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iPhone 6 and 6+ Tips and Tricks


The large screen size of the Apple iPhone 6, and especially the iPhone 6 Plus, can often make using your phone one-handed a bit of a problem. But small-handed people no longer need to struggle to reach the whole screen with only one hand. Tapping (which is not the same as clicking) the home button twice will shrink the screen display down to a more manageable size.


Siri is a useful helper, but sometimes it’s not convenient to use the home button to talk to the digital assistant. With the iPhone 6 and 6+, you can enable hands-free activation of Siri, and then all you have to do is say “Hey Siri” to turn the helper bot on. This feature will even work from your Lock Screen.


Another upgrade to Siri is Apple’s integration with the music identifying app, “Shazam”. Now you don’t have to open up a separate app to figure out the artist or title of a song, just activate Siri and the helper will try to produce the song info you’re looking for.


Multitasking is a huge part of Apple’s focus for iPhone software, and that’s no exception in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. You can quickly cycle through apps that are running at the same time by double clicking the home button and then swiping left or right to choose the open app you want. This feature also allows you to quickly close apps when activated.


Slow motion video is a new addition to the iPhone line up, with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ currently the only Apple phones with the capability to capture up to 240 frames per second. To turn this feature on, open the camera app and then slide the wheel above the shutter button until the SLO-MO option is visible. Have fun watching sweet, sweet frame by frame action!


Battery life is a sticking point for any smartphone user, and it’s always nice to have a way to figure out how to maximize your phone’s power. The battery usage panel in the Settings menu is a good way of tracking what is eating up your iPhone’s battery resources, and change your app usage accordingly.


Watching your iPhone’s battery slowly creep towards the danger zone of that last bar of power can be stressful, especially since before the arrival of iOS 9, the latest of the operating systems that run all of Apple’s mobile devices, there was no way to slow down that battery draining process. But with this new OS, you can now turn on “Low Power Mode” which will turn off battery-heavy processes such as email syncing, fancy animations, and app refreshing. Apple says this mode can stretch your remaining battery power for an additional 3 hours.


Even if you’re not the sort of smartphone user who does a lot of text messaging, “Quick Replies” is a great feature for saving time. This feature allows you to reply to text messages from the notification that pops up on the lock screen, saving you a few extra steps to reply to a text.


Your Apple ID is a key to all things Apple – buying apps, music, movies, and software from iTunes, connecting to your iCloud account, and purchasing devices like iPads and iPhones from Apple’s online store. Because this ID does so much, it might be a smart move to enable two-step verification for logging into your Apple ID account to increase the security and decrease your chances of being hacked.

Mike Etzinger

a year ago-

When I brought my iPhone 6 to TechKnow Space, I thought it was damaged beyond repair. With a bend so bad that the phone resembled a boomerang more than a smartphone, I held out little hope for repair. Not only did they advise me on my options, they fixed the phone so that it looks like new. This phone literally should have been a doorstop, but somehow they were able to fix it. Thanks for the great service!

iPhone 5, 5S, 5C Tips & Tricks


Apple’s online file storage system, “iCloud”, can be very useful for keeping a backup of your important documents, pictures, music, and other files conveniently and automatically. But iCloud isn’t an infinite storage space, and can cost you extra money for additional storage space. Another convenient option, if iCloud isn’t your thing, is a feature which allows you to allow for automatic back-ups to iTunes when you are connected to Wi-Fi.


Multi-lingual iPhone users can easily switch between different languages when typing out a text or email with one tap by enabling all the different keyboard layouts you need to talk to family and friends in all different languages. Once these keyboards are added in the Settings Menu, you can switch between these by tapping the icon next to the keyboard that looks like a globe.


If you’re the type of smartphone user who is not very prompt at responding to text messages, checking the time stamp on texts sent to you in iMessage can be useful in gauging how behind you are on responding to other people’s messages. To view this information, touch and drag message bubbles to the left.


SIRI, the automated helper, is already pretty good at understanding what you’re trying to communicate to it. But you can add extra “context clues” to make using the bot faster and simpler. For example, you can tell SIRI, “So-and-so is my brother,” or “Such-and-such is my mom.” Then the next time you are using SIRI, you can simply ask the helper, “Call Mom,” or “Text my brother,” and SIRI will know who you mean.


