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Proactive Privacy Protection
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The Digital You

Your Digital Persona

Compared to 10 years ago the amount of personal and business information stored on our mobile devices has increased exponentially!

We are increasingly dependant on  mobile technology to manage all aspects of our daily lives to the point where our personal identities have merged with our digital identities.

Privacy, Data Security, Personal Identity -- buzzwords that never cross into your mental radar until you experience a crisis such as someone hacking your identity, cracking your password encryptions, tracking your physical movements, or unravelling your personal privacy!

Remember, your digital devices carry a whole range of personal and confidential information like:

  • Banking Information
  • Mobile Pay Functionality
  • Accounting & Taxes
  • Business Contacts
  • Legal Data
  • Customer Data
  • Appointment Calendars
  • Private Pictures and Documents
  • Family & Friends Identities
  • Passwords
  • ...etc, etc, etc...

When you bring in a device for repair, technicians have access to all your information! Make sure you entrust this precious possession, your digital life, to the right people.

Ensuring Data Security

Did You Know?

• 20 million people have their identities used fraudulently each year in North America.

• 100 million people have their personal information compromised each year.

• 7% of all adults have lost an average of $3,500 through data theft.



The TechKnow Space goes to great length to protect your privacy and personal identity. 

Our Established Safeguards:

  • 24/7 Video Monitoring of Technician Activity
  • Preventing your devices from accessing any storage media to ensure no data leakage or portability
  • Devices waiting for repairs are stored securely with controlled access 
  • Time-stamped tracking of your devices' journey through our repair processes
  • Monitoring repair durations
  • Technical Staff Background Checks
  • 256-bit data encryption when data storage is essential
  • Documented and rigorously defined process flows
  • In-house developed Work Order Management software for tracking and managing each repair
  • Repair time thresholds to regulate workbench durations and device handling
  • Triggered notifications for exceptional events
    (example: when repair time for a phone exceeds a pre-identified threshold, a notification is sent to the supervisor).


Highly Sensitive Data & Mission-Critical Security Needs:

When your data is too sensitive to be trusted in anyone's care but your own - your options are:

  1. Back up and remove the data from your device before you bring it to us for service.
    This option may or may not be possible depending on the state of your device and the extent of the damage or failure.
  2. Not provide us with your password.
    We may not be able to provide full warranty coverage if we are unable to fully test the device both before and after repairs (which requires full access to the device with your password).
  3. Or Do-It-Yourself.
    Maintain your own secure in-house repair facility.

Mobile Data Privacy

Today we carry what are essentially super computers with us all the time.  These little devices represent you, your business, your family and friends, your health, your home and business security, financial details, etc etc etc!  

"Modern cell phones are not just another technological convenience. With all they contain and all they may reveal, they hold for many [people] “the privacies of life". "
Chief Justice John Roberts US Supreme Court

Data Theft - A Matter for Concern

Prevent data theft!It is of paramount importance that the integrity and security of your PRIVATE DATA is protected from unauthorized access.   Identity theft is very real!  It isn't science fiction anymore that someone can effectively become you -- obtain credit, secure loans, and buy real-estate in your name -- and carry on online and in the real-world as though they were you by obtaining the information stored on your smart phone and other mobile devices.   

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