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Why does TechKnow Space need the password to my device?

We need the password locking your computer, laptop or cell phone because we want to provide all our customers with the best service quality they expect of us.

You wouldn’t expect a mechanic to work on your car without opening up the hood or looking under the carriage. Your password is required for our technicians to make sure the repairs are done correctly and efficiently.

Your password allows us to test all the functions on your device both before and after the repair.


When your device is damaged or broken, most times you stop using your device and bring it to The TechKnow Space for repairs.

When you bring in your device, we give you an upfront price quote based on what you tell us about the problem you are experiencing. In 90+ percent of the cases, that is the only problem that needs a repair. In a few cases though, additional problems could lurk and need to be identified.

Before-Repair Testing

1. In the absence of a methodical and meticulous testing of all your device functions, you/we will not know if your device has multiple problems that need a repair.

2. When we accept your device and begin the repair process, our first task is to identify all problems/issues that the device has so we can provide you with a reliable repair estimate (if different from the upfront price quote), and look for your decision to Go/NoGo.

3. If you choose not to proceed, we put the device back together and return it to you charging you our standard diagnostic fees.

4. If you choose to have us go ahead with the repairs, we proceed to complete the repairs and do an After-Repair Testing to ensure that our repair provided a complete and satisfactory solution.

After-Repair Testing

1. Once the repair is completed, we begin a comprehensive and methodical testing of all the device functions.

2. It is possible that the replacing of the damaged component reveals problems with other components of the device. These problems were not immediately apparent because the problem component prevented other logic functions from being run/exercised. With the damaged component replaced, we can run other tests that could not be run earlier. Any problems with additional components are now uncovered.

This happens because the functional logic (embedded in the logic board) could have stopped being exercised, because of the damaged component which being now replaced, allows us to uncover additional problems in the phone.

3. When this happens, we call you with our new diagnostics and estimate, looking for your confirmation to Go or NoGo (as in 3 and 4 above).

4. When the device is thoroughly tested and we are satisfied with all the functionality, we call you to come in and retrieve your device.

Thus, we need to ensure that we get your authorization based on a reliable estimate before starting the repair, and a final estimate after completing the repair. At both these stages, we need your password to test all device functionalities. You have the option of a Go/NoGo at both the stages. A diagnostics charge is collected should you decide with a NoGo.

Once we have completed the repair(s), tested all the functionalities, and returned the device to you against payment, we offer you a 60-day warranty for parts and labour.


We cannot complete our work without your password

1. Before Repair: Providing you with incomplete diagnostics and unreliable repair estimates is a violation of the trust that customers repose in us.

2. After Repair: Without your password, we cannot offer you any warranty for the repair done, since we have been unable to thoroughly test your device.

This leads to much confusion and frustration for our customers who are looking to us for the best service quality at all times.

Accordingly, if you cannot trust us with your password, we most regretfully cannot accept your device for repair since doing so will compromise our service quality goals.


Alternate Options for Permitting Access To My Device

  • Backup data and wipe device (i.e. Reset to factory settings)
  • Some people are not comfortable sharing their password since they use a single password across multiple devices. In this case, you can simply remove the password.


Password Management

We understand your devices have personal or confidential information contained in them, and we would never do anything to compromise your privacy.

The only person looking at your device is the technician, and the work order on which you have written down the password is confidential to the TechKnow Space. We promise to never copy, distribute or disclose the information contained on these Work Order papers. The TechKnow Space will not collect, use or disclose your personal information without your consent. By providing us with personal information, you have agreed to let us collect and use information for the repairs or maintenance of your device.


Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860