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LG G4 Repairs Toronto & Mississuga

LG Phone Repair - Toronto and Mississauga Repair Centre Locations - Screen, charging port, battery, headphone jack, and other components replacement.


Part & Labour Included - Parts In Stock

Completed in 1 Hour - No Appointment Needed

Screen Assembly
LG G4 $129.95


At the TechKnow Space, 

you never need an appointment!

Open 7 days a week

for LG G4 Screen Replacements within one hour

at our convenient Toronto and Mississauga stores.


Unlike many other smartphone manufacturers, LG didn’t do a total renovation of the G4, their latest flagship phone.Instead, the Korean phone maker made a few subtle changes from the previous model, the G3. The changes are all based on upgrading the specifications of the phone from the G3.Additions like better screen resolution, improved software and processing power, and 20% more resilience against physical damage make the G4 a definite rival to another Korean smartphone giant, Samsung.If you are experiencing issues with your G4’s screen, such as:

  • Lines or static appearing through the display
  • “Bleeding” of the display, ink spots
  • Dark spots on the display, “dead” pixels
  • The display flickers with white light or different colours
  • The entire screen only shows a black or white screen
  • Your phone “jumps” or inputs touch gestures on its own
  • You are unable to touch some or all of the screen, like a portion of the keyboard or apps
  • The screen is dim or dark in some areas or the entire screen
  • The glass layer is shattered or cracked

You will need to visit the Techknow Space for a screen assembly replacement. Our technicians can replace the screen assembly and have your G4 back to you in top notch appearance within one hour. With a turnaround that fast, why go anywhere else? Visit your friendly neighbourhood Techknow Space today!

Part & Labour Included - Parts In Stock

Completed in 1 Hour - No Appointment Needed

Screen Assembly
LG Nexus 5X $CALL

Shahida Kurji

8 months ago-

Very good service, professionals and delivery before time. My 2nd timehere and never going anywhere else. Worth every cent

Repairing the LG G4 Screen Yourself

The screen assembly includes the display, the touchscreen film and the protective outer layer of glass. But just because the screen comes as one piece, doesn’t mean it’s an easy thing to replace on your own.

The screen assembly on the LG G4 is a very fragile and complicated part to repair or replace. The repair requires not only a lot of knowledge and prior experience in phone repairs, but you will also need to buy at least a couple specialized tools, such as a heat gun or special screwdrivers.

And then once you have your special tools, you will need to try to find and purchase a G4 screen assembly from somewhere. And then once you’ve handed your credit card info over to a stranger on the Internet, the only thing you have to do is hope the part isn’t defective or broken in the shipping process.

The screen replacement is definitely a repair that is best left to the experts.
So visit the experts at the Techknow Space!

The LG G4 screen assembly can be replaced by our in house technicians within one hour. Don’t stress out and make your life more difficult by trying to fix your phone on your own.

Make your repair experience as carefree and easy as possible – just leave your G4 with our friendly staff and come back in an hour to receive a smiling, shiny G4 that works like new!

Save yourself the hassle and risk
of trying to repair your G4 on your own!
The Techknow Space can bring your
LG G4 back from the dead within one hour.
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