Macbook Repair

Macbook Repair

Macbook Repair

Macbook CD Rom/DVD Rom/SuperDrive Repair

When you insert a disc and nothing happens on your Macbook, no sounds or anything you will need to get your CD/DVD rom replaced. You notice your DVD rom starts spitting out your CDs, DVDs, and blank discs after trying to read them, and making strange sounds you definitely want to get your optical drive replaced or repaired! If you cannot get your disc to eject, or a disc stops burning, we can replace your SuperDrive for you.

Macbook Charging Port Repair

The charging port is the most important port on your computer, if your charging port isn't working you will not be able to charge your battery. People buy Macbooks so they are limited to where there is a wall outlet, they like to be able to move around and be on the go! There are a few things you will notice if your charging port isn't working correctly, your Macbook may not be able to power up even when it is plugged in. You notice erratic battery charging, the light switches between orange and green, or perhaps no light at all even once it is plugged in. If you notice any of these problems, or just know your charging port isn't charging, bring it in and we can repair your charging port for you!

Macbook Hard Drive Replacements & Upgrades

We carry hard drives of all sizes for your Macbooks, and we can replace your hard drive in 1 hour! If you need your data transferred to a new hard drive or have a new operating system installed we will need some extra time.

If you are noticing that your Macbook is running slow, freezing, or if it has restarted automatically, those can be a warning sign of a hard drive crash. You might also notice that programs are not responding, you are seeing the spinning beach ball, or it takes a long time to start up your Macbook it is best to get your Macbook looked at before it fails. Hearing loud clicks, the finder is being unresponsive are all warning signs, bring it in before one day you get the question mark folder!

Macbook Keyboard Replacement

The most common need for a keyboard replacement is the keys stop working overtime, it could be from dust, dirt, grease that build up over time underneath and in between the keys. Also if you notice the keyboard keys don't light up anymore, or the keyboard does not respond at all, you will need to get it replaced.

Macbook Microphone Repair

If your microphone isn;t working on your Macbook you will notice as soon as you try to use it, you may try to record your own voice and when you try to playback the sound quality doesn't play back clear, or not at all. We can repair your Macbook microphone and have you back to recording and video chatting in no time at all.

Macbook Logic Board Repair

If we find that the logic board can be cost-effectively repaired, we can attempt to perform the repair. We generally need anywhere from 1 to 10 days to complete the repair, depending on the complexity.

For liquid-damaged devices, we do undertake cleaning of the logic board upon customer request. If the logic board can be reliably cleaned and we think the device can potentially be saved, we proceed to provide an estimate for repair. No warranties are offered for repairs on a liquid-damaged device. Please read our comments on the subject before bringing the device in.

We do not have access to new logic boards from the original manufacturers since we are not the authorized service centre for any vendors/brands/OEMs.

We do not carry any logic boards in our inventory, and would be willing to source used/refurbished logic boards in the open marketplace (ie. eBay, Kijiji, etc on the internet) upon user request and after obtaining a deposit in advance. Sourcing logic boards can take from 2 to 4 weeks, and can cost from $200 to $500 (including parts and labor). Also, we do not warranty these used/refurbished logic boards, since these are sourced from anonymous third party sellers.

However, if you'd like to provide us with your own logic board, we would be happy to replace it while charging you for our repair labor charge. Again, we cannot warranty the outcome of this, since we cannot warranty a part that we have not sourced ourselves.

Bottom Line: Unless the logic board can be repaired, we advise against replacing them. If replacing is necessary, we suggest that you contact the manufacturer of the computer/laptop. See Warranty Disclaimer

Macbook RAM Replacement

We carry RAM of all sizes for the Macbook family and all of our RAM is 100% compatible with all Macbook products. If you are noticing your programs are slowing down, crashing it might be time for an upgrade! When your computer won't wake from sleep mode your RAM might need to be replaced, so if you need an upgrade bring in your Macbook and we can upgrade it today!

