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Battery Replacement - Devices

All electronic devices need a power source to function. Batteries enable us to be mobile while we use our device, making life super convenient.  Our certified technical specialists regularly repair devices with battery and power issues.  Devices we carry batteries for include: phones, laptops, tablets, MacBooks, desktop computers, gaming consoles and wearables

"How do I get my battery changed?"

We make it easy on you by taking care of all the work and diagnostics. When your battery no longer takes charge or has run so many cycles that it's slowing down your device, we'll fix it fast. If your battery is inside of your device we will make quick work of the replacement or simply provide you with a new battery if it can be swapped out.

Select Your Device Type Below For More Information:

Phone Battery Replacement Toronto Mississauga

Batteries & battery replacement for the following phone brands:
iPhone Samsung Google HTC Sony Motorola Huawei Nokia OnePlus...

Did you know as a phone battery gets old the CPU slows down? Get your battery replaced to speed up performance.

MacBook Battery Replacement Toronto Mississauga

Battery Replacement for the following MacBook Series:
Pro Retina Air...

The battery on all Macbooks is the only consumable part of the Macbook. Without a working battery, using your MacBook on the go is impossible.

Laptop Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement for the following laptop brands:
Acer Compaq Fujitsu HP Lenovo MSI Sony Asus Dell Gateway LG Samsung Toshiba...

Batteries, batteries, batteries. What kind of portable computer would it be without one?

Tablet Battery Replacement Toronto Mississauga tablet usb port repairs.

Battery Replacement for the following tablet brands:
iPad Asus Microsoft Samsung BlackBerry...

Batteries for tablets are consumable, like any other device, and would need to be changed after normal use after 2-3 years. We carry most tablet batteries in stock to give you a quick fix.

Smart Watches Battery Replacement Toronto Mississauga

Battery Replacement for the following Smart Watch brands:
Apple, Samsung...

Could you imagine needing to use your watch while its plugged in? Unheard of! Use your smartwatch on the go and get your battery replaced.

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