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Due to the COVID-19 situation: we are indundated with an unusually high number of repairs - EXPECT DELAYS in the completion of diagnostics and repairs, as well as increased shipping time to receive special order parts.

Your Options When Digital Devices Fail
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The TechKnow Space Repair Centre
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More Mind-Warps

Option 1: Carrier Warranty

Often a smartphone user's first destination after digital failure or damage.

Usually dependant on manufacturer's warranty coverage.

Leave it with the carrier.


Find out days to weeks later whether it is even covered.

They may or may not have a loaner device available.

There may be (often are) fees owing.

Receive or pick up your device and hope the issues are fully resolved.

Option 2:  Manufacturer Warranty

Ship it!

Wait days to weeks!

Maybe it's covered, maybe you have to pay.

Receive it by courier - someone will have to be home.

Maybe the issues have been fully resolved -- maybe not.

Option 3:  Extended Warranty Plans

Extended warranty plans come in different flavours in terms of cost and coverage depending on whether you purchase the coverage from your carrier, the manufacturer or a third party provider.

Quick Compare: TechKnow Space Repair Solution vs Extended Warranty & Protection Plans

Service Plan/ProviderTime To RepairTypical Total Cost LimitationsAppointment Needed?Loaner Provided?
Apple Care 1 to 7 Days $99 per 2 years
+$79 per claim
Doesn't Cover Broken Screens YES NO
TechKnow Space 1 Hour $69 to $149 We Do All  Repairs Walk-In
No Appt. Needed
Samsung Extended  Warranty 1 Hour to Several Days  $149 Doesn't Cover Broken Screens or Other Physical Damage NO NO
TechKnow Space 1 Hour $69 to $149 We Do All  Repairs Walk-In
No Appt. Needed
Device  Protection
10+ Days $169 per year +$25 to $200 per claim Maximum 2 Claims per Year NO YES
($50 Deposit)
TechKnow Space 1 Hour $69 to $149 We Do All  Repairs Walk-In
No Appt. Needed
Geek Squad Protection Not Published Commit First, Then Learn Cost.
Physical Damage Claims are Subject to a Deductible Payment
Physcial Damage Covered at Their Discretion.
Claim Fulfillment Provided in the Form of Best Buy Gift Card of Unknown Value.
Your Device Doesn't Get Repaired
Varies NO
TechKnow Space 1 Hour $69 to $149 We Do All Repairs Walk-In
No Appt. Needed

Extended Warranty Example Scenario:

Many extended warranties / protection plans will charge you $10 to $12 per month as long as there is no physical damage. So, let’s say you have a headphone jack or charging port problem after a year. You get a 'new' (or often refurbished…read the fine print on the warranty) replacement phone. But, here is the reality:

  • You have paid $120 to $144 in 12 months

  • Any visible damage to the phone housing (bent or scuffed), or screen (this happens in 75% of all phone damages), water/liquid damage (10% of all phone damages), etc. is not covered by the extended warranty plan.

  • Thus, in 85+% of all cases, you have to pay for your repairs, plus you have already paid $120 to $144 in 12 months….all down the drain!

In less than 15% of all damages, you would have paid $120 to $144 for getting a new or refurbished replacement phone. But….you could almost always have had your phone repaired for  much  less than the $120 to $144 you paid in premiums during the 12 months.

...all completed in 1 Hour at TechKnow Space - no appointment,

no need for a loaner phone...

No If's And's or But's!


surprised There is more profit in selling extended warranties than there is in selling phones or phone service.
Read the Consumer Affairs article by Mark Huffman



With a repair by TechKnow Space there are no surprises!

Option 4:  Out of Warranty Repair by Carrier or Manufacturer

Can take a day to weeks.

More costly than independant repair provider.

You may have to make an appointment up to 2 weeks in advance.

Price of repair(s) are not always clear up front.

For example: at Apple's Genius Bar they are relectant to divulge the price of any repair - regardless of coverage or not - until you have:

1. Booked and waited for an appointment.

2. Waited for the 'Genius' to analyze the status of your phone.

In the case of mailing your phone in you have to pay the maximum cost up front.

Option 5:  Repair by Independant Provider

Important considerations:

Ask yourself:

Are they trustworthy?  

You may be carrying your life's most private details on your device.

Are they knowledgeable?  

Will your device be repaired completely and without additional damage?

Are they fast?  

Do they carry parts in stock or order them after you bring in your device?

Are their technicians on staff or only called in when there are repairs to do?

Option 6:  Replacement of Your Damaged Device With a New One

The most expensive option!

Consider the cost of a new device PLUS  the cost of your remaining contract or renewal PLUS  resinstalling your apps PLUS  transfering your data PLUS learning a new device interface... $PLUS...

For example: Switching to/from Android(i.e. Samsung), IOS(iPhone), Blackberry, & Windows phones can be a time consuming learning endeavour!

The Preferred Option:  TechKnow Space Repair ⇒  Delivering Peace of Mind

TechKnow Space:
The Fastest and Most Cost Effective Solution

  • While you wait - 1 hour repair
  • We carry parts in stock
  • Technicians always present - never on call
  • We do all repairs!

TechKnow Space Toronto Ontario: 905 232 0106TechKnow Space Mississauga Ontario: 905 896 9701

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