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Broken Headphone Jack on a MacBookWhether the audio from your laptop, tablet or phone is fading in and out when you use headphones, the issue could be very possibly be your headphone jack. If you have tested  your headphones with other devices to make sure that they are working properly, then the problem is most likely in the jack.

Smartphone Headphone Jack repair

The cell phone/smart phone audio connector is also known as phone jack, audio jack, headphone jack or jack plug. This is an electrical connector that is most commonly used for analog signals and primarily audio following phone brands:

Typical turnaround time for smartphone headphone jack repair is

1 hour

With an approximate repair price range of

$49 to $200

iPhone Headphone Jack Repair. iPhone Headphone Jack Repair Toronto iPhone Headphone Jack Repair repair Mississauga.

Samsung Headphone Jack Repair, Samsung Headphone Jack Repair Mississauga, Samsung Headphone Jack Repair Toronto. LG Headphone Jack Repair, LG Headphone Jack Repair repair Toronto, LG Headphone Jack Repair Mississauga
iPhone Samsung Google

Blackberry Headphone Jack Repair, Blackberry Headphone Jack Repair Mississauga, Blackberry Headphone Jack Repair repair Toronto.

HTC Headphone Jack Repair, HTC Headphone Jack Repair Mississauga, HTC Headphone Jack Repair Toronto. Sony Headphone Jack Repair, Sony Headphone Jack Repair Mississauga, Sony Headphone Jack Repair Toronto.
BlackBerry HTC Sony

Motorola Headphone Jack Repair, Motorola Headphone Jack Repair Mississauga, Motorola Headphone Jack Repair Toronto.

Motorola Headphone Jack Repair, Motorola Headphone Jack Repair Mississauga, Motorola Headphone Jack Repair Toronto. Nokia Headphone Jack Repair, Nokia Headphone Jack Repair repair Mississauga, Nokia Headphone Jack Repair Toronto.
Motorola Huawei Nokia

LG Headphone Jack Repair, LG Headphone Jack Repair Toronto, LG Headphone Jack Repair Mississauga

Oneplus-3 Headphone Jack Repair, Oneplus-3 Headphone Jack Repair Toronto, Oneplus-3 Headphone Jack Repair Mississauga
LG OnePlus

We address, restore, refurbish, and Repair the following Headphone Jack situations:

Headphone jack repair
Headphone jack replacement
OnePlus headphone jack Repair
BlackBerry headphone jack button
Repairing Galaxy Note headphone jack
Broken Galaxy headphone jack repair
Broken iPhone headphone jack repair
Samsung broken headphone jack repair

Customer Questions:

“The headphone jack on my Apple iPhone 6 is not working properly How can I fix it?”

 iPhone broken headphone jack

Having a faulty headphone jack is not fun. If you’re having trouble listening to music, podcasts, and other kinds of audio, it’s a complete bummer.

 Not only that, if your iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in when they aren't, a broken headphone jack can mess with sound through the speaker too. Other issues that pop up could include: crackling or audio cutting in and out irregularly.

 If any of these sounds like something you're experiencing, a repair is definitely needed. 


The Audio jack on the iPhone 6 is actually part of the dock assembly. This means you'll be replacing the entire dock in order to restore functionality.

 This is not an easy repair to accomplish as it would be very easy to destroy fragile components on the dock itself and lead to even a bigger issue if you tried doing this on your own. 


So, come on in, and see the experts at TechKnow Space! We are open 7 days a week with extended hours to offer you high quality, 1-hour headphone jack replacements for all smartphones.

 “My Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is having audio problems when I plug in my earbuds”

Samsung broken headphone jack

Are you a gamer or someone who streams media all the time? If so, sound issues are among the most annoying problems that could happen to you.

There are many contributing factors that can cause audio/earphone jack issues; it can range from being a firmware issue to an audio amplifier of the phone, which means it’s suffering from a hardware issue.




Instead of trying to figure out what could have went wrong, let our trained professionals take a look for you. With our fast service, your phone’s audio port will back to normal in no time!



  “While using my Blackberry Curve with both Bluetooth or wired headphones, I have been hearing crackling noise, what’s going on?”


broken headphone jack on a phone

There are few reasons that can cause audio/earphone issues. Some include: software related problems, physical damage or faulty hardware components can also do this.

When you're a person who is always on the go, and your phone get’s you through your day for business or personal needs, the last thing you want on your list is having a non-functional Jack.

For easy and effortless solution, drop by to any of our convenient locations at Techknow Space and let expert to take a look.


Did you know?Headphones from history 

In 1895 people started rocking out tunes of the local opera house right from the comfort of their own home. They’d jam to the music wearing headphones that looked more like stethoscopes. I must say, we have come a long way!







Thinking of repairing a Headphone /Audio jack on your phone yourself?

repairing headphone jacks

There are many DIY websites out there but rarely does the average consumer realize how time-consuming (and tedious) these repairs can often be.

