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iPhone Mute Button Repair - iPhone Models

HAPPY CUSTOMERS iPhone Models Mute Button Repair Service Price Time


iPhone 7 Plus $CALL 1 Hour
iPhone 7
iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone 6S
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6
iPhone 5S $89.95
iPhone 5C $CALL
iPhone 5 $59.95
iPhone 4S $59.95
iPhone 4 $49.95

iPhone Models Mute Button Repair Service Price Time
iPhone 7 Plus $CALL 1 Hour
iPhone 7

iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 6S
iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6

iPhone 5S $89.95
iPhone 5C $CALL

iPhone 5

iPhone 4S $59.95
iPhone 4 $49.95

iPhone 7, 7 Plus Mute Switch Repair

In addition to the standard mute, silent and vibrate mode functions that is featured on most smartphones, the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have the ability to turn off sounds with simple motions and gestures which makes life much easier.

The quickest and easiest way to silence the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is with the "Mute Switch". Alternatively you could hold down the volume-down button until it switches to silent mode.

If your iPhone 7 mute switch fails to silence the noise - walk into one of our locations in Mississauga/Toronto & our technicians will be happy to assist you.

Julia Dalengton

4 years ago

Broke my iPhone screen, and they repaired it during my lunch break! Also picked up an Otterbox case


iPhone 6 Mute Switch

The mute switch is the button above the volume controls on all Apple iPhones. The design of the switch for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is slightly different, with a longer, thinner button to accommodate the skinnier body of the phone.

The mute switch, or the “ring/silent” switch, affects whether or not the phone makes any noises. A bright orange strip behind the button tells you it is in silent or mute mode and without the little orange box means it is in ringer mode. However, when this switch is turned to silent mode, the screen will still light up with calls or texts. Ars Technica, a prominent blog about technology and communication, explains the switch,

“In "regular" silent mode, the screen is still fair game. When there's an incoming phone call, the screen lights up, and you can take or ignore the call as usual, except the people around you are spared from having to listen to your favourite ringtone. It's the same with other kinds of notifications: the screen comes on, and unless you changed the "vibrate on silent" setting to off, the phone also vibrates to catch your attention. If that happens a lot throughout the night, an iPhone on your nightstand could certainly interfere with a good night's sleep.”


Apple added a new function to compliment the mute switch to the phone software called, “Do Not Disturb” mode. This mode won’t turn the screen on at all, and allows users to automatically send calls to voicemail and ignore all notifications. This mode can also be set to start and end at certain times, which is perfect for going to meetings or the movies.

The mute switch might not seem like an important part, but using your phone without can get pretty inconvenient at times. Phones are meant to make your life easier, not more difficult – so why live with a device that doesn’t work 100%?

Come to The TechKnow Space and let the experts fix your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus mute switch within the hour, and allow you to enjoy the benefits of a working mute switch:

  1. Allow you to attend meetings without interruption.
  2. Snooze at night with no annoying notifications or call from different time zones.
  3. Enjoy movies and other public entertainment without aggravating the “public” around you.
  4. Now that airlines allow in-flight mobile use, let your co-passengers enjoy their quiet meditation, work, or rest.


iPhone 5 Mute Switch Replacement Toronto MississaugaLiving without a working mute switch can get really inconvenient – just imagine going into the settings of your iPhone 5, 5S or 5C to mute it every time you are sitting in class, library, going to the movies or theatre where you need to mute the phone! It’s definitely much easier to do that by just flipping the mute switch on your iPhone 5/5C/5S. If your iPhone mute switch needs to be repaired – bring it in to our expert repair gurus who will replace it while you wait in our comfy lounge drinking coffee and watching TV!





iPhone 4, 4S Mute Switch Repair

iPhone 4 Mute Switch Replacement Toronto MississaugaIt is a terrible inconvenience if your iPhone 4 or 4S Mute Switch doesn't work. Every time you need to silence your phone (when you are in a movie theatre, in class or in a doctor's office - just to name a few situations) you would have to unlock your phone and go through the settings. Save yourself the trouble and just get that iPhone 4/4S mute switch repaired by the experts at The TechKnow Space! 




Adam C.

2 years ago-

As advertised. Had the screen on my iPhone 4S replaced within the hour, no surprises or hidden costs. Phone works like new. Very satisfied customer and would definitely recommend to others.

My only issue? It would have been a slightly more pleasant experience if the receptionist cracked a smile or two :)

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