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Manufacturers Warranty Vs Our Solution
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Manufacture Warranty Vs TechKnow Space Solution

Manufacturer Warranty Considerations

Disadvantages of Sending Your Device to the Manufacturer for Warranty Service:

1. Your wait time for a solution could take from 2 days to 2 months.

2. Your device may be ineligible for warranty service depending on type of failure -- which you won't necessarily know until after you have sent your device away and it has been examined by a warranty technician -- having incurred expenses only to have your device returned unrepaired.

3. Your device may have sustained unknown damages which may render it ineligible for warranty service. Manufacturer out-of-warranty (OOW) services may end up being more expensive and more time consuming than anticipated.

4. Your device may be repaired, or more typically you may be sent back a refurbished device -- resulting in you receiving a working device albeit minus any customization such as after-market skin or personal engravings.

5. You will most often need to reinstall (and sometimes re-buy) your applications, and restore your data -- which can take much time and effort to restore your device back to pre-service state. NOT insignificant.

6. There are associated costs and efforts such as: packing and shipping your device at your expense, often requiring self addressed return packaging to be included with your device. This can be a hassle!

Advantages of a TechKnow Space solution and/or repair:

1. You get your own device back -- essentially your device is refurbished.

2. You are back in operation with your device within 1 to 4 hours rather than up to 2 months.

3. No packaging and shipping -- your device is returned to your hand smiling :) and working well.

A solution from The TechKnow Space can save you time and money and help you avoid loss of use of your device (which can end up costing you even more than the value of the device).

A general example of why you may choose a TechKnow Space solution over manufacturer warranty service:

  • Your iPad screen has gone blank.
  • You spend time on the phone with and apple warranty representative.
  • You package and ship your device to apple at your expense.
  • You are contacted by Apple and informed that your iPad screen has failed due to minimal liquid exposure which has seeped into the circuitry -- NOT under warranty.
  • Now you have to decide whether to pay premium manufacturer repair rates or receive your iPad back unrepaired. (remember you have already paid to ship it out)Either choice leaves you without your iPad for up to several weeks (or even months).
  • You could have walked in to The TechKnow Space, received your same iPad back (hand-to-hand) repaired with your same data, apps, and customizations within a few hours at nominal service rates.
  • You have saved: time and money, and gained peace of mind with an expert local repair.

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