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TechKnow Space Repair Policies

We take it upon ourselves to tackle any electronic device issue we are presented with and we've kept at it for 12 years. During our time in business we have clear policies to ensure that we are doing our job right and in the customers' best interest. We would never deviate from our policy in order to be fair to both our customers and our staff.

"How do we guarantee the best service?"

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Typical Repair & Diagnostics Turnaround Times



Liquid Damage Cleaning

Same day to 1 Day

Smartphone Component Replacement

1 Hour (Most phones)

Tablet Component Replacement

2 Hours

Laptop Repairs

2 Hours to 1 Day

Game Console Repairs

Same Day to 2 Days

MS Surface Screen Replacement

3 Hours

Headphone Repairs

Same Day to 2 Days

Data Recovery

1 to 3 Days

Logic Board Repair

1 to 4 Days

A text message (SMS) will be sent to the number you have provided when the service is completed.



Diagnostics - Smartphones & Tablets

2 to 4 Hours

Diagnostics - Computers, Laptops & Macbooks

Diagnostics - Game Consoles

Diagnostics - Logic Board Alone or
Device open / disassembled

1 Day

Repair Times Are Estimated & Not Guaranteed

A text message will be sent to the number you have provided when the diagnostic is completed.


Looking for answers over the phone?

Please be aware that when making inquiries over the phone, we provide answers on a best effort basis and the answers are therefore subject to the information you provide us.

Information you provide us about your device and the problems you are experiencing are based on what you understand to be the problem, and may differ a little or a lot from what we acually discover to be the problem/s when we receive your device and complete an analysis / diagnostics.  

To the extent you find our analysis vary  and diverge from our discussions over the phone, we would encourage and urge you to take your device to a different service provider and seek another opinion. If you would prefer to leave the device with us, please remember that we will work hard to provide you with a solution that address your problems and meets your repair needs. 


Water Damaged Devices

Liquid Damage Cleaning Fee paid in advance :

All Devices........................................................$65.00

Liquid damage device cleaning is not classified as a repair and the Liquid Damage Cleaning Fee is not a repair charge.  

Upon completion of cleaning, we will call you with an estimate for any additional repairs needed. Upon your approval of our estimate, we will proceed with the repair.

If you decline the repair estimate, we reassemble your device and return it to you unrepaired with no additional charges.  The $65.00 liquid cleaning fee you have already paid compensates us for all our efforts. 

Click here for our Water Damaged Devices policies and procedures page


Smartphone & Tablet - Secondary Repairs

Repairs of most readily identifiable problems are typically completed in 1 hour. Often we are able to deliver even more quickly. However, actual repair times will vary depending on service volume flows.

Secondary Problems
Sometimes, after repairing the initial obvious and identifiable issue, another problem that was not noticeable because of the first is now apparent.

For example, a customer brings in a phone that does not power up. Initial diagnostic shows that the charging port needs replacement. We replace the port, and this now enables the phone to charge. We can now power up the phone and test all the functions. we now discover a secondary problem with the microphone.

In such "secondary problem" situations we will give you a repair estimate for the second problem when it has been discovered/identified. If the total repair charges for the two problems exceed your budget, we would be happy to remove our original part (i.e. undoing our first repair), reassemble the device and return it to you. You would owe us no additional charges.

Mainboard as Secondary Problem
Another "secondary problem" might involve a damaged mainboard.

For example, after replacing a broken screen we might find that the new screen does not correctly respond to touch or doesn't work at all, or the wifi signal doesn't work or other intermittent problems are now apparent.

In the case of an impact which results in a broken screen (which may still respond even though cracked), the disassembly of a factory assembled device can show a damage that was previously undetectable, to become evident -- such as described above.

When secondary mainboard problems are discovered, we will advise you that we need more time to troubleshoot the problem.

If we find that the mainboard can be repaired we will give you a call and provide an estimate for your approval. If the mainboard is damaged to an extent which makes a cost-effective repair prohibitive, we will advise you not to proceed with any further repairs, assemble the device and return it to you. You would owe us no additional charges.

