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Screen Repair For MacBooks

The Apple Macbook Screen can also be referred to as a Macbook Display or Macbook LCD.

We Repair All Macbook Models

Typical MacBook Pro & MacBook screen repair turnaround time is

      2 Hours

Typical Macbook Air / Retina screen repair turnaround time is

    1 Week

With an approximate repair price range of

      $199 - $549 Screen & Labor Included

 Most Macbooks are made from multiple component parts assembled and held together with screws. The Unibody Macbook housing is constructed from aluminum and pressed together to acheive the 'unibody' style.  Apple’s Macbook unibody enclosure has enabled a stronger, more durable, stylish, thinner and lighter line of Macbooks.        


      Macbook Repair      Macbook Pro repair Macbook Air repair
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We diagnose, restore, Fix, and replace the following damaged MacBook, Macbook air, MacBook Pro / Retina Screens situations:

MacBook Air cracked screen
Repair MacBook vertical lines on screen
MacBook Retina shattered screen
MacBook Pro broken Screen
MacBook pro vertical lines on screen
Shattered MackBook Air screen repair
Replace MacBook Pro Screen


Customer Questions:

“What are some good resources for DIY Macbook screen replacement?”

   The Techknow Space doesn’t recommend do-it-yourself repairs for any device, but if you’re brave enough to try, the first step is to find a reputable seeming source of replacement parts.

Finding a suitable replacement iMac or Macbook screen can be a risky business – finding an online store that seems trustworthy, and then hoping the part finally ships to you without damage or defects is not as simple or easy as it sounds.

Once you’ve received the actual physical component and it isn't visibly broken or incorrect, completing the repair is a whole other story entirely.

If you are lucky enough to have managed to match up your Macbook with the right replacement screen, now all you have to do is disassemble your iMac or Macbook, pop the new screen in, put everything back together, and hope you didn’t mess anything up in the process.

Don’t put yourself in that stressful situation and risk ruining your Macbook forever. Skip the headaches and frustration, and visit the Techknow Space instead.

The in house experts at the Techknow Space are prepared, 7 days a week, with high quality replacement parts for all Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and iMac screen sizes and models.

You can drop by at any time to one of the Techknow Space’s easy to access locations in Mississauga or Toronto and turn your broken or malfunctioning Macbook screen into a beautiful, shiny new screen within one hour, you never need an appointment.

Tip from the pros: 

Macbook screen replacement issues are similar to PC laptops, such as broken glass or a damaged LED display screen.

Watch out for the magnets! How many times we have encountered DIY Apple Macbook screen replacement attempts where the magnets on the inside edge of the Macbook lid have been lost! Those magnets are an important part of the power saving features of your macbook -- they aren't just there to hold the lid closed :)

Different versions of the same Macbook model may use completely different screens - you must ensure you match the same (or compatible) specifications in terms of size, power consumption and resolution.

Macbook Screen Repair

Macbook screen repair Toronto and Macbook screen repair Mississauga.  Macbook screen replacement in 2 hours.


  • We carry most Macbook screens in stock!  
  • Our replacement fee is 25%-40% cheaper than the manufacturer’s replacement fee.
  • All of our Macbook screens are brand new, and ready to be installed on your Macbook!
  • We can replace a Macbook Screen in
    2 hours

Popular Macbook Screen Models We Repair


Macbook Unibody screen repair Toronto Macbook Unibody screen repair Mississauga

Macbook Unibody

Macbook Pro screen repair Toronto Macbook Pro screen repair Mississauga

Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro Retina screen repair Toronto Macbook Pro Retina screen repair Mississauga

Macbook Pro Retina

Macbook Air screen repair Toronto Macbook Air screen repair Mississauga

Macbook Air

Macbook A1370 screen repair Toronto. Macbook A1370 screen repair Mississauga.

Macbook A1370

Macbook A1369 screen repair Toronto. Macbook A1369 screen repair Mississauga.

Macbook A1369

Macbook A1342 screen repair Toronto. Macbook A1342 screen repair Mississauga.

Macbook A1342

Macbook A1304 screen repair Toronto. Macbook A1304 screen repair Mississauga.

Macbook A1304

Macbook A1286 screen repair Toronto. Macbook A1286 screen repair Mississauga

Macbook Pro A1286

Macbook A1278 screen repair Toronto. Macbook A1278 screen repair Mississauga.

Macbook Pro A1278

Macbook A1261 screen repair Toronto. Macbook A1261 screen repair Mississauga.

