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iPhone Repair

About The iPhone Repair Services We Offer

At The TechKnow Space, we’ve been repairing iPhones ever since the birth of the first iPhone in 2007. We are the leading iPhone repair service provider in the GTA, with our certified technicians having tamed over 45,000 sick, injured, damaged and dying iPhones. We receive parts for the newest addition to the iPhone family within a month of the new model release and are ready to help you with any repair needs, year after year after..... 

Whatever the problem your iPhone may be having, come on in and we will repair it for you.
We use only brand-new replacement parts.

We repair all components on all iPhone models. Average price ranges for these component repairs are as follows:

Select your iPhone component in the table below for more information and model specific repair pricing:

iPhone Component Repair 
Completed in 1 Hour
Walk-In No Appointment Needed
Typical iPhone Component Repair
Price Range
Happy iPhone Repair Customer Testimonial Happy iPhone Repair Customer Testimonial - from the early days of iPhone repair

iPhone Screen - Touchscreen & LCD Replacement

$59 - $189

Whether it’s your iPhone glass that’s cracked or the touch screen is non-responsive, or the LCD does not display the image correctly, or there is some other problem with your iPhone screen – we can replace/repair it within an hour.

iPhone Proximity Sensor Repair

$59 - $129
The iPhone proximity sensor controls the function of disabling the touchscreen and display while on a call.

iPhone Battery Replacement

$39 - $79

If your iPhone battery drains fast, or turns itself off quickly or won't turn on at all - it likely needs a new battery.

iPhone Charging Port Repair

$49 - $99

Your iPhone has a 30-pin dock or a lightning connector, that is most commonly called the charging port or sync port. If you have a problem with your charging port most likely your iPhone is not charging properly – if at all. iPhone charging port repair is also a common solution to iPhone sync (data exchange or sync with your computer, etc) port problems.

iPhone Headphone Jack Replacement

$49 - $99

If you have an iPhone headphone jack problem, you will notice it almost right away. Usually, the sound becomes distorted, broken or you experience poor sound quality. It is time to replace your headphone jack. Bring it in and we will have you smiling in less than an hour when your newly replaced jack allows your headphones to again play that perfect sound you have always loved.


iPhone: Home Button, Power Button, Volume Button & Mute Switch Repair

$59 - $89

The Home Button may actually be the most important button on your iPhone and probably the button you use the most! It’s the button you click to go back to your home screen. If your home button becomes damaged or broken, you won’t be able to do many things easily as you were before. You’ll still be able to manage to do most things, but the experience will be most cumbersome and annoying. So if your iPhone home button is sticking or simply not working at all, bring it in and we can replace it for you in 1 hour.

Your iPhone power button on your phone can become damaged over time, simply through use, dings or drops. You can tell this because the button becomes recessed or bent and is hard to manipulate. Over time the button will completely fail and become unresponsive. Our experts will replace your power button fast.

The volume buttons are found on the left side of your iPhone and control the sound output and ringer volumes for your iphone. If one of these keys becomes damaged, you may not be able to adjust the volume during calls.If you’re experiencing difficulty with your volume buttons, bring your iPhone in and we can repair it for you.

The iPhone has the mute button right above the volume buttons, it is important for switching your ringer off so the phone will vibrate when a call comes in. If the mute button doesn’t work, you may not be able to hear when you receive a phone call. As usual, one hour is all it takes to replace your mute button.

iPhone Cellular Signal Antenna Repair

$49 - $99

The iPhone antenna picks up the signal from the communication towers to your iPhone. If you start to experience fuzzy, weak or dropped connections, you need your iPhone antenna fixed. We can repair/replace the iPhone antenna while you wait.

iPhone Back Cover Replacement

$49 - $99

iPhones of different generations have different problems with their back covers, from getting cracked or shattered for ones made of plastic or glass, to getting bent and warped on the metal models. We can quickly perform an iPhone back cover replacement on your iPhone in 1 hour.

Over time, knocks and drops could eventually crack or shatter the back cover To prevent this, it is always best to get a protective case to ensure your iPhone is protected!


iPhone Camera Repair - Front Camera Replacement / Back Camera Replacement

$39 - $79

A common problem with the iPhone camera is that the shutter won’t open This is a mechanical problem. If you try restarting your iPhone and the camera still doesn't work, it is a mechanical problem that we can easily fix. iPhone camera replacement is often done in 1 hour.

If you have an iPhone camera problem, bring in it to us and we will be sure to give you a proper diagnosis to determine whether or not an iPhone camera repair or iPhone camera replacement is right for you.


iPhone: Speakerphone, Loudspeaker, Earpiece & Microphone Repair

$49 - $99

The loudspeaker is often damaged by liquids or through extensive use. Once it’s damaged you may not be able to hear your phone ring, music, or the caller on speakerphone.
We can replace your iPhone loudspeaker in an hour, so stop by so you don’t have to worry about missing your calls.

