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 The Cellphone Display or Smartphone Screen may also be referred to by:

GlassLCDTouchscreen or Digitizer.

 A screen is comprised of 3 layers;

  1. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or LED (Light-Emitting Diode) or OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)
  2. Touchscreen/Digitizer
  3. Glass

Screen Repair For Smartphones

Many issues with smartphone screens can be solved with a screen replacement. Problems with one layer of the screen assembly, whether it is the glass, touchscreen, or LED display, are usually best fixed by replacing the entire three layer component.   

Select your phone brand for details relating to repairing your specific device or continue reading below for more information about cell phone screen repair.      

We repair screens for the following phone brands:

Typical turnaround time for smartphone screen repair is

1 hour

With an approximate repair price range of

$59 to $389

iPhone Screen Replacement. iPhone Screen repair Toronto iPhone Screen repair Mississauga.

Samsung Screen  replacement, Samsung Screen  repair Mississauga, Samsung Screen Toronto. LG Screen replacement, LG Screen  repair Toronto, LG Screen  repair Mississauga
iPhone Screen Repair Samsung Google

Blackberry Screen  replacement, Blackberry Screen  repair Mississauga, Blackberry Screen  repair Toronto.

HTC Screen  replacement, HTC Screen  repair Mississauga, HTC Screen  repair Toronto. Sony Screen  replacement, Sony Screen  repair Mississauga, Sony Screen  repair Toronto.
BlackBerry HTC Sony

Motorola Screen  replacement, Motorola Screen  repair Mississauga, Motorola Screen  repair Toronto.

Motorola Screen replacement, Motorola Screen  repair Mississauga, Motorola Screen  repair Toronto. Nokia Screen replacement, Nokia Screen  repair Mississauga, Nokia Screen  repair Toronto.
Motorola Huawei Nokia

LG Screen  replacement, LG Screen repair Toronto, LG Screen repair Mississauga

oneplus-3 Screen  replacement, oneplus-3 Screen repair Toronto, oneplus-3 Screen repair Mississauga
LG OnePlus

We address, restore, refurbish, and resuscitate the following damaged Phone Screens situations:

Phone screen repair -
 example: iphone screen replacement       

Screen flickering repair
Repairing screen with bad pixels
Cracked Samsung display
shattered screen
broken digitizer
Samsung broken digitizer
Phone crushed screen
Phone LCD replacement


For most smartphones, like the iPhone 5S, or Blackberry Classic, trying to repair an individual layer of the screen assembly like just the LCD, is more expensive in both time and cost compared to simply replacing the entire part.

Replacing the screen assembly on a smartphone is a fairly simple repair, if you have both the correct tools and skills to complete the repair correctly and efficiently.

Visit the Techknow Space for a quick and cost-effective screen repair solution. Our expert technicians have a wide and deep knowledge of all screen assembly replacement procedures, and can ensure the process is done without errors or defects.

Replacing the screen on your phone by yourself is not recommended by the Techknow Space. You might think the repair seems simple but many DIY resources available on the Internet don’t take your skill level or specific repair situation, and DIY phone repairs can quickly go wrong.

Instead of risking your phone’s healthy and safety on a DIY screen replacement, bring your broken, sad phone to the Techknow Space.

Within one hour, the in-house experts at both of our convenient locations in Mississauga and Toronto will return your phone to you, happy and fresh-faced!

Tip from the pros:  

Replacing the screen assembly is always going to be more cost efficient than getting a new phone, for a variety of reasons.

Repairing your phone screen can seem expensive on the surface, but it is often much, much less expensive than the time and money spent on:

  • Researching  which new phone you want, or if you should just stick to the same phone as your broken one
  • Going to your current cell phone carrier and ending your current phone contract, which will likely cost you extra money
  • Selecting a new cell phone plan and signing your new contract, possibly with a new carrier, which is more time spent comparing cell phone providers

All of that effort and additional expense adds up very quickly and will always be vastly more expensive than:

  • Visiting the Techknow Space at one of our easy to access locations, any day of the week
  • Dropping your sad phone off with one of our friendly customer service reps
  • Relaxing in our comfortable customer lounge or running some errands
  • Returning in one hour to pick up your newly repaired phone, as good as new!

Customer Questions:

“I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and the screen doesn’t work. Is it worth getting the screen replaced?”

Thinking about a do-it-yourself screen replacement?

Consider whether you are comfortable with the following process (summary) and use of the tools required.

