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Blackberry Leap Repair Toronto & Mississauga

Blackberry Leap Repair - Toronto and Mississauga Repair Centre Locations - Screen, charging port, battery, headphone jack, and other components replacement, 7 days a week.



Part & Labour Included - Parts In Stock Screen Assembly Replacement
Blackberry Leap Screen Repair $149.95



Blackberry Leap Component Repairs:


Charging Port / Sync Port Repair

Headphone Jack

Earpiece Speaker Receiver


Loudspeaker / Speakerphone

Front and Back Camera

Power & Volume Buttons

Proximity Sensor


We repair your Blackberry Leap in 1 hour
at our Mississauga and Toronto locations.
Drop in any time, 7 days a week.

You never need an appointment!


Blackberry, the Canadian company formerly known as Research In Motion or RIM, has released an updated version of the Blackberry Z10 or Z30, known as Blackberry Leap.

The Leap, like its ancestors, is missing the physical keyboard that most Blackberry phones are known for. Instead, the phone boasts a high definition 5-inch touchscreen with a virtual touch keyboard.

The Blackberry Leap is a mid-range smartphone meant specifically to increase work productivity and efficiency, with preloaded apps like Evernote to help consumers up their work day game.


Other common issues you might be experiencing with your Blackberry Leap could include: 

  • Broken, shattered or cracked glass on the face of your phone The Techknow Space is your best solution for all Blackberry Leap repairs, screen replacement, charging port, proximity sensor, power button,  headphone jack repairs, in Toronto near the Rogers Centre and the CN Tower, and in Mississauga across from Square One. We are open 7 days a week to serve you better.
  • The screen has lines through it, or looks staticky
  • The display is flickering or appears fuzzy
  • Your Leap is glitching, such as apps opening or closing on their own, or the screen flipping back and forth between different windows by itself
  • The touchscreen doesn’t register when you touch certain parts of the screen, or the entire screen doesn’t work
  • The display is very dark or completely blank
  • The screen has what looks like ink bleeding or chemical burns underneath the glass
  • Your BB Leap won’t turn on, or turns on and then gets stuck on the logo screen
  • Your phone doesn’t charge fully or won’t charge at all
  • The battery drains power very quickly, or doesn’t hold a charge once you’ve unplugged it from the charger
  • You are unable to hear anything in your headphones or microphone headsets plugged into your phone, or they won’t plug in to the phone properly
  • There is no sound coming from the speakers of the phone when you watch movies or listen to music without headphones in
  • You can’t use speaker phone mode while on a phone call
  • The home button, power button, or volume buttons don’t work or need a lot of wiggling or force to work
  • People can’t hear you in a video call or phone call, or you can’t hear them
  • You are unable to connect to Wi-Fi or LTE networks, or the connection is consistently very weak
  • You see error messages on your Leap, such as “No Network Available” or “SIM not found”


Problems such as these, or any other issues with your Blackberry Leap not listed here are best solved by a certified technician, like the in house experts at the Techknow Space.

Our technicians have a deep and extensive knowledge of all Blackberry Leap repair processes and can diagnose any issues within one hour.

The Techknow Space is centrally located in Toronto, near the Rogers Centre and the CN Tower, and in Mississauga, across from Square One Shopping Centre. We are open 7 days a week with extended hours to bring you fast and cost-effective solutions for all your Blackberry Leap repair problems.


Enjoy our comfortable lounge in Mississauga ...
... we'll replace your Blackberry Leap's Screen Assembly in a jiffy!

Bruce Wannamaker

8 months ago-

I have come here a couple of times to have my blackberry fixed because I keep dropping it and their service is fantastic! They are all very friendly and helpful and I would highly recommend them and I would use them again!

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