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iPhone Repair Glossary of Terms

iPhone Digitizer: The component of your iphone which interprets and processes touch navigation. 

iPhone Touchscreen: Another name for the iPhone digitizer.

iPhone Glass: The top lens of the iPhone which also comprises the touchscreen digitzer and protects the LCD.

iPhone LCD: The component of your iphone screen which produces the display output.

iPhone Screen Assembly: The entire display panel which includes the LCD, the touchscreen digitizer and the top glass lens.

iPhone Micro USB Port: The charging connector or power connector.  This is the interface on your iphone where you connect your cable for data sync and charging.

iPhone Lightning Port: On some models of iPhone the charging port connector.

iPhone Dock Port: What the charging port is sometimes referred to as.

iPhone Antenna: The component inside your iPhone which communicates over-the-air with cellular towers.

iPhone Camera: The back camera is used for taking pictures and video.  The front camera can take pictures and videos and can be used as a webcam - for the other party to see you when using 'FaceTime' for example.

iPhone Earpiece: The speaker over which you can hear the other party when holding the phone to your ear.

iPhone Loudspeaker: The speakerphone speaker which also serves as the sound-system when playing music, & videos and playing games.

iPhone Microphone: The component which allows the other party to hear you.

iPhone Home Button: The central navigation point of an iPhone which, when pressed, returns the display to the home screen.

iPhone Mute Button/Switch: When switched puts the iPhone in silent mode.

iPhone SIM Card: The access card povided by your service carrier which when inserted into your phone's SIM tray allows you to make calls.

iPhone SIM tray: The interface slot on an iPhone where your carrier-GSM-access-card (SIM card) is inserted.

iPhone Airplane Mode: Enabling Airplane Mode disables all wireless connectivity including sending and receiving calls, WiFi and Bluetooth access.

iPhone IOS: The operating system (software) which your operates your iPhone.

iPhone Carrier: Your service provider such as Bell, Rogers and Telus through which you can purchase cellular phone service.

Apple Genius Bar: Apple's repair and support services offered at the Apple Store.

iPhone Home Screen: The default view on the iPhone from which you touch icons to launch Apps.

iPhone Springboard: The name of the application on your iPhone that displays the Home Screen and allows you to launch Apps.

Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860