We must warn you: it may look a lot easier than it actually is. Even if you get it back together with all the pieces back in place, if the screen doesn’t turn on for example, you’re in for a long and frustrating troubleshooting process.  



Take a look bellow on one of DIY projects you can try on your own


iPhone 6 Headphone Jack Replacement

Get ready mentally!

This is tricky process so patience is key! Any force or mistake can cost you your phone... OUCH!

Tools needed:  

  • P2 Screwdriver iPhone
  • Phillips #00 Screwdriver
  • Plastic Opening Tools
  • Small Suction Cup
  • Tweezers

Example: A summary of an iPhone 6 Headphone Jack repair process:

Remove Screws near lighting connecter (tiny screws)

Remove the screen with a suction cup (very difficult, careful as screen can break very easily if not removed properly)

Detach the Dock Connector/Charging Port ribbon cable (be careful, tears easily and is secured with adhesive - may require heat)

Remove Battery (many tiny screws and brackets, the battery is also affixed with adhesive)

Remove the speaker enclosure assembly (tiny screws and connector covers)

Remove the antenna (tiny connectors)

Remove tiny plastic spacers (don't lose them)

Remove the anti-conductive tape (don't damage it and make sure it goes back in exactly the same place)

Remove more connector covers (at this point it is very easy to damage ribbon cables and components underneath)

Remove the microphone holder (very small and bouncy - don't lose it)

Remove 1.3mm screws securing the Dock Connector

Remove spacers

Pry the Dock connector away from the housing (it is secured with adhesive)

EASY SO FAR RIGHT? Not? Ok then…


TechKnow Space is the answer!  no sound from headphone jack

We are happy to help and relieve you from all
these steps. You can drop by with no appointments
necessary and have our
experts take a look!





IPhone 7, no headphone jack? What does that mean to me?

 Here are some quick facts you need to know:  the iPhone 7 has no headphone jack

  • This change calls for new headphones, Yes, that’s right, you’ll be receiving new Bluetooth wireless earbuds. 
  • Not only will you be using that lighting connector to charge your phone, the new change will have a headphone adapter so you can insert your own standard headphone’s if you’re not big on Wireless audio streaming.


Just got your new iPhone 7 and having connection issues? Tried many other wireless headphone’s and still no good?


With our up-to-date experienced technicians, we can help you resolve you Bluetooth/Audio connection problems.


We are conveniently open 7 days a week with extended hours. So what are you waiting for? Come and see us today!


Laptop Headphone Jack Repair

The Laptop Headphone jack may be called an Audio Jack or Audio connector.

We repair Headphone jacks for the following laptop brands:

Typical laptop headphone jack repair turnaround time is

Same to next day

With an repair price range of

$99 to $199

Acer headphone jack repair, Acer headphone jack replacement Mississauga, Acer headphone jack replacement Toronto. Asus headphone jack repair, Asus headphone jack replacement Mississauga, Asus headphone jack replacement Toronto.
Acer Asus
Compaq headphone jack repair, Compaq headphone jack replacement Mississauga, Compaq headphone jack replacement Toronto. Dell headphone jack repair, Dell headphone jack replacement Mississauga, Dell headphone jack replacement Toronto.
Compaq Dell
Fujitsu headphone jack repair, Fujitsu headphone jack replacement Mississauga, Fujitsu headphone jack replacement Toronto. Gateway headphone jack repair, Gateway headphone jack replacement Mississauga, Gateway headphone jack replacement Toronto.
Fujitsu Gateway
HP headphone jack repair, HP headphone jack replacement Mississauga, HP headphone jack replacement Toronto. HP Compaq headphone jack repair, HP Compaq headphone jack k replacement Mississauga, HP Compaq headphone jack replacement Toronto.
HP HP Compaq
IBM Lenovo headphone jack repair, IBM Lenovo headphone jack replacement Mississauga, IBM Lenovo headphone jack replacement Toronto. LG laptop headphone jack repair, LG laptop headphone jack replacement Mississauga, LG laptop headphone jack replacement Toronto.
IBM / Lenovo LG
MSI headphone jack repair, MSI headphone jack replacement Mississauga, MSI headphone jack replacement Toronto. Samsung laptop headphone jack repair, Samsung laptop headphone jack replacement Mississauga, Samsung laptop headphone jack replacement Toronto
MSI Samsung
Sony laptop headphone jack repair, Sony laptop headphone jack replacement Mississauga, Sony laptop headphone jack replacement Toronto. Toshiba laptop headphone jack repair, Toshiba laptop headphone jack replacement Mississauga, Toshiba laptop headphone jack replacement Toronto.
Sony Toshiba

We diagnose, restore, Fix, and replace the following damaged Laptop headphone jacks situations:

     Laptop headphone jacks repair
     Laptop headphone jacks replacement
     headphone jacks laptop replacement 
     Repairing toshiba headphone jacks
   Repairing Dell headphone jacks
     Fix netbook headphone jacks
     repair notebook headphone jacks

The Laptop Headphone jack may be called an Audio Jack or Audio connector.