Macbook Screen Replacement

We replace Macbook Screens in 2 hours, please visit our Macbook Screen Repair

Macbook Trackpad/Touchpad Repair

When your trackpad needs to be replaced you may notice any kind of problem, most users notice that the cursor jumps or moves without the touchpad being touched. Some users notice that the cursor starts acting odd and hard to use after a period of time, it doesn't click properly or it doesn't respond. If any of those problems are happening to you bring your Macbook in and we can replace your Macbook's touchpad.

Popular Macbook Models We Repair

  • Macbook
  • Macbook Pro
  • Macbook Air
  • Macbook Pro Retina
  • Macbook Unibody
  • A1181
  • A1212
  • A1286
  • A1278
  • A1226
  • A1237
  • A1342
  • A1229
  • A1304
  • A1150
  • A1260
  • A1369
  • A1151
  • A1261
  • A1370
  • A1211
  • A1278
  • MA463LL/A
  • MA090LL
  • MA092LL/A
  • MA611LL/A
  • MA610LL
  • MA472LL/A
  • MA601LL
  • MA701LL/A
  • MA464LL/A
  • MA700LL/A
  • MA255LL/A
  • MA609LL
  • MA699LL/A
  • MA254LL/A
  • MB063LL/A
  • MB062LL/A
  • MB061LL/A
  • MA897LL/A
  • MA896LL
  • MA895LL
  • MB063LL/B
  • MB062LL/B
  • MB003LL/A
  • MB166LL/A
  • MB061LL/B
  • MB134LL/A
  • MB133LL/A
  • MB404LL/A
  • MB403LL/A
  • MB402LL/A
  • MB471LL/A
  • MC240LL/A
  • MB470LL/A
  • MC226LL/A
  • MB604LL/A
  • MB881LL/A
  • MB940LL/A
  • MC207LL/A
  • MB986LL/A
  • MB543LL/A
  • MB467LL/A
  • MC026LL/A
  • MB466LL/A
  • MB985LL/A
  • MC118LL/A
  • MB991LL/A
  • MB990LL/A
  • MC234LL/A
  • MC233LL/A
  • MC516LL/A
  • MC503LL/A
  • MC024LL/A
  • MC505LL/A
  • MC723LL/A
  • MC373LL/A
  • MC721LL/A
  • MC372LL/A
  • MC371LL/A
  • MC965LL/A
  • MC724LL/A
  • MC375LL/A
  • MC374LL/A
  • MC968LL/A
  • MC700LL/A
  • MD508LL/A
  • MD311LL/A
  • MD212LL/A
  • MD322LL/A
  • MD318LL/A
  • MD831LL/A
  • MC965LL/A
  • MC976LL/A
  • MC968LL/A
  • MD314LL/A
  • MC975LL/A
  • MD313LL/A
  • MD104LL/A
  • MD760LL/A
  • ME664LL/A
  • ME662LL/A
  • ME293LL/A
  • ME866LL/A
  • ME864LL/A

Macbook USB Ports Repair

USB ports on a Macbook sometimes stop working overtime, especially if they are being used frequently. You may have problems that your devices periodically disconnect or reconnect, or some devices won't connect at all. A common problem is some lower power devices will connect such as a flash drive, but high powered devices will not. The best solution is to bring it in to us and we can repair your USB ports for you.

Macbook Webcam/iSight Camera Repair

iSight has been around since 2003 when it was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Some users notice that their iSight camera stops working after a while, it may work for awhile and then it stops but the green light will stay on. Users also might notice errors such as no camera detected¬Ě or cannot find iSight camera. If you open Photobooth or Skype and the green light won't turn on, or the green light turns on but your screen is black, the best thing to do is bring in your Macbook and we can repair your iSight camera for you.

Macbook Wifi Repair

If your WiFi stops working or needs to be repaired you will notice, if your Macbook is having trouble finding any available networks, it won't reconnect after waking from sleep, a restart or coming back into range. Your network is really slow and wifi keeps dropping bring it in and we can have you back online in no time! .

How To Find Your Macbook Model Number

You will find your Macbook model number on the bottom of your Macbook, it will start with A1###

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