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Laptop Original OEM Replacement Chargers
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Charger Availability

Laptop Chargers Availability

Bring your laptop when picking up your Charger / AC Adapter to Ensure a 100% Match

Chargers returned for any reason will incur a 20% restocking fee.

Buying retail beats ordering online! Why? ...

We carry almost all models of laptop and Macbook AC adapters in stock.

Do We Have Your Charger in stock ?

Check our Inventory

To check up-to-the-minute availability please provide the following details:

Output Volts(V) and Output Amps(A)

Finding your Adapter's Output Volts & Amps

If you don't have your old adapter....

Output Volts and Amps from your old Adapter:

Output Volts & Amps from your Laptop:

These are replacement AC Adapters with Voltage and Amperage specifications that exactly match your laptop power requirements. To guarantee that you walk away with an AC adapter solution, please bring your laptop so we can give you the exact matching charger. 

All chargers exchanged will incur a 20% replacement restocking fee if it is purchased without bringing in the laptop.  Laptop AC adapters/chargers returned will also incur a 20% restocking fee.

All our AC Adapters carry a 6 Month Warranty.

Original receipt must be present.
Warranty excludes failure due to damage, misuse or wear.

Why buying retail beats an online/eCommerce purchase...hands-down!

Avoid the Pain of Online Purchase :

  • You don't need to research the exact AC Adapter model your laptop needs.

  • You don't need to pay up-front and online with credit cards.

  • No waiting for delivery from an online supplier.

  • You don't need to ensure you are available to receive the charger when the courier comes to deliver it.

  • No stress when you discover the charger does not work because: 

    • You ordered the wrong charger.
    • The supplier shipped the wrong charger.
    • you ordered the right charger, and the supplier shipped the right charger, but unfortunately your laptop has some other problem in addition to the charger.
  • No stress when you discover that you did not need the charger at all, because: 

    • the problem was not with the charger but with your battery.
    • the problem was not with the charger but with the charging port inside your computer.
    • the problem was not with your charger but with your charging circuits in the laptop itself.
  • No stress about needing to ship the charger back.
  • No stress about getting a refund.
  • No paying for courier/post office delivery charges.
  • No pursuing supplier or insurance when the charger is not delivered.
  • No pursuing the vendor if the charger croaks within the warranty period.

Embrace the Comfort of In-Store Purchase :

  • Walk into the store with your laptop, and eliminate the risks and guesswork associated in buying a replacement laptop AC Adapter
  • Make sure your laptop smiles back at you when we connect the new charger.
  • If your laptop does not smile, it has other issues (battery, charging port, or charging circuits) and you will be informed accordingly. The friendly folks at The TechKnow Space will provide you with solutions to all these problems.
  • When your laptop begins a happy boot up dance into Windows, look us in the eye, thank us, and pay for the solution with cash/debit/credit...then watch us smile to the happy ringing of our cash register!
  • Know where to find us via phone, email, or a physical location should you need any follow-up help. No need for long and painful emails...we will always be there for you!

Net Cost :

  • An additional $10 to $20, over an eCommerce solution.
  • A drive down to one of our convenient locations in the GTA.

Net Benefits :

  • No waiting
  • No heavy-lifting
  • No stress
  • Guaranteed solution

Power Charger Replacement Process

  1. Bring in your laptop along with your AC power adapter
  2. We will check the voltage and amps on your AC adapter
  3. If you do not have your old AC Adapter, we will need an additional couple of minutes to look up the power specs for your laptop model to identify the voltage and amperage requirements.
  4. We will test the adapter with your laptop (if you have brought in your laptop)
  5. We will record your customer information for warranty purposes
  6. You walk away with your smiling laptop

Returned Chargers Restocking Fee

We urge you to bring your laptops in to ensure that we provide you an adapter that exactly matches your laptop specifications. This results in a mutually satisfying outcome. If you do not bring in your laptop, there is no way to guarantee that you are getting the right solution.

Should you need to return the adapter for a refund, we would need to charge you a restocking fee of 20% to cover our administrative and transaction costs.

Common Laptop AC Power Chargers

We offer genuine replacement AC Power Adapters for the leading manufacturers of laptop computers including Asus, Acer, Apple (Macbook), Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, IBM, Sony, Toshiba and most others.

All of our adapters are compatible with electrical systems worldwide (with the appropriate local International Adapter).

Why You Should NOT Buy a Universal Charger!

The power specifications of the Laptop Power Adapters we sell will exactly match the power specifications your laptop requires. Your laptop will therefore remain powered in accordance with its original power specifications, ensuring the most optimal performance of your laptop computer. Universal adapters have adjustable power voltages, and these become unreliable overtime. This typically universal adapters have a life of 3 months to 1 year.

Common Charger Questions

Laptop AC / Power Adapter / Charger Questions:
  1. Do I need a power bar for my laptop computer?
    No, you don't 'need' a power bar in the same way you 'need' a power adapter to run your laptop computer. It is, however, recommended that you use a power bar for several purposes. i) It 'cleans' line noise, increasing the expected life of your laptop power adapter. ii) It protects the laptop and laptop power adapter against spikes in electric current from your wall plug. Lastly, a power bar is often more convenient for plugging your laptop power plug into.
  2. How should I carry my laptop ac adapter while I am mobile?
    When you are packing your laptop adapter into a bag for transportation, you have to remember that the wiring attached to the ac adapter can loosen and break, causing a bad connection between the wall outlet and your laptop computer. It is important to remember never to coil your wires around the laptop power adapter. Always bundle up the wires in a coil and make sure not to bend or force the movement of the wires attached to the laptop power adapter, as this may cause the connections on your power charger to come loose or break.
  3. What if my laptop power adapter was recently replaced and still doesn't power up my laptop computer?
    If your laptop power adapter was recently replaced, and still doesn't power on your laptop computer, then you might need to have your power jack replaced on your laptop. Sometimes a faulty power jack connection can make it seem like your laptop ac charger is malfunctioning, even when your laptop power jack is the actual cause of the problem. We do offer laptop power jack replacement services, a 2-hour task that costs $119. We carry all laptop power jacks in stock. 

Common Charger Names

Listed below are the most common names for Laptop AC Adapters / Laptop Power Chargers:

  • Laptop Charger
  • Laptop AC Adapter
  • Laptop Power Adapter
  • Laptop Adapter
  • Laptop Power Charger
  • Laptop Power Plug
  • Wall Plug
  • AC Adapter
  • AC Wall Plug
  • Laptop Power Converter
  • Power Cord
  • Power Lead
  • Laptop AC Charger
  • Power Brick
  • Laptop Power Supply


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