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Repair Vs Replace - The Long Version
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Repair Vs Replace



"Should I repair my device or buy a new/used one?"

That's usually the first question that pops into our heads when we consider paying for a repair.

Repair, Recycle, Reduce.

Remember the 3 R's? It's been a while but this rule still applies today. Maybe even more so since Canada is currently one of the world's leading creators of waste per capita.

E-Waste is the toxic legacy of our digital age...we must act!
The Replace Or Repair question obviously needs to be addressed head-on. Some of the considerations include:

    • What if the repair fails?
      Choose a reputable repair service. The TechKnow Space completes the repair and thoroughly tests the repaired functions. Once complete, the device is then handed to you for testing before you actually pay.
      This is our standard process - No success? = No charge!

    • What do I need to do after the repair is completed? Simply smile and go!
      When you get your device repaired, you are typically paying for the repair on-the-spot and walking out the door within an hour, knowing that everything works immediately.
      No transferring data from one device to another, or re-installing all your apps, or configuring the phone to create your special settings, no phone # changes, and the many headaches experienced when you buy a new or a refurbished/used device.

    • I've had it for about a year.... is it time for a new one?
      If your device is eligible for manufacturer's warranty service, which is normally one year from purchase date, first check to see if the location you purchased it from will honour their guarantee. First, try to exhaust your warranty options, this is the best thing you can do for your device. Then consider taking it to a reputable repair shop if you need a repair and are now past your warranty period or if it's not covered by insurance.

    • Upgrading to a newer model...
      Great! You can repair your old one and sell it, or gift it to another member of the family, a neighbour, a friend, your favourite charity, or your neighbourhood school. Putting our devices back into circulation is not only good for the environment, but it can save someone the headache of buying a new device.

    • I paid only $200 for the new phone, I don't want to spend $100+ repairing it. I would rather buy a new one for $200! 
      Not True! The replacement cost of the phone is closer to $500 or $600 depending on the model. You will have to pay this price if you are still under contract. Please check with your service provider.

    • Why not buy a replacement refurbished/used/pre-owned device on the internet?

            o When you repair your broken device, you are really refurbishing it and can sell it online yourself. Take advantage of using your now refurbished device or turn around and sell it as "refurbished."
            o Repairing your device is effectively paying for refurbishing your own device, saving yourself full purchase price for the price of the actual repair that's a deal!
            o When buying a used device, you need to check all the features and functions to ensure it works to your expectations. Phones can be cheaply repaired to work for only a short period, and will possibly fail within a few weeks. You will not know this by simply testing the phone.
            o Too often, liquid-damaged devices can be refurbished to work, but only for short period. They typically fail after a few hours/days/weeks/months. The only way you know a device has had exposure to liquids is when you open up and look inside.

    • "...keeping track of your service record."
      Taking it in for repairs gives you the knowledge of whats going on with your device and gives you the opportunity to extend the life of your investments. You wouldn't buy a new car simply because it needs an oil change; That's how we feel about repairing your existing electronics.

    • My device looks really beat-up. What type of costs should I expect?
      Nearly all cases can be resolved by repairing the device for less than the cost of a replacement. Costs vary depending on the model of the device and which of the components are damaged. If you're not sure it's economical to repair your device, bring it into one of our service locations and get an assessment for the repairs. You can also call us or contact us online. If your device is considered to be repairable we would suggest you get it fixed up and keep it in service.


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