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Why Risk Bringing Your Own Parts?
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Why Risk Supplying Your Own Parts?

Are you looking for a solution AND trying to save money?


"My phone has a cracked screen.   I've ordered the screen online for cheap.  How much will you charge me if I bring it to you and you install it?"

We all know that we can buy stuff on the internet at a low price. We also should know that buying stuff from someone you don’t personally know can be very risky. You could get the wrong part, or worse a defective “lemon”.


IF  you are lucky:

·         There are no other problems with your device, and

·         the part you ordered online is the right part for your model, and

·         the part you ordered is not defective


-- We will charge you for installation labor, and you may end up saving a few dollars.  


Unfortunately the IF's above are most often only discovered during the course of installation.  


Consider the following scenario:

You bring your phone and 'new' screen to us for repair.    We agree to attempt the replacement using your part, advising you ahead of time that there will be no warranty whatsoever on the repair since we are using  your  part.   


1. We examine the part you have brought in and discover it is not the right part for your specific model. You must now work on getting a refund or a replacement.

2. We disassemble your phone and replace the screen. If you're lucky the screen works and,,, you have saved a few bucks on sourcing the screen online.

3. We find that the screen has some problems or does not work at all. You must now work on getting a refund or a replacement.

4.  We charge you the agreed labour price. You are not happy because you paid for the labor but did not get a solution :(

5. You try to return the defective part (usually requires some kind of proof to your supplier -- difficult -- they may not even accept a return)

6. You come back to us with a newly purchased screen….the cycle starts again :(

7. We charge you for the labour again...and hope the screen works this time


Effectively, you might end up paying for two screens and two labor charges. Still a bargain? You're out the money you paid to buy the screen AND the labour you paid us to install a defective part.  


It would have been a whole lot cheaper and heck of a lot faster if you had come to the TechKnow Space in the first place!


We all know that sometimes parts are defective – why would warranties be offered otherwise?  

Our parts are sourced from suppliers who have worked with us for many years. They understand that any defiecncy in quality would be their responsibility, and they thus QA their supplies before shipping. Despite this relationship and reliable quality, we sometimes can and do receive defective or less-than-perfect parts. When this does happen and we install one of these defective ones, we typcially would discover the defect during testing, and replace the defective part with another one from our inventory. When this part meets our testing requirements, we call you to come in and pick up your phone or device.

You are only charged the pre-agreed repair price -- giving you the best possible value for your money, backed by our rock-solid warranty.

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