Example of an at-home Samsung Galaxy S5 screen replacement:

(Note that this process differs significantly from the proper procedure using Samsung-supplied tools and equipment which we undertake as an Authorized Samsung Smart Service Repair Centre.  If your S5 is still under warranty do-it-yourself repairs will invalidate your warranty coverage as per Samsung's policy.)

With the battery cover and battery removed:

  • Remove the small protective cover over the home button connector. Be very careful not to damage the fragile flex-cable or the connector itself.
  • Using a spudger tool disconnect the Galaxy S5 home button connector. 
  • Using a heating tool (hair dryers have been used by DIYers with varying success) to heat up the screen. (Authorized Samsung Service centers use specially designed electronic 'ovens' to evenly apply the proper amount of heat for exactly the right amount of time maintaining the phone's water resistant properties)
  • The display screen assembly is factory-affixed by specially engineered adhesive a fairly high degree of heat is needed to sufficiently loosen the screen without. Care must be taken not to overheat the screen risking damage to internal components. (Note that a new set of adhesive will be required when you install the new screen.)
  • Gently remove the screen out of the 'pocket' by prying all around the edges - being very careful not to damage the phone's housing. (This is not the correct method -- we use Samsung supplied tools and methods.)
  • Disconnect the TINY flex-cable LCD / touchscreen digitizer connector from the mainboard. The cable and connector are quite fragile and easily damaged.
  • "Just Pull the S5 screen assembly out of the pocket receptacle."  Sound easy right? Yeah right.
  • Wait... you still have to remove the home button and flex cable assembly from the old screen.
  • OK! "Phew - the hard part is over - I got the screen out and I'm ready to pop in the new one."  (Don't be too sure :)
  • Re-assembling the phone with the new screen assembly is as involved as the disassembly.   (Be sure that your S5 will no longer have any water resistant properties.)

Screen Repair For Laptops

Laptop Screen may be called a Laptop LCDLaptop LED Screen or Laptop Display

We repair screens for the following laptop brands:

Typical laptop screen repair turnaround time is

Same to next day

With an repair price range of

$99 to $199

Acer screen repair, Acer power jack replacement Mississauga, Acer power jack replacement Toronto. Asus screen repair, Asus power jack replacement Mississauga, Asus power jack replacement Toronto.
Acer Asus
Compaq screen repair, Compaq power jack replacement Mississauga, Compaq power jack replacement Toronto. Dell screen repair, Dell power jack replacement Mississauga, Dell power jack replacement Toronto.
Compaq Dell
Fujitsu screen repair, Fujitsu power jack replacement Mississauga, Fujitsu power jack replacement Toronto. Gateway screen repair, Gateway power jack replacement Mississauga, Gateway power jack replacement Toronto.
Fujitsu Gateway
HP screen repair, HP power jack replacement Mississauga, HP power jack replacement Toronto. HP Compaq screen repair, HP Compaq power jack replacement Mississauga, HP Compaq power jack replacement Toronto.
HP HP Compaq
IBM Lenovo screen repair, IBM Lenovo power jack replacement Mississauga, IBM Lenovo power jack replacement Toronto. LG laptop screen repair, LG laptop power jack replacement Mississauga, LG laptop power jack replacement Toronto.
IBM / Lenovo LG
MSI screen repair, MSI power jack replacement Mississauga, MSI power jack replacement Toronto. Samsung laptop screen repair, Samsung laptop power jack replacement Mississauga, Samsung laptop power jack replacement Toronto
MSI Samsung
Sony laptop screen repair, Sony laptop power jack replacement Mississauga, Sony laptop power jack replacement Toronto. Toshiba laptop screen repair, Toshiba laptop power jack replacement Mississauga, Toshiba laptop power jack replacement Toronto.
Sony Toshiba

We diagnose, restore, Fix, and replace the following damaged Laptop Screens situations:

     Laptop screen repair
     Laptop LCD replacement
     Cracked laptop display
     Repairing line on the screen
   Repairing screen with bad pixels
     Shattered netbook display
     Shattered notebook screen
     laptop broken digitizer
     Lenovo broken digitizer
     Acer cracked screen

 Replacing a laptop screen yourself can be way easier than replacing a screen assembly on a phone.

BUT -- there are considerations to be addressed.

Matching the correct screen to your phone is an easy task, matching the correct screen for your laptop can be somewhat more challenging.

