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Otterbox Branded Cases


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Otterbox Accessories

Our Treasured Devices, the smartphones and tablets that we tote every minute of our waking lives, are electronic power extensions that enhance our ability to deal with our complex lives....reaching out and grabbing information and intelligence from the world around us. Even a temporary failure can result in a devastating and debilitating inability to connect with our business, family, friends, geo-navigation, flight schedules, entertainment, financial transactions, weather information....and everything that keeps our lives and sanity from utterly breaking down.

Why Buy an Otterbox Case?

Otterbox cases are a partially good insurance against replacing your expensive fragile screens. Most owners unfortunately buy these cases after they have already paid for a screen replacement. Check out our phone screen replacement prices to convince you why buying the case is a smart decision. Why would we buy insurance on our cars, homes, lives and other potential risks, while ignoring something as critical as our electronic brain extensions. As multi-tasking sentient beings, we are prone to having accidents. A protective case for our smartphones and tablets is a no-brainer for our connectedness!

Otterbox Cases

  1. Armor : The Armor Series is waterproof for 30 minutes in 6.6 ft., survives 10 ft. drops, allows for zero entry of dust and debris and can withstand two tons of crushing force. We know how heavy the burden of a damaged device can be, which is why we don't take protection lightly. The Armor Series outperforms what was ever thought possible for a smartphone case. It's the toughest case ever built.

  2. Commuter :
  3. This sleek and tough case protects the phones and tablets from scratches, bumps and shocks. The Commuter Series Case has two layers of protection that work together to divert any impact force away from the device, keeping you and your phone safe and ready for anything.
    OtterBox Commuter Series:
    • Sturdy, 2-layer protection withstands drops, bumps and shock
    • High-quality polycarbonate outer shell
    • Self-adhesive screen protector prevents scratches
    • Silicon port covers keep out dust and debris
    • Durable silicone skin
    • Access to all buttons and features
    • Slides easily in and out of pockets

  4. Defender :
  5. The OtterBox Defender series is one of the better selling cases for most of the popular smartphones, including the Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, the iPad, Galaxy Tablets, and a range of other smartphones and tablets . The OtterBox Defender Series offers an exclusive three-layer design that keeps information and investments safe. The Defender Series provides superior protection for a smartphone allowing complete interaction through the case. Layer 1 is a clear protective membrane on screen. layer 2 is a hi-impact polycarbonate shell, and layer 3 is a durable silicone skin that ensures that your phone or tablet will be safe from bumps if dropped. All ports and buttons are easily accessible through the case. OtterBox Defender Series Features:
    • Screen Protection: Built-in screen protector.
    • Inner Layer: Hi-impact polycarbonate shell.
    • Outer Layer: Durable silicone skin.
    • Access to sync/charge port via silicone plugs.
    • Clear membrane protects camera and flash.
    • Access to all side button features.
    • Included belt clip holster doubles as a media viewing stand.

  6. Pursuits :
  7. The Pursuit Series is a newer version of the Dry Box. The Pursuit Series protects against dropping, dust, scratches, and water. The box contains internal cushioning.
    • Protects against water, crush, drop and dust.
    • Keeps your vital necessities safe, dry and secure.
    • Easy to open, highly secure latch.
    • Lockable carabiner loop makes it easy to tether.
    • Internal cushioning acts as a barrier for impact.

  8. Prefix :
  9. It protects against dropping and scratches. The Prefix Series has one silicone layer with an internal polycarbonate backbone and comes with a screen protector.
    • Durable silicone deflects bumps and shocks.
    • Interior polycarbonate skeleton.
    • Self-adhesive screen protector prevents scratches.

  10. Reflex :
  11. The Reflex Series protects against dropping and scratches. The Reflex Series has one two-piece layer and comes with a screen protector.
    • Thin, lightweight 2-piece slider provides protection against drops, bumps and shock.
    • Self-adhesive screen protector prevents scratches.
    • Easy to put on and take off for convenient use and portability.
    • Allows for easy docking access.
    • Air pockets in corners absorb impact energy.
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