We are open on Christmas Eve, December 24, 10AM to 6PM

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Toronto: 416 987 9860 
 Mississauga: 905 897 9860

STORES - Hours, Locations & Parking

We are only closed on Christmas, December 25, and New Years day on January 1.

We are open on all the remaining 363 days of the year!


  • Our Mississauga location has plenty of free parking both around the store and in the Square One Mall parking across the street.


  • Our Front Street location has metered parking (restricted hours) in front of the store, a parking lot across the street and other parking lots around the store.

Convenient locations in major shopping and entertainment destinations.

See our locations

Our Mississauga store has a lounge for customers to chill in, providing customers with:

  • Wi Fi network
  • Big-screen TV
  • Big-screen iMac
  • Popcorn

We close at 8 pm and we’ll be sure to wake you up just in case you get too comfortable and snooze-out wink

Our Toronto store is a tiny-footprint store with breathing room only laughing

  • Being in the entertainment district however, we are surrounded by gourmet-coffee option, fast food restaurants, bistros, pizzerias, watering-holes, the Rogers Centre, Wayne Gretzky bistro, and tons of options to suit every palette!

Fees & Payment

We charge an advance payment when you bring your device in for diagnostics.

This advance payment is deducted from the final repair charges if you approve the estimate and proceed with the repair(s).

See Diagnostics Fees

In cases where the needed repair is known before-hand, such as replacement of a broken screen, there is no up-front charge.

You pay after the repair has been completed and you have tested your device. 

In cases where the extent and/or the cause of the problem is unknown we will collect a partial advance payment toward the final cost of the repair(s) that we find are needed afer we have completed our Diagnostics Process

All fees and charges collected are subject to the addition of applicable taxes.

See Do I Have To Pay Tax


We provide a ROCK SOLID warranty with all our repairs.

For warranty periods and terms for our products and services see the Warranty page.

Repairs & Services

Essentially - everything can be repaired, it is typically a matter of cost. Some parts (smartphone mainboards for example) are expensive compared to other components and such repairs may even exceed the cost of replacing the device. 

We will provide a repair estimate and proceed upon your approval.

If you decide not to proceed with the repair our Diagnostics Fee will apply.  

We do comprehensive liquid-damage cleaning, corrosion removal & repair for devices that have had water or other liquid exposure.

Please read the Liquid Damaged Device Repair page before bringing your device in for repair.


We do not sell internal batteries, screens or any other internal parts over the counter, unless we determine it (at our discretion) to be an exceptional final-sale circumstance.

See: Buying Parts vs Buying a Solution.

We generally discourage bringing your own parts for a number of reasons.

In exceptional circumstances we may agree to perform the repair at our discretion.

See Why Risk Bringing Your Own Parts.

Buying & Selling Devices

We do not buy or sell new or used devices.

Personal Information & Data Security


There is a lot of technical information available about chemical reactions and 'outgassing' and about how batteries work internally.  

From over a decade of experience, having repaired over 250,000 devices, we know there a number of common causes of battery-swell.

There are a few poss reasons why a battery might expand, bulge or swell up like a balloon including:

  • liquid exposure to battery terminals, mainboard or charging port
  • short circuit due to physical damage of device
  • over-heating
  • being bent or crushed
  • puncture - caution risk of fire


A blacklisted phone (or any other device which accepts a SIM card) has been blocked from being used to connect to voice or data services on any carrier in North America.

How to check if your phone is blacklisted

Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860