blue screen and may freeze - requiring a hard reboot. 

Typically, there are 3 common possible causes of the dreaded Blue Screen on an iPhone.

  • Damaged, or mis-seated Home Button Connnector
  • Damaged proximity sensor ribbon flex cable
  • Damage to the mainboard itself - usually as a result of long screw damage.

Having determined (preferrably by a competent repair technician) that the cause is not either of the 1st two mentioned, you will need an iPhone mainboard repair. 

iPhone iTunes Error 4013

The most common question asked by iPhone users finding themself in this situation is "Can I get my iPhone working again AND save the data?"

When the cause of the the 4013 Error (Cannot Restore iPhone) is mainboard failure there is no way to restore functionality while also saving the data on the iPhone.  

The NAND chip (integrated circuit or IC) requires reprogramming which will - while restoring functionality - will also restore your environment to factory defaults, with no data.  

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