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Huawei Google Nexus 6P Screen Repair Toronto & Mississauga


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Google Nexus 6P $229.95

Common Problems with the Google Nexus 6P


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Google has, for the first time ever, partnered up with Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei to create the next in the Nexus line up, the Nexus 6P.

The Google Nexus 6P (the ‘P’ stands for premium) is how Google and Huawei think the Nexus 6 should have been improved. For starters, the phone has a slightly smaller body and screen size, shrinking from a mammoth 5.96 inches to a much more manageable 5.7 inches, the same size as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5, and a smidgen larger than the iPhone 6+.

The all-metal body of the Nexus 6P, combined with the newest version of the impact-resistant Gorilla Glass, makes for a sturdy smartphone that feels like a luxury product.

That expensive, premium feeling is exactly what Google and Huawei are aiming to provide to customers, alongside the base Android operating system experience that smartphone users know and love.

The Techknow Space is open 7 days a week with extended hours in Mississauga and Toronto to serve all your Huawei Google NExus 6P repair issues within one hour.While the Gorilla Glass 4 that makes up the Nexus 6X screen is damage-resistant and also fingerprint-proof, unfortunately that doesn’t mean your phone will be completely protected against accidents and other bumps and bruises.

Issues with your Google Nexus 6P can be caused by anything from physical damage, normal wear and tear, heat, pressure, liquid, etc. Common damage or malfunctions you might notice with your Google Nexus 6P can include:

  • Broken, shattered, or smashed glass on the front of the phone
  • The display shows lines of colour running horizontally or vertically, or the screen colours look wrong
  • The screen flickers on and off or shows static or blinks with different colours
  • The touchscreen of your Google Nexus 6P glitches, such as apps opening on their own, windows moving by themselves, or the keyboard doesn’t work
  • You can’t use part or all of the screen because the screen doesn’t respond when you touch it, or responds very slowly or only sometimes
  • The screen is dark or very dim, or doesn’t stay lit up
  • The display has dark blotches or “ink spots” underneath the glass, even if the outer glass is completely undamaged
  • Your phone doesn’t turn on, or only turns on to display a loading screen or logo
  • Your Nexus 6P doesn’t charge, doesn’t indicate charging, or doesn’t charge to 100%
  • The battery life drains very quickly, takes a long time to charge to full, or doesn’t hold a charge for very long once unplugged
  • Your headphones won’t plug in, or you can’t hear anything from either one or both sides
  • The speakers of your N6P sound muffled or fuzzy, or no sound comes out at all when you listen to music or take a phone call on speakerphone
  • People have trouble hearing you or you have trouble hearing them during a phone call
  • The fingerprint sensor doesn’t work properly
  • The power button doesn’t work properly or needs to be wiggled to work
  • The volume buttons don’t work or need a lot of force to work
  • You have issues connecting to Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or LTE networks, or the connection often dropped, or doesn’t connect at all
  • Your phone is showing you error messages such as “Emergency calls only”, “No Network Detected”, or “No SIM Available”
  • You are unable to send texts or make phone calls

Don’t live with the hassle of a broken smartphone. The stress of trying to live your daily life without a fully working smartphone is not worth it.


The Techknow Space offers

expert Google Nexus 6P repairs

within one hour!


Instead, you should visit the Techknow Space for a fast and affordable repair. Our technicians are experts at all Huawei Google Nexus repairs, and have the deep knowledge necessary to accurately assess the issues with your phone and solve those problems accordingly.

Visit us 7 days a week at our easy to access locations near the CN Tower and across from Square One. We have extended business hours to offer you the best service we can in Toronto, Mississauga, and the surrounding areas.

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I got my Nexus 5 fixed! Girls were so helpful. Check it out

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