There are times when the problem is ambiguous and not readily identifiable. Under these circumstances, we would perform a diagnostics which might take from 2 Hours to 2 days (typically, and we will advise you accordingly before accepting the device for repair). Upon completion of diagnostics, we will call you with our repair estimate and proceed with the repairs upon your approval. If the estimates are unacceptable, we will reassemble the device and return it to you. The up-front $40.00 Diagnostics fee you have already remitted compensates us for our efforts.  

We provide an estimate over the phone, email, or in person, when the problem to be repaired is identified by you. If brought into the store without prior communication, in some cases we can provide an estimate after eye-balling the device for a minute or so. For example, the screen on the iPhone is cracked or the charging port on a Samsung phone is broken, etc. 
Most repairs can be completed within an hour. Where the cause of the symptom(s) is not immediately determinable, diagnostics times will vary -- (typically a few hours or overnight).


Laptop & Desktop Computer - Secondary Repairs

The process is the same as for the Smartphones, except the diagnostics typically takes up to a day before we call you with a repair estimate. Upon acceptance of our estimates, the repairs are typically completed within the same day or the next day. If the estimates are not accepted, the diagnostics fee you have already paid compensates us for all our efforts and time. We return your unrepaired laptop or desktop computer.

Typical turnaround time for diagnostics and follow up repairs is less than one day.

Secondary Problems

A typical “secondary problem” for computers: a broken power jack is replaced, and a main board failure is discovered subsequently. Where, after having completed a repair, we discover a secondary problem which renders the repair not cost-effective, we would remove any parts installed to undo the repairs completed (where possible), re-assemble the computer and return it to you. The $40.00 up-front diagnostic charge you have already paid compensates us for all our efforts.


Operating System & Application Installation

OS Reinstall (Operating System Re-Install) and Applications

Applications installed after a computer is purchased are not installed along with a MAC OS or Windows re-installation.

Applications (for example Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Adobe Photoshop) are purchased and licensed separately from the operating system. 

When an OS is reinstalled it is your responsibility to re-install any and all additional applications from their original source media or vendor website(s) using the license(s) that you have purchased.

"Can You Just Download and Load The Application onto my Computer?"

No. Third-party applications require a valid purchased license in order to be used legally.

Data Files

Data files created by any third party applications may still be available (depending on the state of your device storage) AFTER a data backup or data recovery - and would be able to be opened by the original (same version) of the application after you reinstall it. 


Mainboard Replacement and Repairs


Mainboard Repair

Many mainboards can be repaired. Our skilled technicians repair logic boards in-house expeditiously and our logic board repairs are affordably priced.

Liquid Damage

For liquid-damaged devices, we undertake cleaning of the main board upon customer request. If the main board can be reliably cleaned and we think the device can potentially be saved, we proceed to provide an estimate for repair. Please read our comments on the subject before bringing the device in.

Mainboard Replacement

We do not have access to new mainboards from the original manufacturers since we are not the authorized service centre for any vendors/brands/OEMs.

We do not carry any mainboards in our inventory, and would be willing to source used/refurbished motherboards in the open marketplace (ie. eBay, Kijiji, etc on the internet) upon user request and after obtaining a deposit in advance. Sourcing mainboards can take from 2 to 4 weeks and can cost from $200 to $600 (including parts and labour). Also, we do not warranty these used/refurbished mainboards, since these are sourced from third-party sellers.

However, if you'd like to provide us with your own mainboard, we would be happy to replace it while charging you for our repair labour charge. Again, we cannot warranty the outcome of this, since we cannot warranty a part that we have not sourced ourselves.

Bottom Line: Unless the mainboard can be repaired (see below), we advise against replacing them. If replacing is necessary, we suggest that you contact the manufacturer of the computer/laptop. In the event we do agree to replace your mainboard (which we will do at our discretion on a case by case basis) there will be no warranty supplied by TechKnow Space - see Warranty Disclaimer.


Intermittent Problems

In rare cases, when the device is displaying intermittent problems and the cause of the problems is a failing mainboard, performing repairs on such board can render the device completely unusable.  Understanding this risk should be considered when contemplating liquid damage and logic board repairs to devices with ambiguous issues.


Cosmetic Imperfections

When a device is new it is in pristine condition.  It has been factory assembled by a machine and is therefore perfect.

Over time, as the device is used, it is subjected to dings, dents, knocks and scratches.

