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Audio / Video Receiver Repairs


Common Receiver Problems

Like all digital devices, your receiver will need repairs, sooner or later.

No worries! Experts at The TechKnow Space are ready to get your Receiver working again!

Some of the most common problems we repair:

  • No Audio and/or Video output
  • Physically damaged connectors
  • Buttons not working
  • Not powering on
  • Sound is muffled / distorted / has static
  • Receiver not responding to remote
  • Bluetooth not working

We service all receiver makes and models!

A & R Cambridge • Accuphase • Adcom • AIWA • Akai • Arcam • Audio Reflex • Bang & Olufsen • BNK • Bose • Braun • Carver • Celeste • Cerwin Vega • Clairtone • Concord • Denon • Dual • Fisher • Fons • Graetz • Hafler • Harman Kardon • Jolida • JVC • Kenwood • Luxman • Marantz • McIntosh • NAD • Nakamichi • Nikko • Onkyo • Panasonic • Paradigm • Phase Linear • Pioneer • Rega • Revox • Rotel • SAE • Sansui • Sherwood • Sonic Frontiers • Sony • SunBrite • Tannoy • Teac • Technics • Telefunken • Thorens • Yamaha



What is a Receiver?

An Audio / Video Receiver (AVR or home audio receiver) is a consumer electronics device used in home theaters. Audio receivers receive audio and video signals from a variety of sources, process them and use power amplifiers to drive loudspeakers and send the video to displays, like a television or a video projector. Audio receiver inputs can come from a radio, satellite receiver, DVD player, VCR, Blu-ray Disc player, or video game consoles, among other sources. 

Early receivers performed the relatively simple task of converting a radio signal into an audio one that could be sent to an amplifier, or directly to a speaker. Modern receivers have multiple inputs and are a key component of a surround sound system.

Audio receivers are typically at least a two-channel stereo models and include built-in radio tuners. Receivers perform tasks that would otherwise require several separate devices including preamplifiers, equalizers, power amplifiers, and others. Not all audio receivers also include video switching, and this role has diminished since televisions have started supporting multiples of the same input connector type.

Stereo receivers generally include two channels of amplification that communicate with two separate amplifiers. Audio / Video Receivers may include more than two channels, and standard AV Receivers include five channels of amplification that provides for a left, center, right, left surround sound, and right surround sound speaker. Most receivers these days have even more channels, allowing for one or several subwoofers, and "vertical" sounding speakers (Dolby Atmos).

In addition, receivers commonly have bluetooth functionality to play music directly from your smartphone, and some have built-in support for online music streaming services.


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