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Warranty Periods

You must present your original purchase receipt for any warranty exchange or support to be processed.

We often get asked, "can we pay cash and not have to pay the HST"?

Our response is always:

  1. You will need a receipt for warranty support, and no one will issue a receipt without you paying the taxes.
  2. We think it is fair and reasonable for everyone to pay taxes Do I Have To Pay Tax?

Let's share the burden together. It's good for Canada and for our kids.

 All Device Repairs:

60 Days Parts & Labour 

 Laptop Batteries:

1 Year

Bring your laptop and charger to help us verify the battery problem

 Laptop Chargers:

6 Months

Bring your laptop to help us verify the charger problem

 Phone Batteries:

6 Months

Bring your phone and charger to help us verify the battery problem


All warranties are valid from date of purchase or repair for the duration of the specified Warranty Period.

Warranty claims do not reset the warranty period.
For example: an item that is covered for 6 months is purchased on Jan 1, and then replaced under warranty in March; the original warranty period will continue to apply -- the replaced item will still be covered against premature failure and manufacturer defects for the 6 months after Jan 1, or until June 30th. 



If you discover an issue with your repair that you suspect may be covered by warranty, but will not be able to make it in to one of our locations before the warranty period has expired:


  1. CALL US and let us know you are experiencing a suspected warranty issue
  2. SEND US AN EMAIL to service@techknowspace.com and indicate:
    1. Your Name
    2. Your Work Order Number
    3. The problem you are experiencing
    4. And approximately when you will be able to bring it in

Failing to contact us as described above will result in your warranty claim being denied.


Repairs and Services Warranty

You only pay  after repairs have been completed and you have tested the product to ensure we have satisfactorily repaired the problem(s) identified when you brought your device to us. Our job is not finished until you are happy with the outcome.

Warranty coverage is limited to issues directly related to the labour and/or parts involved with the services we performed.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Any damages or problems that result from accidents or misuse after you have picked up your repaired device.

    • For Example: A week after we replace your screen it breaks while you are installing or removing a case , inserting an SD card or switching SIM cards. 
      In this scenario the damage will have been caused by external factors or forces which would not be a result of manufacturer defect and would be unrelated to the labour process of installing the screen.
  • Problems experienced afterwards that are unrelated to the original repair.

    • For Example: You've sat on your iPhone and the home button no longer works.
      After we replace your home button you discover the phone will not vibrate in silent mode.
      In this case the vibration motor is a separate component in a different location in the device from the home button location and it's connections.
      A repair to an iPhone home button would not impact the vibration motor even if it seems to be a coincidental failure. The vibration failure is likely a result of the original incident which caused the damage to the home button or may even have pre-existed.

You may still bring your device into one of our locations - we will perform an analysis to determine if there is a possibility that there has been an error of commission or omission on our part in which case we would perform a follow-up repair at no charge to you courtesy The TechKnow Space. If we determine that warranty coverage does not apply we will provide you with an estimate for repair. Often, we will offer you some discount for this second repair.

The warranty does cover:

  • Manufacturer defects in the part we've replaced.

    • For example: We've replaced your HTC M7 screen and a few days later there are lines appearing in the image. 
      We would analyze your device to ensure that there is no indication that additional physical damage has occurred after we performed the repair, and that the screen does indeed have a manufacturer defect -- however it is possible that the original incident which caused the screen to break may have affected the mainboard causing lines to appear which would not be covered. 
  • Labour related issues.

    • For example: We've replaced the charging port on your Samsung Galaxy S4 and once you get home you connect to your WiFi and discover that the signal is weak (you have to be close to the router to get a connection).
      In this specific case there's a chance that the antenna which connects from the charging port to the mainboard may not have been fully connected. 
      We would analyze your device to determine whether the problem is indeed labour related.

Only those who are tehnically knowledgeable about the internal connections and workings of any particular device would be able to determine whether a follow-up issue is related to the replaced part or installation of the replaced part or whether it is or is not possible that any particular repair may impact another function -- which is why we must perform a full diagnosis of any reported follow-up issues in order to determine whether it is eligible for warranty coverage.

Any follow-up issues and/or problems will be diagnosed and assessed by our technicians. If our diagnostics indicate that the problems are a result of errors of commission or omission on the part of the customer, or are unrelated to our already-completed repairs, we will provide you with a repair estimate.

Our diagnostics and estimates will be final and non-negotiable. For a second repair, we typically will offer you some discount.

Repairs to liquid damaged devices carry no warranty either express or implied.

Under no circumstances will any requests for compensation be considered. See  Limitation of Liability


Purchased Products Warranty

Retail packaged products are covered by their respective manufacturer warranty - no warranty is provided either expressed or implied by The TechKnow Space.

Laptop batteries & chargers and phone batteries are covered by The TechKnow Space warranty for the periods specified above.  

Warranty Disclaimer

We are your trusted Samsung Authorized repair Centre.

We are not an authorized services provider for Apple or Blackberry or HP or Dell or any other laptop or phone manufacturer not specified above.

We are also not a warranty support center for any product. Clearly, if your product is under warranty, or if you have any questions about manufacturer's warranty, please consult your manufacturer for support and services prior to bringing the product to us.

We however are, an out-of-warranty repair service provider for these and all brands of laptops and phones.

For what it's worth, any products damaged as a result of accidental or negligent use fall outside the warranty, and we'll be happy to provide a solution against payment.

Any non-warranty repair services we provide are strictly against payment. We repair all laptops, phones, iPods, iPod Touch, and hand-held & console games, and more

We do all repairs typically within an hour, and laptops/computers within one business day.

We look forward to the opportunity of providing you our prompt and professional repair services.

We are conveniently located and open 7 days a week to serve you.

Related: Limitation of Liability

Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860

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