When a device is repaired it is a manual process done by hand using tools. Now, the device will potentially experience a few more scratches, tool marks and even some evidence of milling in the event the frame has been bent or warped and needs to be straightened out. Some customers complain about these cosmetic issues and blemishes. We would like to clarify that:

  1. Cosmetic issues are an inevitable outcome of a manual repair process.

  2. We work meticulously to avoid and minimize any cosmetic problems during the repair process, though it is almost impossible to achieve perfection.

  3. We do not proceed to document or catalog existing cosmetics markings and issues that your device already has when you bring it to us and is therefore impossible to clearly identify additional scratches that might have been incurred during the repair process.

  4. Our focus is on delivering a functional solution to the damage/problem you are experiencing with your device.  Due to the nature of a manual repair process, it is impossible to return a repaired device to you in factory-new-pristine condition.  Your repaired device is and will continue to be a used device - only now it is a repaired used device.

Our technicians are highly skilled and do their best to ensure your device looks as good as possible when you pick it up. However, depending on the device, minor cosmetic imperfections may occur during the repair process. This is normal and should be expected -- such as separating a screen assembly to replace the glass or touch screen. In fact, chances are we can find cosmetic imperfections like scratches, dings and minor dents even when you bring in your phone/tablet for repair since it would be perfectly normal for this to happen during regular day-to-day use, unless you have always protected your device with a fully enclosed case, and a screen protector.

Cosmetic imperfections, typically not readily noticeable, may include, but are not limited to:

  • Minor scratches on housing

In order to replace a screen, your old screen may need to be cut out and that may result in minor scratches to the sides of the phone.

  • Dust/glue stuck in between the glass and LCD

When replacing the glass only, a piece of dust may get trapped in between the glass and LCD. This issue should not affect the overall viewing experience of your device and are typically invisible when the display is on. Most times, these specks are not readily discernable or noticeable when casually viewed.

  • Small dent on the frame of your device

Depending on the type of damage and the level of difficulty of opening up a device, a small dent may occur. For example – an iPad that was dropped on the corner can result in a bent frame; this often needs to be pried open and then milled in order for the new screen to fit properly. The functionality of your device will not be compromised.

Our goal is to make sure your device is working as it should be. Our technicians will test your device prior to returning it to you to make sure all the buttons and features of your device are working. You will also test your device when you come back to pick up your repaired device and make sure all the functions of your device are working. If you find any scratches, chips, or other small imperfections, you can be assured that these cosmetic imperfections will not alter the functionality of your device.

How can I prevent or hide cosmetic imperfections?

Unless you keep your device in a completely enclosed case, it is inevitable that your device will incur cosmetic imperfections from daily use. When you place your device in your pocket, on a table, scratch it with your nails, bang it by accident, or drop it, you will end up with cosmetic blemishes. To prevent cosmetic blemishes, scratches or dings, we strongly recommend the use of protective cases. We carry a variety of cases and protective screens for all your devices. We have popular brands that include Otterbox, Moshi, Griffin, and Incipio in stock. 


Data Responsibility

IMPORTANT: Although we take every effort to safeguard customer data, we will not be held liable for data loss under any circumstances - including circumstances arising in association with or as a result of our actions during handling, repair procedure or otherwise.    

It is strongly recommended that you backup all of your important data before bringing products in for servicing.

Device Pick-up

We provide a work order pick up slip to all customers upon booking in devices for service.  This Work Order pick-up slip is your claim ticket.  We require this claim ticket to be presented and returned to us in order to pick up your device. This process ensures that only you can pick up your repair.

Lost Work Order slips: 

In situations where the claim ticket has been lost or forgotten we do offer an alternative:

You can present a photo identification which must bear at least your full name and photograph which we will photocopy for our records (to establish that the device was indeed picked up by the owner).

A $5 service fee will be charged for this service.

Pick up by the designated agent.

Should you want to designate someone to pick up your device on your behalf, we will need an email from you to explicitly identifying the full name of the designee you want to come in to pick up the device on your behalf. Your designee should produce the claim ticket and a photo id, a copy of which will be attached to your WO before the device is delivered.

A $5 service fee will be charged for this service.