Macbook Pro A1261

Macbook A1260 screen repair Toronto. Macbook A1260 screen repair Mississauga.

Macbook Pro A1260

Macbook A1237 screen repair Toronto. Macbook A1237 screen repair Mississauga.

Macbook A1237

Macbook A1229 screen repair Toronto. Macbook A1229 screen repair Mississauga.

Macbook Pro A1229

Macbook A1226 screen repair Toronto. Macbook A1226 screen repair Mississauga

Macbook Pro A1226

Macbook A1212 screen repair Toronto. Macbook A1212 screen repair Mississauga.

Macbook Pro A1212

Macbook A1211 screen repair Toronto. Macbook A1211 screen repair Mississauga.

Macbook Pro A1211

Macbook A1181 screen repair Toronto. Macbook A1181 screen repair Mississauga.

Macbook A1181

Macbook A1151 screen repair Toronto. Macbook A1151 screen repair Mississauga.

Macbook Pro A1151

Macbook A1150 screen repair Toronto. Macbook A1150 screen repair Mississauga.

Macbook Pro A1150

Aileen Gardner

FANTASTIC customer service. My laptop screen gave up the ghost at 7.50pm and I had a presentation the next day. I called the Mississauga store (thinking it was the downtown one) and they were super helpful - checked if they had the right screen in stock downtown and called to make sure they stayed open until I could get there. The guys on Front St stayed open and fixed the screen in 20 mins.

I honestly can't recommend them highly enough

Macbook Screen Problems

Macbook screen replacement takes 2 hours to replace your LCD screen, and it will fix a number of issues with your Macbook.

Common Screen Problems with Macbook Pro, Macbook, and Macbook Air:

If your Macbook screen is cracked

• You have dead pixels on your Macbook screen
• The Macbook display is refreshing at a low rate
• Your Macbook has come in contact with liquid
• The backlight on your Macbook isn’t working
• Macbook has horizontal or vertical lines running through the screen
• Your Macbook’s screen is dim
• The image shakes and moves up and down on your Macbook
• If your Macbook LCD flickers
• Your experiencing faint ghosting on your Macbook screen

Macbook air screen repair toronto and Macbook air screen repair mississauga.  Macbook Pro screen repair Toronto and Macbook Pro screen repair Mississauga.  Macbook / Pro / Air screen replacement.

Replacing A Macbook Screen Yourself

Replacing a Macbook screen is a fairly difficult and time consuming process. In some cases, the glass lens in front is broken. In every case, it needs to be removed in order to change the LCD screen beneath it. Replacing the LCD involves removal of the front glass, the removal of the old broken or damaged screen and the installation of the new replacement MacBook screen. Finally, the lens is replaced back in front of the LCD screen, and the replacement process is complete.

Sometimes the LCD screen underneath the lens is undamaged after the lens becomes cracked or shattered. In these cases, the lens needs to be removed very carefully in order to replace it with a new one, without damaging the LCD screen beneath it.

In any case, you will probably find that our services can provide you with a replacement screen or glass for your MacBook at a considerably lower price rate than the manufacturer will.

Macbook Screen Replacement Process

1. Using the form below provide us your MacBook model number (A followed by 4 Digits A####)
    This is very important!
2. We will email you with a price and availability.
3. If the price is acceptable:

A. If we have the screen in stock, you can bring in your Macbook Pro, Macbook, or Macbook Air model and we shall replace your screen within 2 hours.
B. If we don’t have the screen in stock, we can typically order most screens within 1 to 2 business days. If you find our price acceptable and would like us to order the screen, you have two choices:
1-Visit, 2-Hour Process:

1. Call us and provide advance payment with your credit card authorizing us to place the order.
2. We will notify you when we receive the part - typically within 1 to 2 business days.
3. Bring your MacBook in during our regular business hours and we will replace your screenwithin 2 hours.

2-Visits, No-Wait Process:

1. If you are not comfortable with credit card transactions over the phone -- bring your Macbook (or other mac model) in and leave it with us.
2. We will order your screen and receive it within 2 business days.
3. We will install your new screen and call you upon completion of installation and testing.
4. Come in during regular business hours to pick up your expertly repaired MacBook

How To Find Your Macbook Model Number

You will find your Macbook model number on the bottom of your Macbook, it will start with A1###

    Apple Repair Mississauga                      Apple Repair Mississauga

Gina Jorge

a year ago-

Great service. Quick and efficient! Very happy customer.

Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860

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