“No sound coming from my laptop’s headphone/Audio connector jack, is there a way to fix this?”

 There are many factors that can cause this problem. Laptop’s can sometimes over heat, they can encounter software issues and in some cases depending on what’s going on, it could also be a hardware issue

no sound from laptop headphone jack


There are many troubleshooting steps that are needed to be taken in order to find out what the main source of the problems and is quite time consuming.


So, to answer your question, Yes, We can fix it!

To properly troubleshoot your problem, come drop off your laptop today and we would be happy to take a look! It only takes a couple of hours or less to resolve your issue!



Don’t forget! We also service game consoles as well!

PlayStation, Xbox, Wii…


another game controller headphone jack  game controller headphone jack repairgame controller headphone jack repair

Tablet Headphone Jack Repair

kid dropped tablet, broke headphone jack

If you have kids then we are sure your heart has dropped seeing the tablet almost fall out of their hand or bumped around like it’s a stuffed toy. Most common things to break due to kid abuse is screen and peripherals. If the headphone jack was yanked or pushed in aggressively and it’s not working proper then it might need to be repaired. 



We repair headphone jacks for the following tablet brands:

Typical laptop headphone jack repair turnaround time is

2 hours

With an repair price range of

$79 to $139

iPad Headphone Jack replacement, iPad Headphone Jack repair Mississauga, iPad Headphone Jack repair Toronto. Samsung Galaxy Tab Headphone Jack replacement, Samsung Galaxy Tab Headphone Jack repair Mississauga, Samsung Galaxy Tab Headphone Jack repair Toronto.
Apple iPad Samsung Galaxy Tab
Asus tablet Headphone Jack repair, Asus tablet Headphone Jack repair Mississauga, Asus tablet Headphone Jack repair Toronto. Blackberry Playbook Headphone Jack Repair, Blackberry Playbook Headphone Jack repair Mississauga, Blackberry Playbook Headphone Jack repair Toronto.
Asus Tablet Blackberry Playbook
Microsoft Surface Headphone Jack replacement, Microsoft Surface Headphone Jack repair Mississauga, Microsoft Surface Headphone Jack repair Toronto. Amazon Kindle Headphone Jack replacement, Amazon Kindle Headphone Jack repair Mississauga, Amazon Kindle Headphone Jack repair Toronto.
Microsoft Surface Amazon Kindle


The Tablet headphone jack may be called a audio jack / port 


We fix, revive, refurbish resolder the following damaged tablet headphone jack situations:

iPad headphone jack repair
Samsung Tab headphone jack repair
Tablet headphone jack repair
Broken tablet headphone jack repair
Tablet headphone jack port repairs
Tablet headphone jack repair
Microsoft Surface headphone jack repair
Asus broken headphone jack repair
iPad audio jack repair
Samsung galaxy Audio port repair

“My daughter droped my tablet, now there is no sound coming from headphones, can this be a DIY project?

Here are a few things you can try to diagnose and pin point the issue,

  • (The obvious) Try another pair of headphones to see if the issue is on the headphone or the tablet?
  • On the tablet try to see if the is anything stuck in the headphone jack port.
  • Try to clean out the headphone jack port on the tablet with a cue tip. do not go too deep
  • As a temporary work around use a Bluetooth headset.


The Techknow Space doesn’t recommend anyone trying to complete a Headphone jack port repair on any tablet, some devices are definitely more complicated than others, also might require steady hands to solder.

Apple MacBook Air / Pro / Retina Headphone Jack Repair

Even though Apple is removing the headphone jack in their new iPhone 7 and probably with their new 2017 Mabook pro, there are still many Apple devices that still have the headphone jack port. It can be very discouraging to have a bad headphone jack port that eliminates the ability to listen to music or movies in private. Don’t Fret! TechKnow Space can help.

Typical MacBook Headphone jack repair turnaround time is

Same day to next day

With an repair price range of

$149 to $199

Macbook Repair Headphone Jack Mac Repair Toronto Mac Repair Mississauga Apple Repair 
Apple Macbook Repair


We restore and revive the following damaged Macbook headphone jack situations:

MacBook headphone jack repair
MacBook Pro headphone jack repair
Macbook Air audio port repair
MacBook Pro headphone repair
MacBook Retina headphone jack repair
Macbook Air headphone jack repair

    "Is there any DIY resources available to fix my own headphone jack port?"  

 There are many many headphone DIY repair videos available online, but consider that most of the technicans in the online videos dont take your skill level in consideration and will miss a few important steps and might result in a short circut or a pricy repair.

Instead of tearing your hair out in frustration or stress, trying to repair your Macbook MagSafe DC jack on your own, just visit the Techknow Space.

The Techknow Space, located conveniently in Mississauga across from Square One and in Toronto near the Rogers Centre and the CN Tower, is your best solution for all Macbook MagSafe power adapter repairs.

Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860

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