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Authorized Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Repair Toronto & Mississauga

Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Grand Prime Repair Service Centre Toronto near Rogers Centre & across from Square One in Mississauga. The Techknow Space is your local Samsung authorized phone repair service centre.


  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Phone Repair

Samsung Repair Toronto: Steps from Rogers Centre.
Samsung Repair Mississauga: Across from Square One.


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Samsung Service Centre: 1 Hour Authorized Samsung Phone repair in Toronto & Mississauga

Toronto location: Street level store, steps from the CN Tower and Rogers Centre Dome Stadium.

South east corner of Front and Spadina.

Mississauga location: Street level across from Square One Walmart near Missisauga City Hall.


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within 2 hours
We can solve your Note 5 problems

at our Mississauga and Toronto locations.


In the months before Samsung announced the release of their latest in their line up of Galaxy Note models, the rumours were flying fast about the fifth version of the Galaxy Note. The Techknow Space has all your Galaxy Note 5 repair solutions. We are open 7 days a week and are located in the heart of Toronto and the GTA, near the Rogers Centre in Toronto, and across from Square One in Mississauga.

The Galaxy Note 5 is the most recent version of the South Korean smartphone manufacturer’s string of “phablets”, or phone-tablet hybrids that have a large screen size and powerful internal hardware.

The Galaxy Note 5, like its 4 other ancestors, is meant to help people boost their day to day productivity by adding in software and apps that can help make tasks like calendar notifications, multitasking on different apps at one time, and good old-fashioned note taking.

Another way Samsung is trying to help Galaxy Note users to increase their on-the-go efficiency is with added features to the stylus tucked into the bottom of the Note 5 frame, called the S Pen.

The S Pen works like a pen and a computer mouse all combined in one little stick. The S Pen also has a button on the side that will bring up a menu with even more productivity shortcuts when clicked.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is an awesome luxury option for any smartphone user looking to upgrade to a powerful, high quality, large screen smartphone with a high resolution screen.

You expect a premium smartphone experience from a top shelf smartphone like the Galaxy Note 5. So when you start noticing problems with your phone, it can be stressful or annoying to try to use your Note 5 while dealing with these issues.

Common problems with the Note 5 you might be experiencing include:

  • The top glass layer is shattered, cracked, or broken from a drop, fall, or bump
  • The screen is discoloured or has lines running through it
  • The display looks fuzzy or staticky
  • Your Note 5 screen is very dim or parts of the screen are blank
  • The display will not light up, even though the phone is turned on
  • Some parts of the touch screen don’t react when you touch them, or the whole screen doesn’t respond to touch input
  • The screen of your Galaxy Note 5 looks like an ink stain or chemical burns underneath the glass
  • Glitching such as apps opening or closing on their own, jumping between windows on its own, flickering or jittering in the LCD
  • Your Note 5 takes a very long time to charge or will not charge at all
  • The battery inside your Note 5 drains very quickly or loses power after only a short time unplugged
  • Your phone won’t turn on, or turns on and only shows a loading screen and then gets stuck there
  • The S Pen doesn’t react properly, freezes, or doesn’t click
  • You are seeing error messages such as “No SIM card detected” or “Network not found”

These problems, or other issues not listed here can make using a great phone like the Galaxy Note 5 tedious or frustrating.

You should save yourself the headaches and stress of trying to use a broken or malfunctioning Note 5. Not only is trying to work around these problems cut down on your productivity, but you don’t need to live like that.

Instead, bring your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to the Techknow Space. We are your local Authorized Samsung Repair Service Centre for all Galaxy Note 5 repair solutions.

We are conveniently located in Toronto near the Rogers Centre and the CN Tower, and in Mississauga across from Square One Shopping Centre and open 7 days a week with extended hours to always be ready to help you solve your Note 5 issues.

Our technicians have been trained by Samsung

specifically in Samsung smartphone repair techniques

and can often diagnose and nurse your

Note 5 to 100% health within one hour.

Our fast turnaround ensures

you don’t lose too much productivity, so you can get back to your

day to day routine with almost no interruptions.


Kit Dhillon

9 months ago-

So let`s see... I purchased a new Note 5 and it ended up getting the glass cracked on the back. I was told it would be roughly $130 to fix it. I called Samsung directly to which they told me to check out TechKnow as they are affiliated with Samsung. I thought heck let me call and ask. The girl on the line told me to bring the phone in and told me the total cost with an estimated repair time of one hour. When I got there I was greeted by the receptionist who was friendly, she took my info down and was told they don`t have any Silver back glasses in stock and that they would have to order it. They took a deposit and was told to come in the next day via a follow up call to inform me that the correct part came in. I went in after work and got there an hour before they closed. They took it in and started working on it and it took about an hour and 10 mins. They worked a little past closing hours but ensured everything was in working order. I can`t speak for the negative reviews but I would recommend this shop to everyone. Thanks Techknow!

Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860       Try Our Google Virtual Walkthrough Techknow Space Google view Walk through our iPhone Repair Store in Mississauga and Toronto serving GTA since 2006.

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