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Bent Frames and Screen Replacement
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Replacing a screen on a device with a bent frame

If your device has sustained damage during drops and impact, sometimes the frame or housing of the device becomes warped or bent.

This can create a problem when installing a new screen or replacing other components, as the edges and / or mounting points will not line up or fit together exactly right.


This can happen with smartphones and tablets - notably iPhones and iPads, and particularly devices with larger screen sizes.

Screens installed onto a device with a bent frame risk breaking easily with normal use or separating easily from the housing, due to pressures from the misallignment of parts in the housing/frame.


If the bend or warp is severe enough and obvious to our representative  when booking your device in for repair, they will bring it to your attention.

If it is not visually noticeable before the device is disassembled, it often becomes evident to us after disassembly. We will call you if this happents.

There are 2 possible scenarios when you are in need of a screen replacement and have a bent frame:

1. We determine the bend is too severe to allow a successful screen installation.  

If we determine this before you book in your device we will decline the service.

Otherwise, we will call you after the disassembly, put it back together and return it to you. You will be charge a $25 diagnostics fee for our time and efforts.


2. If we determine the bend is potentially repairable (either before or after disassembly) and a successfull replacement is possible you then have 2 options:

A. You cen elect to have us straighten and/or mill the frame at a cost of $19.95 after which we will install your new screen.

We will provide you with our rock-solid parts and labour repair warranty.

B. You can elect to have us install the screen anyway without repairing the frame.  

There will be no warranty provided for the repair service or the part(s) installed.  



Bends and warps are not necessarily 100% fixable - even after our straightening/milling process. 

There will be cosmetic imperfections after a bent or damaged frame repair such as tool / milling marks and possibly even a small gap between the frame and screen.

We advise customers to always install a case onto any device that has had a bent frame whether the frame has been repaired or not.

Bends, warps and deformities are often only visible after we have opened and disassembled the device. This is because the materials, bindings and screws attached to the phone make it difficult to identify the deformity. When we discover this upon disassembly, we call you to obtain your authorization to proceed.

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