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Trying to use a malfunctioning or damaged HTC One M9 for all the daily tasks and apps you are used to using makes having a smartphone – which is supposed to make your life much easier – complicated and stressful.

Rid yourself of that extra stress by visiting the Techknow Space. We make repairs for any problem with your HTC One M9 simple and stress-free by offering extended hours, 7 days a week.

We also make it easier for you to swing by and say hi to us, with our easy to access and convenient locations in Toronto near the Rogers Centre and in Mississauga across from Square One.

The Techknow Space makes fixing your M9 so easy and headacheless, why would you even consider other options?

Especially the DIY option – throw that idea out of your head right away. The repairs for many of the parts in the HTC One M9 are easy to get wrong and difficult to complete properly – a bad combo for DIY repairs.


Stick to DIY projects

in other parts of your life and

leave the repairs on your One M9

to the experts at the Techknow Space.


Our technicians work on site to ensure a quick turnaround on all repairs. Our in house experts can solve any problems with your HTC One M9 within one hour.

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has stuck very closely to the same blueprints for all the phones in the One line of phones. The latest, the One M9, is less of a redesign and more of a subtle improvement on the M8.

HTC says the inspiration for the design upgrades to the M9 came from high end brands like Montblanc and Rolex.

The “jewellery-grade” metal design clearly demonstrates this homage to fancy accessories – HTC claims the process to manufacture and assemble the body of the phone from a single piece of metal needs 300 minutes from start to finish.

For a mass-produced smartphone, that amount of time spent on each phone is an intense attention to detail.

And many users appreciate this unique look and feel, and are willing to pay a premium to own a phone as different as the HTC One M9.

So if you are experiencing problems or other issues with your One M9, it can feel disappointing or frustrating to try to use your phone day in and day out.

Instead of being frustrated, visit the Techknow Space! Our in house experts will be able to solve all your HTC One M9 problems within one hour.

Why live with the stress of a phone that doesn't work
when the Techknow Space makes
phone repairs so simple and quick?
Bring your HTC One M9 to our experts today!

Claire Niburski

4 months ago-

Quick easy service, appreciated the efficiency and email follow up was great.. Dropped the phone off at 12:30 and was ready by 2:15!

No appointments necessary :)

Common Problems with the HTC One M9

                                   Drop in any time
Happy Customer 9 years ago
to our convenient 
Mississauga and Toronto locations.
We are easy to access:
near the Rogers Centre and
across from Square One,
with extended hours, 7 days a week.



Common issues with the HTC One M9 include:The Techknow Space is your one stop shop in Toronto and Mississauga for all HTC One M9 smartphone repairs. Located near the Rogers Centre and across from Square One with extended hours, 7 days a week to serve you best.

  • Cracked, broken or shattered glass
  • The screen is very dim, or totally dark even when the phone is turned on
  • The display is flickering, or shows static or lines
  • Some or all of the touchscreen doesn’t work when you touch it
  • The screen moves on its own or other similar glitches such as opening or closing windows by itself, etc.
  • The display has “bleeding” or what looks like ink underneath the glass
  • The front or back camera takes fuzzy photos or there is a weird discolouration to your photos and videos
  • Your One M9 doesn’t turn on or is stuck on the logo screen and will not turn on fully
  • The phone won’t charge, or doesn’t charge up to 100%
  • The battery does not hold power for very long or drains very fast even when idle
  • There is no sound coming from your M9, either from the loudspeakers or in speakerphone mode
  • You can’t hear anything when using earphones or a microphone headset, or they won’t plug into the phone all the way
  • People can’t hear you in phone calls, or you can’t hear them
  • The volume buttons don’t work or need a lot of pressure to work
  • The power button is broken or doesn’t work
  • The SIM tray or MicroSD slot doesn’t read the card
  • Your One M9 shows error messages such as “No network found” or “No SIM detected”
  • You can’t connect to Wi-Fi or LTE networks, or the connection to these networks is weak or cuts off often

Lola Adeshina

6 months ago-

Got screen replaced in less than hr. Service was prompt and quick. Great place to sort phone problems in no time!

HTC One M9 Screen Repair/Replacement Price

HTC One M9 smartphone repair at our convenient Toronto and Mississauga locations for HTC One Screen Replacement, charging port, headphone jack, power button, and other component replacement, 7 days a week.


Happy Customer 2 years ago
Part & Labour Included - Parts In Stock
Completed in 1 Hour - No Appointment Needed
Screen Assembly
HTC One M9 139.95
Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860