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Do I Really Need an iPhone Repair?

The first thing most of our customers experience before deciding to bring their devices in for an iPhone repair is what we like to call an “Uh Oh” moment. You know, that moment when you first drop your device, sit on your device, or spill something on it. Then you take a few moments to look at the damage and think to yourself, “Uh oh…what now?”

To put it simply, the easiest thing to do in the event you think you might need to repair your iPhone is to just bring it in. We have locations in both Mississauga and Toronto to serve you best and we operate on extended hours so you can bring your device in for iPhone repair before work, during lunch, or even after work. It’s always better to side with caution to ensure that you don’t do more damage to your iPhone by using it while it’s broken.

It’s important to think about the following factors when it comes to making the decision as to whether iPhone repair is the right choice:


Hint 1: The Cost of Replacement vs. Repair


No matter how you look at it, choosing an iPhone repair is going to be far more cost effective than buying a new device - in most cases. Although it may cost you between $29 and $300 (depending on the cost of the iPhone repair or replacement part) it’s substantially less expensive than spending over $899.00 for a brand new phone. We offer competitive prices on our iPhone repair services to ensure that everyone can experience the benefits of keeping their tested and true device without breaking the bank.


Hint 2: Keeping Your Personal Information


One of the most time consuming and difficult parts of switching from one phone to another is having to transfer all of your data, especially if you have a 128 GB or 256 GB model. By choosing an iPhone repair, you will be able to keep all of your personal information right where you left it (depending on which parts need to be replaced). There’s no need to worry about backups or transferring dozens of GB of photos and videos. Plus, you’ll have the comfort of using a device that you already know how to use.


Hint 3: Used Replacement vs. Repair


You might be thinking to yourself, “Well…if I buy a used iPhone it might be cheaper than opting to have my old iPhone repaired.” Unfortunately not. In fact, choosing to buy a used replacement iPhone could only lead to more money needing to be put into the repairs. There are a few things you’ll need to consider when faced with this choice: a) You don’t know if the device was previously repaired by an inexperienced technician, 2) There could be hidden water damage to the phone, and 3) There could be a variety of other hidden issues you don’t know about.

When you visit The TechKnow Space for iPhone repair in either Mississauga or Toronto, your device will not only be repaired with 100% new parts, but it will also go through quality assurance tests once the repairs are complete. We make sure that you’ll be picking up a repaired iPhone instead of settling with one that will only break a few months from now.


What Our Amazing Customers Have to Say: Steven Thomas

"The charger on my iPhone stopped working and I saw that TechKnow was close by. I walked over during work, dropped off my phone, and in 1 hour I had my phone back and working perfectly. Cost something like $59 which is a lot better than an $800 new iphone. Awesome stuff.


Hint 4: Repair Warranties


At The TechKnow Space, we stand by our iPhone repairs and are confident you will not only be impressed but in love with your repaired device. But it’s also important that we ensure each customer is covered for up to 60 days after they have received an iPhone repair. Much like any other traditional retailer, our policies ensure that you are covered in the event of anything going wrong with your iPhone as a result of the repairs.

Considering that the majority of iPhone repairs we offer to our clients can be completed within an hour, we’re not only the fastest but also the most reliable source for you to find a solution for your iPhone problems. Not being able to answer phone calls, receive text messages, or lose business as a result of a broken device will end up costing you more than you know.


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