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Buying Parts vs Buying a Solution
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We Do Not Sell Parts, Only Solutions

We only reluctantly and exceptionally sell parts... on a non-refundable/non-returnable basis

In rare instances when a customer is from an overseas location where it might take a few days to ship back and forth, we reluctantly agree to sell parts (for example, shipping laptops back and forth is both expensive and inconvenient). In such cases, we try to convince customers to seek out a professional repair technician locally, upon receiving the purchased parts, pointing out the risks of a do-it-yourself approach.

Example: You are going home to Barbados and your father has a laptop with a broken screen. You could purchase the screen from us, as long as someone professional replaces your screen in Barbados. You could very well end up breaking your screen and be out of luck.
We also let customers know that :

  • All our parts are brand new, so there is no reason for them to fail.
  • All sales are final and we accept no returns or exchanges. Inexperienced but enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers will often end up inadvertently and unwittingly damaging the parts in the process of repairing. They assume the parts are defective or damaged and expect a refund or exchange.


The first assumption customers make is that they have correctly identified the problem, it's associated solution or fix, and, finally, what part they need, to accomplish the repair. They could be wrong,  and they often are. The outcome can be intensely frustrating.

Often customers call in with no knowledge as to the model of their devices. It takes a bunch of prompts to help them identify the model#.

Even more importantly, they often have no clue about the exact part they need. 
For example:
When replacing BlackBerry Screens it is important to match the LCD screen version to the original screen. 
For instance the BlackBerry Bold 9000 was manufactured over time, using 4 different LCD versions depending on the year/month it was manufactured.The same situation prevails with Macbook models. To replace your screen we need to match your existing screen version. Simply ordering a screen online for the Bold 9000 might end up in a frustrating non-solution.

Often online vendors will sell parts which even professional technicians have difficulty working with. 
For example:
Touchscreens or LCD for the iPhone 4G are sometimes separately sold over the internet. While it is theoretically possible to separate a broken iPhone 4 touchscreen from an LCD (in a screen assembly), doing so is arduous and requires expensive separating tools.This attempt often ends up damaging one or both the screens (and sometimes the iPhone itself), and costs much more than replacing both the screens as a single assembly.If you must do-it-yourself, the safest bet is to buy an assembly comprising the touchscreen-and-LCD, and replace the damaged iPhone assembly with the purchased assembly.

Honest Online Vendor but a Frustrating Outcome

For whatever reason, ending up with a wrong part, model #, etc. is an outcome fraught with frustration and anxiety, and critical delays in getting your important device up and humming.

Dishonest Vendor and ...

Wrong parts, damaged parts, defective parts, etc...

We strive to discourage people from buying parts from us knowing that we'll often end up with a disgruntled soul, who might otherwise have paid a few $s more and become our happy customer.
  • We explain to them the risks of the Do-It-Yourself approach, and try to talk them into buying a solution instead.
  • If customer is adamant, we suggest they buy the part online and bring it in for our professional repair/replacement services.
  • We explain how they have to know the exact part they need for their device, and this may only be possible by opening up their device (for example, Blackberry screens can have different noninterchangeable screen versions).
  • We point out the need to use heat guns, soldering stations, rework stations and microscopes to effect delicate solutions.
  • We elaborate on the many years of experience our technicians have had and many thousands of devices they have repaired.
  • Our technicians can and do make mistakes (and they are only human), but when they do, they redo the repair and thoroughly test before the customer actually comes in to pick up and pay for the solution.
  • If, in the remote circumstance, the part we have happens to be defective, we replace the part with a perfectly functioning one and test it thoroughly before the customer actually comes in to pick up and pay for the solution.
  • We let them know that when we do the repairs, they only pay for the repair after it is completed and tested. Too, the customer pays only after having had an opportunity to play with their repaired device.
  • Lastly, we point out how they will be walking away with a solution that will let them return to their productive lives in less than one hour.
  • Our warranty follow-up is the last-resort solution available when our technician's work is found wanting. While our warranty is for 60 days, we sometimes will do courtesy follow-up repairs depending on the situation, and often do repeat repairs at half price.
 All this ensures that the customer has purchased a solution and not just a part.

Buying parts online for repairing your favorite digital device is a common behavior. After all, I am a whiz at using my computer/iPhone, so how difficult can it be. Or, if it's too much of a challenge, I can always call on GeeWizzJoe who is great with tools... always repairs his own cars!

Too, there are tons of videos online that show you how to do it. The online vendor sites commonly include videos that demonstrate a repair or replacement of parts, often suggesting this to be a simple and straightforward plug-and-play process.

We have had numerous customers who will buy parts and diligently follow the online video instructions in a valiant kick at the Do-It-Yourself-Solution can. A few frustrating hours and numerous grunts and groans later they end up with damaged parts, or worse, damaged devices.

Sometimes they turn to their techie-friend or an engineer-brother-in-law, who being a helpful sort and otherwise savvy, makes the fatal assumption that fixing digital problems should be a piece of cake. Entirely true, if you have a few hours to learn the nuances of the device and have all the tools.

Bottom Line : many hours of frustration, unnecessary expenses, possibly a device damaged beyond economic repair, and even an upset or disappointed friend, or sis-in-law.

For some depressing evidence, check out some of our  customer emails

We urge you to bring along your device when buying your solution or accessory - be it a Battery, AC Adapter, Repair, or Accessory.

Being able to test it in-store allows you to be sure you are receiving the best available solution for your device's need -- minimizing the risks of buying an incorrect or incompatible part. 

Having your device at hand helps ensure you walk away with a solution as opposed to a part only.

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