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Our Location: 33 City Centre Dr Unit #142, Mississauga ON L5B 2N5 - Across from the Square One shopping centre

Frequently Asked Questions - About Us
Canada and The United States

Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Milton, Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, St. Catharines, London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph


Frequently Asked Questions About Us

Fees & Payment

Diagnostics is free when we complete the needed repairs.

We do charge an advance payment when you bring your device in for diagnostics service (when the problem is not immediately obvious).

This advance payment is deducted from the final repair charges if you approve the estimate and proceed with the repair(s).

See Diagnostics Fees

There are no up-front fees charged for common obvious repairs such as screen replacements.

You pay for your repair(s) after completion and you have had an opportunity to test your device.

We Accept Cash, Credit and Debit in-store, and online methods for mail-in repairs.

How Do I Pay full details and instructions


We do not buy or sell any devices such as phones, laptops, tablets or computers. 

We do carry a wide range of accessories and cases.

We are only closed on Christmas Day - December 25, and New Years Day - January 1.

We are open on all the remaining 363 days of the year!

Business Hours


  • Our Mississauga location has plenty parking both around the store and in the Square One Mall parking across the street.

    • Free Parking at 33 City Centre Dr!
      1. Drive up to gate, take your ticket, park,
      2. Enjoy 2 hours of free parking. (maximum $5.00 per day after first 2 hours)
      3. Keep your ticket with you and insert it at the exit gate.
      Also plenty of parking at Square One (in case you want to do a little shopping too :)


  • Our Front Street location has metered parking (restricted hours) in front of the store, a parking lot across the street and other parking lots around the store.


Our Mississauga Store has a lounge for customers to chill in, providing customers with:

  • Wi Fi network
  • Big-screen TV
  • Big-screen iMac
  • Popcorn

We are open as late as 8 pm and we’ll be sure to wake you up just in case you get too comfortable and snooze-out wink

Our Toronto Store is a tiny-footprint store with breathing room only laughing

  • Being in the entertainment district however, we are surrounded by gourmet-coffee shops, fast food restaurants, bistros, pizzerias, watering-holes, the Rogers Centre, Wayne Gretzky's, and tons of options to suit every palette!

Product Returns

Returns and/or exchanges will be accepted soley at our discretion and a restocking fee of 
up to 33% will be applied.

Store Policies

All devices must be picked up within 30 days after we have called to notify you that the repair has been completed. We will follow up our phone call request with an email after 30 days.

See Repair Policies - Device Not Picked Up

We are always accepting resumes from qualified individuals who would like a chance to join our team.

Employment Opportunities


We provide a ROCK SOLID warranty with all our repairs against manufacturer part defects and installation labour.

For warranty periods and terms for all our products and services see the Warranty Page.

In most cases your device-purchase or manufacturer warranty has already been voided when physical damage has occurred.


To determine your original warranty status and terms you will need to check with:

  • The retailer or carrier you purchased the device from
  • The manufacturer of your device

General Repairs

The diagnostics process varies by device and problem.

Typical Repair & Diagnostics Turnaround Times

Most of our repairs are completed the same day and in as little as 1 hour or less!

Typical Repair & Diagnostics Turnaround Times

Although we do prefer that you keep you receipt and present it for any warranty related or follow-up issues, we do log each and every repair performed.

If you have lost your receipt and require follow-up services, we are able to search for your record(s) using information you have provided to us when you completed your customer profile in-store.

We provide a printed Work Order ticket to all customers upon booking in devices for service.

It is very important that you retain your Work Order ticket and present it upon pickup to help ensure the secure return of your device to its rightful owner.

Lost or destroyed Work Order tickets:

For alternative identification methods see Device Pick-up for details before coming in.

Essentially - everything can be repaired, it is typically a matter of cost.

Some parts (smartphone mainboards for example) are expensive compared to other components and such repairs may even exceed the cost of replacing the device. 

After diagnosing the cause of the problem we will provide a repair estimate and proceed upon your approval.

If you decide not to proceed with the repair(s) our Diagnostics Fee will apply.

If a seemingly obvious problem turns out to caused by a different component or if there is additional damage discovered during the repair process we will provide you a repair estimate and proceed upon your approval.

If you decline the repair estimate our Diagnostics Fee will apply.

We do comprehensive liquid-damage cleaning, corrosion removal & repair for devices that have had water or other liquid exposure.

Please read the Water Damaged Device Repair page before bringing your device in for repair.

"Should I repair my device or buy a new/used one?"

It's usually the first question that pops into our heads when we consider paying for a repair.

Repair vs Replace

We commonly accept mail-in and ship-in repairs from both individuals and companies.

Please follow our Mail-In Repair Instructions 

Logic board repairs are considered when all other repair options have been exhausted.

We understand the motivation to get your damaged device working again as soon as possible.  

We know that some people will undertake a Do-It-Yourself repair attempt or turn to friends and family who may have some technical knowledge.

In other cases some may have sought a less expensive seeming repair at a discount shop who was ultimately unable to successfully complete the repair.

Many times customers bring their devices to us after one of these failed alternative repair attempts.

Our policy and procedure for devices that have been opened or partially repaired


We carry mobile device parts in stock for common (and less common) repairs including:

  • Screens
  • Charging Ports
  • Batteries
  • Speakers
  • Buttons

If your device repair requires a part that we are out of stock on or do not carry we may be able to special order it.

Special Order Repairs

We generally discourage bringing your own parts for a number of reasons.

In exceptional circumstances we may agree to perform the repair at our discretion.

See Why Risk Bringing Your Own Parts.

We do not sell internal batteries, screens or any other internal parts over the counter, unless we determine it (at our discretion) to be an exceptional final-sale circumstance.

Buying Parts vs Buying a Solution.

Data Security

We need the password locking your computer, laptop or cell phone because we want to provide all our customers with the best service quality they expect of us.

You wouldn’t expect a mechanic to work on your car without opening up the hood or looking under the carriage. Your password is required for our technicians to make sure the repairs are done correctly and efficiently.

Your password allows us to test all the functions on your device both before and after the repair.

Password Policy

We take every effort to ensure the integrity of the data on your device.  Most common repairs often involving component replacement do not affect the stored data whatsoever.  

In some situations the damage to the device which prompted your visit to a repair shop would have already caused your data to be lost.  We do offer data recovery services for these scenarios.

Other situations involving reinstalling operating systems or firmware, or when the device does not turn on or fully start, may require wiping the device data. 

The TechKnow Space is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals.

TechKnow Space and its agents and representatives collect personal information in varying circumstances in the course of performing our sales, services, maintenance and installation work.

TechKnow Space uses personal information for the following purposes:

  • administering, or otherwise managing customers’ accounts
  • tracking the status of repairs
  • providing fast, accurate answers to customer inquiries
  • maintaining business records for reasonable and required periods
  • managing and administering our business
  • meeting legal, regulatory, insurance, security and processing requirements
  • other uses with consent or as permitted or required by law.

Privacy Policy

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