Devices Not Picked Up

All devices must be picked up within 30 days after we have called to notify you that the repair has been completed. We will follow up our phone call request with an email after 30 days.

If the phone call and our email remain unacknowledged and the devices are not claimed/picked up, we will proceed to

dispose of the device with our recyclers. You will continue to owe us for any and all outstanding charges.

These terms are subject to change at any time at our sole discretion.



Devices That Have Been Opened or Partially Repaired

We understand the motivation to get your damaged device working again as soon as possible.  

We know that some people will undertake a Do-It-Yourself repair attempt or turn to friends and family who may have some technical knowledge.

In other cases some may have sought a less expensive seeming repair at a discount shop who was ultimately unable to successfully complete the repair.

Many times customers bring their devices to us after one of these failed alternative repair attempts.

The phone may be in a state of partial repair, it may be disassembled or may even have been re-assembled with damage un-repaired.

Our policy when you bring a device in this condition is as follows:

  • We will accept the repair at our discretion on a case by case basis.
  • If we determine that there is a reasonable expectation of successfully completing or re-doing the repair we may elect to accept your device.
  • Diagnostics process will be required.

  • If after we complete the diagnostics, provide you with a repair estimate and you approve it - we will go ahead with the identified repairs.

  • If the repairs are successful we will charge you the approved price.

  • If the repairs are unsuccessful or you do not approve the estimate we will charge you the applicable diagnostics fee.

  • There will be no warranty offered, implied or claimable on any services or repairs completed.  

In the case of a device that has been re-assembled after a failed repair attempt, we may discover this fact only after disassembling the device.

Some ways we may be able to identify a previous failed repair attempt include:

  • Cables misaligned or not connected
  • Screws or clips missing
  • Scratches or blemishes on the internal components, housing or mainboard
  • Bent or kinked ribbon cables
  • Non-original adhesives

When we discover such a situation after dissembling the device we will:

  • Stop working on the device
  • Call you and indicate our findings
  • Seek your approval to continue repairing the device with your understanding that there will be no warranty available if we do.
  • If you decline to continue the repair we will re-assemble your device and return it to you. The applicable diagnostics fee will apply.


Refunds Policy

If for any reason/s we decide to give you a refund, we will:
  1. Remove and reclaim any parts we have installed on your device;
  2. We will refund you the amount you paid us less the diagnostics charge of $40 (if this had not been charged to you in advance);
  3. When the part we added to your device is removed (see step 1 above), there is the possibility that your damaged part was too badly damaged to maintain its structure or has already been sent to the e-waste facility, and we will not be able to restore your device to the same condition that you had brought it in originally.


No Fault Found


Where we have performed diagnostics and:

  • find that the device is functioning correctly (no fault found)

Our technicians need to be compensated for their effort in completing diagnostics.

Therefore the diagnostics fee of $40.00 is payable upon picking up the device.

This policy also applies to follow up diagnostics for devices within the warranty period.


Can I bring my own parts for you to install?


We carry parts in-stock for all popular devices.

Sometimes when a part is not available with our suppliers you may choose to order the part you need for your device repair from an online supplier such as Ebay or Amazon and have TechKnow do the repair or installation using the part supplied by you. 


Warranty is offered on the labour component of the repair when:

TechKnow Space has performed diagnostics services and determined the correct repair and part(s) needed.


If you have determined your needed part(s) on your own - we will:

  1. Charge you the pre-agreed price in advance
  2. Have you sign our Work Order
    (indicated you have read and understand the terms of the service)
  3. Install the parts supplied by you
  4. Test your device

If installing your supplied parts does not solve the problem we will perform diagnostics and provide you with a repair estimate for your approval.

Installation of Parts With
Techknow Space Diagnosis
Installation of Parts With
Own Diagnosis


    • Proper Diagnostics
    • Correct Installation

    • Device Fully Tested

    • A Repair Solution

    • Repair Labour Warranty


    • Advance Labour Payment

    • Correct Installation

    • Device Tested

    • Repaired Device
      if customer-supplied part(s) address the issue

    • No Warranty


    Labour Charges


    Depending on the device we will typically charge $39 to $79 for the installation labour. Some devices or more complex repairs will warrant additional cost which will be communicated to you for your approval before we proceed.


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