One of the most common problems with the iPhone earpiece is a blown speaker. When this happens you will mostly hear a static noise, and the only solution is to have it replaced. Other problems we see often are that the person on the other end may sound distorted, fuzzy, or you may not be able to hear them at all. That means you will need to repair or replace your iPhone earpiece (speaker). We always have iPhone earpieces in stock, and we can repair iPhone earpiece in 1 hour.

Similar to loudspeaker repair, if your microphone isn’t working properly you’ll know right away. If your caller cannot hear you on the phone, even though you can hear them, most likely your microphone is failing. If this is happening to you, bring in your iPhone and our technicians will have your problem fixed in 1 hour.

iPhone Sim Tray Repair/Replacement

$89 - $119

If your sim card isn’t properly inserted, your iPhone will certainly let you know with alerts & notifications. Sim tray problems can happen over time, or through liquid that seeps into your phone and damages the tray contacts inside your iPhone. If your sim card is properly installed and placed properly in the sim tray and you’re still receiving notifications bring your phone in and we can repair or replace it for you.

iPhone WiFi Signal / No Wireless Internet Repair

$69 - $149

The iPhone WiFi Signal Receiver(Antenna) connects your iphone to your WiFi hotspot and or Wireless Router.   If you have internet accessibility through your data plan but have difficulty connecting to hotspots and wireless routers - your WiFi signal antenna could be at fault.

iPhone Housing Repair & Replacement

$29 - $199

Should your iPhone get dropped, banged, dented, or even bent the housing structure of the iphone often gets damaged dented or broken - requiring replacement. You should always replace your housing if it has become, cracked or damaged, not only because it is more esthetically pleasing to the eye, the housing is what protects your phone from damage. If your iPhone has been dropped and becomes cracked, moisture, dust, and liquids can do irreparable harm to your phone. Ultimately your only solution will be to buy a new iPhone. Come to The TechKnow Space and we will help to save your iPhone.

iPhone Vibrator Motor Repair

$49 - $99

The iPhone Vibrator motor is the component that makes your iPhone buzz, shake and vibrate when you are in silent mode, or when you have the vibrate feature set on.

iPhone Bluetooth Connection Repair

$49 - $149

The iPhone Bluetooth Radio / Bluetooth signal circuit/antenna connects your iphone to peripheral devices such as your car's GPS and other nearby devices such as wireless earbuds and even other phones.

No Power / iPhone Won't Turn On

$49 - $239

When your iPhone simply won't power on - the problem could be one (or more) of many possible issues and or components that need repair or replacement.  A diagnostics will be necessary.

iPhone Liquid/Water Damage Cleaning & Corrosion Removal


Spilled water, milk, juice beer, wine or any other alcohol or even oil, nail polish remover etc on your iPhone?  Maybe it took a dunk in the chlorine pool. Bring it in for expert liquid corrosion removal and subsequent repair.

iPhone Component Repair 
Completed in 1 Hour
Walk-In No Appointment Needed
Typical iPhone Component Repair
Price Range

Screen - Touchscreen & LCD Replacement

$59 - $189
Battery replacement $39 - $79
Charging Port Repair $49 - $99
Headphone Jack Replacement $49 - $99

Home Button, Power Button, Volume Button & Mute Switch Repair

$59 - $89
Cellular Signal Antenna Repair $49 - $99
Back Cover Replacement $49 - $99

Front Camera Repair

Back Camera Repair

$39 - $79
Speakerphone, Loudspeaker, Earpiece & Microphone Repair  $49 - $99
Sim Tray Repair/Replacement $89 - $119

WiFi Signal / No Wireless Internet Repair

$69 - $149
Housing Repair & Replacement $29 - $199
Vibrator Motor Repair $49 - $99
Bluetooth Connection Repair $49 - $149

No Power / Won't Turn On Diagnostics

$49 - $249
iPhone Liquid/Water Damage Repair $60 - $299


When replacing parts does not provide a solution or resuscitate your device, the only explanation is a failure of the Main Board or the Logic Board.
When a device suffers damage, the obvious problem(s) appear to be a component, for example a screen or a charging port. These component failures are readily and immediately experienced by the user to be the proximate problem. Replacing the damaged or non-functional component would seem to be the obvious solution. Thus, a user comes to The TechKnow Space to have this problem remediated/repaired. Typically the doctor (our seasoned technicians) have no problem doing this.
Sometimes however, replacing/repairing components turns out to be an exercise in futility. Further diagnostics establishes the problem to be resident in the Main Logic Board. The replacement of these logic boards is prohibitive and best left alone. It’s time to move forward to a new device.
Bear in mind that these mainboard failures are a result of the initial damage to the device that prompted a visit to the repair shop even though it is not intuitively obvious.
Read a more detailed mainboard failure explanation here.

TechKnow Vs Apple Comparison 
Dare to Compare!