Indeed you should disassemble the laptop and inspect the screen before ordering your new replacement LCD/LED screen. Store the parts and screws together in a safe place or re-assemble it and disassemble it again when you receive your screen to avoid losing any of the essential parts and screws.

Even assuming you have been able to source the correct part - you may find out after performing the replacement that the screen wasn't even the problem -- display issues on a laptop (in the absence of physically damage) are not always as cut-and-dry as a simple replacement.  

When disassembling - care must be taken not to damage the bezel (the thin plastic covering around the screen which covers the electronics).  Scuffs, scratches and nicks on the bezel will be especially noticeable -- they will be right there in your face every time you use the laptop.  

The LCD, and touchscreen (if equipped) connectors are fragile and it is not uncommon for us to encounter damaged or destroyed mainboard connectors when laptops are brought to us after an unsuccessful screen replacement attempt. Often damaging these connectors renders the laptop very costly or even non-economical to repair -- usually the mainboard will need to be replaced.  

Part numbers although very similar across screen manufacturers can refer to very different screens - even a matching part number from a different manufacturer will likely not fit your laptop.

Cable connections may be millimeters to short or even a different pinout - installing the wrong screen with a connector that fits risks further damage to your laptop.

Trust the experts at TechKnow Space to replace your laptop screen in 2 Hours.  We carry almost all laptop screens in stock - and special order in less common screens in as little as 1 business day.  

Customer Questions:

“My Dell Inspiron 1525 is not displaying anything and I can see cracks behind the glass. What’s wrong with my laptop?”

The LED display inside your laptop can stop working for a variety of reasons, and without a working screen on your laptop, you will definitely find day to day usage impossible.

Many models of modern laptops have two separate layers that make up a laptop screen – a glass or plastic outer layer and bezel, and then a LED display panel.

Because these are different layers of the screen, each piece can fail or break individually. Replacing the screen is not an easy task to accomplish on your own.

Instead of struggling to use your laptop with a broken screen, visit the Techknow Space!

Our convenient locations in Toronto, near the Rogers Centre, and in Mississauga, across from Square One, keep all the most common or popular laptop model screen replacements in stock, so you can always find a repair solution with us, 7 days a week.

Customer Questions:

“The screen on my Acer Aspire laptop is damaged, but is it worth repairing?”

Think about all the time and effort you probably put into deciding what type of laptop you wanted to use, and then compare that to the simplicity of getting your laptop repaired in one hour.

Drop by the Techknow Space with your sad, broken laptop and leave it in the safe hands of our friendly, knowledgeable customer service desk.

Then you can either enjoy our comfortable customer lounge while you wait, or return in one hour and get back a happy and freshly repaired laptop with a shiny new screen.

Repairing any device instead of replacing the entire device is going to be the best choice the majority of the time, especially for most laptops.

Compare the cost and time of getting a whole new laptop against the fast, simple and affordable option of a laptop screen repair – repairs will likely win every time!

Screen Repair For MacBooks

The Apple Macbook Screen can also be referred to as a Macbook Display or Macbook LCD.

We Repair All Macbook Models

Typical Macbook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook / Retina screen repair turnaround time is

      2 Hours

With an approximate repair price range of

      $199 - $549 Screen & Labor Included

 Most Macbooks are made from multiple component parts assembled and held together with screws. The Unibody Macbook housing is constructed from aluminum and pressed together to acheive the 'unibody' style.  Apple’s Macbook unibody enclosure has enabled a stronger, more durable, stylish, thinner and lighter line of Macbooks.        


      Macbook Repair      Macbook Pro repair Macbook Air repair
Macbook Repair Toronto Macbook Repair Mississauga Mac Repair Toronto Mac Repair Mississauga Apple Repair Macbook Repair Toronto Macbook Repair Mississauga Mac Repair Toronto Mac Repair Mississauga Apple Repair Macbook Repair Toronto Macbook Repair Mississauga Mac Repair Toronto Mac Repair Mississauga Apple Repair


We diagnose, restore, Fix, and replace the following damaged MacBook, Macbook air, MacBook Pro / Retina Screens situations:

MacBook Air cracked screen
Repair MacBook vertical lines on screen
MacBook Retina shattered screen
MacBook Pro broken Screen
MacBook pro vertical lines on screen
Shattered MackBook Air screen repair
Replace MacBook Pro Screen


Customer Questions:

“What are some good resources for DIY Macbook screen replacement?”

   The Techknow Space doesn’t recommend do-it-yourself repairs for any device, but if you’re brave enough to try, the first step is to find a reputable seeming source of replacement parts.