The cameras, both on the front of the phone and in the back, of the iPhone 5 have been acknowledged by many users and consumer reviews as high quality. But for all of the high-tech advancements in smartphone photography, blurry pictures because of low light conditions are still a big problem. Holding your phone steady with one hand and touching the shutter button with the other hand can sometimes make your pictures look shaky. One way to try avoiding this is to plug a pair of headphones with volume buttons on the cable into your iPhone, and use the buttons as the shutter.


Time-saving is the name of the game with smartphones in general, and the iPhone 5 is no exception. If you can save yourself a few seconds or even minutes with a shortcut that is specially built into your iPhone to save you time, why wouldn’t you? A good example of this is the “Number Dialling Pause” feature which will auto-dial any set of numbers, like a phone line extension, you input before starting a call. To use this feature, type the phone number you want to dial, and then hold the asterisk key (*) located at the bottom left of your number pad.

A comma (,) will appear after the phone number and then you can enter the extension and dial. Your phone will dial the phone number, wait until the call is answered, and then automatically dial the rest. If you make a lot of phone calls where you have to go through menus by selecting a number and you know the sequence of menus ahead of time, or you already know you will need to dial an extension, this shortcut is perfect.


Shaving off an extra second or two from your iPhone 5’s response time can feel so good when you figure out a secret way of eking out a little extra speed in some tasks. For example, if you are annoyed at SIRI’s delay in responding to your questions, all you need to do to speed up the processing time is hold down the home button while you talk, and then release it when you’re done speaking your query. Because SIRI doesn’t need to waste time figuring out that you’re done speaking, it can immediately begin processing your answer, saving you a second or two.

Jessica Stepic

a year ago-

I dropped and cracked the display of my iPhone 5 and was dreading having to go all day without a phone in order to get it fixed. I was recommended The TechKnow Space in Mississauga by Square One Mall and had an amazing experience! And it was done within an hour! I will definitely come back if I ever need a phone, laptop or tablet repair again. Everyone should come here!

iPhone 4, 4S Tips & Tricks


Accidentally deleted a photo from your phone? You iPhone 4 doesn’t automatically delete pictures permanently, but instead moves them to a “Recently Deleted” folder within the default Photos App where the deleted images sit for 30 days before they are erased forever. Move photos from this folder back into the main folder to save them from disappearing into cyberspace permanently.


Make the most of your iPhone 4’s battery life by turning off the big battery eaters, like background app refreshing. Apps that pull info from your phone or the internet while running in the background can suck the life right out of your phone.


Set your music playlists on a timer for an eco-friendly compromise if you are the type of person who needs music in the background to fall asleep. Once the timer runs out, your phone will stop playing music and saves power.


Set your iPhone 4 to automatically turn the screen off and lock the screen if you have a password already set up. This will not only help prevent prying eyes from reading over your shoulder, but turning the screen off when you’re not using it can save you a lot of battery power.


Multitasking can sometimes be useful, but it can also be less productive if you are trying to focus on one particular thing. Avoid losing your train of thought by getting distracted by phone calls on your iPhone 4. Instead, you can tap on the Message icon that appears on the screen when you get a phone call to send a prewritten text, like “Sorry, I can’t talk right now,” “I’m on my way,” or, “Can I call you later?”


iMessage is a great app for group conversations that would be difficult to conduct with any other medium, like a phone call or email. But sometimes those group chats can be a little overwhelming. Take a breather from a conversation by muting it. To do this, tap the Details button, and then slide the Do Not Disturb toggle over.


Add a picture to your most common contacts’ profiles so you can easily tell who is emailing, texting, or calling you at a glance. If you don’t want to do this manually, you can sync your contacts with their profiles on Facebook or Twitter to automatically add a photo to their contact info.


If you are waiting on an email reply from someone and don’t want to be constantly checking your phone, you can turn on push notifications for a specific email thread, which will send an alert to your home screen when you do finally receive that response. Tap the flag at the top of the email thread and then select Notify Me to get these alerts.


If you are typing out a long winded text or email and you are suddenly hit with a change of heart, instead of holding the delete key down to remove all of your digital babbling, shake your phone side to side once and that will prompt your iPhone to ask you if you want to undo your typing.


Save precious memory space on your iPhone and get rid of those third party flashlight apps you’ve downloaded. Your phone comes with one! To activate the flashlight, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap the flashlight icon.


Organise your home screen so you can find what you need at a glance. Touch any icon on your home screen until it starts to wiggle and then you can drag apps to where you want them, or delete them from your home screen entirely by tapping the little ‘x’ on the icon.

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