Typical iPhone Repair
Prices & Completion Time
Apple vs TechKnow---------->
Apple TechKnow
iPhone 4 $149 $49 - $69
iPhone 4S $199 $49 - $69
iPhone SE $269 $79 - $99
iPhone 5S,5C,5 $269 $69 - $99
iPhone 6, 6 Plus $299 - $329 $89 - $139
iPhone 6S, 6S Plus $299 - $329 $89 - $139
iPhone 7, 7 Plus $319 - $349 $89 - $189
Repair Turnaround Time 1 to 10 Days Typically
1 Hour


iPhone Models We Repair

Click a model below for more information about the iPhone model, the components we repair for it and the respective pricing.

iPhone 7 RepairiPhone 7 Repair

The iPhone 7 by Apple (released September 2016) sports a 4.7" touch screen and an A10 Quad Core Fusion processor, 2GB RAM, and 32GB storage...(more)
iPhone 7 Plus Repair
iPhone 7 Plus Repair
The iPhone 7 Plus comes with a huge 5.5" touch screen and an A10 Quad Core Fusion processor, 3GB RAM, and up tp 256GB storage.  A 12MP rear camera...(more)
iPhone 6 Repair
iPhone 6 Repair
The iPhone 6 is a crystal clear, high resolution, 4.7-inch smartphone with an aluminum frame offered in three colour options...(more)
iPhone 6 Plus Repair
iPhone 6 Plus Repair
The iPhone 6 Plus is Apple’s answer to public demand for an iPhone with an even larger screen size...(more)
iPhone 6S Repair
iPhone 6S Repair
This latest version of the iPhone 6S is the same size on the outside as the previous model, but has been given a huge upgrade...(more)
iPhone 6S Plus Repair
iPhone 6S Plus Repair

The iPhone 6S Plus are the next generation of iPhone with a larger screen. Incorporating all of the features of the 6S...(more)

iPhone SE Repairs
iPhone SE Repair

The iPhone SE was released March 2016...(more)

iPhone 5 Repair
iPhone 5 Repair

The iPhone 5 is the sixth generation of iPhone released.  Offered for sale September 2012 and developed under Tim Cook...(more)

iPhone 5S Repair
iPhone 5S Repair

Offered for sale September 2013 and developed by Tim Cook the iPhone 5S was overseen by Steve Jobs...(more)

iPhone 5C Repair
iPhone 5C Repair

The iPhone 5C was released for sale September 2013 and is available in a array of colours...(more)

iPhone 4 Repair
iPhone 4 Repair

The iPhone 4 spent the longest time (15 months) as Apple's flagship phone model, and was the longest produced of any iPhone...(more)

iPhone 4S Repair
iPhone 4S Repair

The iPhone 4S did not suffer the signal problems like its predecessor...(more)


iPhone Repair Glossary of Terms

iPhone Digitizer: The component of your iphone which interprets and processes touch navigation. 

iPhone Touchscreen: Another name for the iPhone digitizer.

iPhone Glass: The top lens of the iPhone which also comprises the touchscreen digitzer and protects the LCD.

iPhone LCD: The component of your iphone screen which produces the display output.

iPhone Screen Assembly: The entire display panel which includes the LCD, the touchscreen digitizer and the top glass lens.

iPhone Micro USB Port: The charging connector or power connector.  This is the interface on your iphone where you connect your cable for data sync and charging.

iPhone Lightning Port: On some models of iPhone the charging port connector.

iPhone Dock Port: What the charging port is sometimes referred to as.

iPhone Antenna: The component inside your iPhone which communicates over-the-air with cellular towers.

iPhone Camera: The back camera is used for taking pictures and video.  The front camera can take pictures and videos and can be used as a webcam - for the other party to see you when using 'FaceTime' for example.

iPhone Earpiece: The speaker over which you can hear the other party when holding the phone to your ear.

iPhone Loudspeaker: The speakerphone speaker which also serves as the sound-system when playing music, & videos and playing games.

iPhone Microphone: The component which allows the other party to hear you.

iPhone Home Button: The central navigation point of an iPhone which, when pressed, returns the display to the home screen.

iPhone Mute Button/Switch: When switched puts the iPhone in silent mode.

iPhone SIM Card: The access card povided by your service carrier which when inserted into your phone's SIM tray allows you to make calls.

iPhone SIM tray: The interface slot on an iPhone where your carrier-GSM-access-card (SIM card) is inserted.

iPhone Airplane Mode: Enabling Airplane Mode disables all wireless connectivity including sending and receiving calls, WiFi and Bluetooth access.

iPhone IOS: The operating system (software) which your operates your iPhone.

iPhone Carrier: Your service provider such as Bell, Rogers and Telus through which you can purchase cellular phone service.

Apple Genius Bar: Apple's repair and support services offered at the Apple Store.

iPhone Home Screen: The default view on the iPhone from which you touch icons to launch Apps.

iPhone Springboard: The name of the application on your iPhone that displays the Home Screen and allows you to launch Apps.

Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860 Walk through our iPhone Repair Store in Mississauga and Toronto serving GTA since 2006.

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