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The First Mobile Repair Store Delivering Digital Repair Solutions Since 2006 - Downtown Toronto & Square One Mississauga

As an essential service WE ARE OPEN THROUGH THE LOCKDOWN

This is an in-store service, NOT a curbside process...

Simply walk into our store with your device
• Clearly explain the problem you are experiencing
• We will clarify and confirm our understanding
• You can demonstrate the problem, if required
• Before accepting your device for repair we will ensure you understand how we will help you (our solution)
Total interaction time for drop off may range from 2 minutes for simple problems to 20 minutes for complex issues.

Pick-up of your repaired devices can take from 5 minutes to 20 minutes this includes the time needed to test the solution.

Productivity and Mobile Technology
Serving Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Milton, Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, St. Catharines, London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Orangeville, Barrie

We are your Premium GO-TO Service Centre for All
Logic Board & Mainboard Repair
Experts On Duty!

For all device problems your repair provider cannot resolve
TechKnow Space Geniuses
GUARANTEE a repair 9 times out of 10!

Our 15 Years Experience providing
will deliver the following benefits:
1. A device that works perfectly.
2. A device with all your important data: pictures, emails, music etc. accessible...
    save $hundreds on data recovery!
3. Lifetime warranty for the repaired motherboard.
4. No charge for the repair if not successful.

go to logic board repair services to Logic Board Repair Services logic board being repaired

The TechKnow Space Repair Centre
 Our Passion: Repairing Mobile Devices 
 Our Obsession:  Making Customers Happy 

More Mind-Warps

Mobile technology delivers the high-octane fuel to keep your on-the-go staff productive and always connected, separating the high-achievers from the also-rans.

Can you afford the luxury of being a tech-luddite that does not provide the tech smarts and tools to your workforce who must go forth and compete in a hyper-competitive marketplace?

And, having done the technology due diligence to empower your staff, what happens when the tech tools inevitably suffer accidental failures and damage during routine use? Can you afford the long delays and downtimes in getting your tools repaired? 

Your in-field staff needs their mobile technology working and useable at all times. The role of technology in business requires agile responses. Embedding and baking agility into your business model is a strategic imperative.

TechKnow Space delivers fast repair solutions to your business so your staff can go about their tasks in pursuit of corporate goals.

Some of these tasks include: 

  1. Engaging and interacting with customers. 
  2. Providing corporate marketing with competitor-intelligence information 
  3. Using corporate provided apps to prepare customer quotes, book orders, schedule and manage deliveries
  4. Using voice-interfaced apps on their phone to record reminders, research information and schedule meetings 
  5. Use networking apps like Skype and their phone-camera to deliver product demos and participate in online meetings
  6. Using cloud-based apps like, or other Customer Relationship Management software tools to effectively manage their customers and improve sales. 

Broken or failed mobile tools and technology can cost you dearly, impairing and constraining your business options and opportunities, and taking a toll on profitability. 

  • Buying technology tools and apps is the easy part.
  • Keeping your technology and tools useable and working effectively requires partnering with different providers in the technology-value chain.

We at The TechKnow Space will show you how to keep your technology tools humming, your staff productive, and your business winning.

TechKnow Space Toronto Ontario: 905 232 0106TechKnow Space Mississauga Ontario: 905 896 9701

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