Finding a suitable replacement iMac or Macbook screen can be a risky business – finding an online store that seems trustworthy, and then hoping the part finally ships to you without damage or defects is not as simple or easy as it sounds.

Once you’ve received the actual physical component and it isn't visibly broken or incorrect, completing the repair is a whole other story entirely.

If you are lucky enough to have managed to match up your Macbook with the right replacement screen, now all you have to do is disassemble your iMac or Macbook, pop the new screen in, put everything back together, and hope you didn’t mess anything up in the process.

Don’t put yourself in that stressful situation and risk ruining your Macbook forever. Skip the headaches and frustration, and visit the Techknow Space instead.

The in house experts at the Techknow Space are prepared, 7 days a week, with high quality replacement parts for all Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and iMac screen sizes and models.

You can drop by at any time to one of the Techknow Space’s easy to access locations in Mississauga or Toronto and turn your broken or malfunctioning Macbook screen into a beautiful, shiny new screen within one hour, you never need an appointment.

Tip from the pros: 

Macbook screen replacement issues are similar to PC laptops, such as broken glass or a damaged LED display screen.

Watch out for the magnets! How many times we have encountered DIY Apple Macbook screen replacement attempts where the magnets on the inside edge of the Macbook lid have been lost! Those magnets are an important part of the power saving features of your macbook -- they aren't just there to hold the lid closed :)

Different versions of the same Macbook model may use completely different screens - you must ensure you match the same (or compatible) specifications in terms of size, power consumption and resolution.

Screen Repair For Tablets

 A Tablet Screen may be called a LCD, Glass or Digitizer

We repair screens for the following tablet brands:

Typical Tablet screen repair turnaround time is

2 hours

With an repair price range of

$99 to $489

iPad screen replacement, iPad charging port repair Mississauga, iPad charging port repair Toronto. Samsung Galaxy Tab screen replacement, Samsung Galaxy Tab charging port repair Mississauga, Samsung Galaxy Tab charging port repair Toronto.
Apple iPad Samsung Galaxy Tab
Asus tablet screen repair, Asus tablet screen repair Mississauga, Asus tablet screen repair Toronto. Blackberry Playbook screen replacement, Blackberry Playbook screen repair Mississauga, Blackberry Playbook screen repair Toronto.
Asus Tablet Blackberry Playbook
Microsoft Surface screen replacement, Microsoft Surface charging port repair Mississauga, Microsoft Surface charging port repair Toronto. Amazon Kindle screen replacement, Amazon Kindle screen repair Mississauga, Amazon Kindle screen repair Toronto.
Microsoft Surface Amazon Kindle


We diagnose, restore, Fix, and replace the following damaged iPad, Galaxy Tab, Tablets Screens situations:

Tablet screen repair
iPad LCD replacement
Cracked Galaxy Tab display
Repairing iPad digitizer
Repairing Samsung Galaxy digitizer
Shattered iPad Mini display
Shattered Galaxy Tab screen
Galaxy Tab broken digitizer
IPad Mini broken digitizer
Microsoft surface cracked screen
Asus Transformer Tablets Screen repair
BlackBerry Playbook
Surface digitizer repair
iPad Pro digitizer repair

“What are good resources for DIY iPad 4 screen repairs?”


The Techknow Space doesn’t recommend anyone trying to complete a screen repair on any tablet, but some devices are definitely more complicated than others.


The iPad screen removal process is very complicated because it requires you to carefully heat up the adhesive holding the glass layer to the rest of the iPad.

This heating process is easy to get wrong, and breaking the glass touchscreen layer on your iPad while trying to open it up is a very real and likely possibility.

Another problem you might encounter with separating the glass from your iPad is scratching or otherwise damaging the second layer of the screen, the display.

The LCD is separate from the glass, but that definitely doesn’t mean it isn’t in any danger from a mistake or slip of your hand while trying to DIY an iPad repair.

So now you’ve miraculously managed to remove all of the adhesive strips under the glass without breaking it. All you need to do now is get the screen off without ruining any of the cables attached to it.

Yay! You finally reached the USB charging port component. Replace and reassemble – fingers crossed you did everything right and you’ve fixed your problem on the first attempt…


But instead of going through all of that craziness, there is an easy and fast alternative – visiting the Techknow Space.

Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860 Walk through our iPhone Repair Store in Mississauga and Toronto serving GTA since 2006.

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