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OnePlus One Screen Replacement Mississauga & Toronto

One Plus One repair at our convenient Toronto and Mississauga locations for all OnePlus repair issues and problems. One+ One Screen Replacement, charging port, headphone jack, power button, and other component replacement, 7 days a week.


Part & Labour Included - Parts In Stock
Walk-In Repair Service Centre
Repairs Completed in 1 Hour - No Appointment Needed

Prices Include Part & Labour Screen Assembly
OnePlus One Screen Replacement $129.95
OnePlus One Charging Port Repair $89.95
OnePlus One Power Button Repair $79.95
OnePlus One Volume Button Repair $79.95
OnePlus One Microphone Repair $89.95
OnePlus One Earpiece Repair $79.95
OnePlus One Loudspeaker Repair $79.95
OnePlus One Battery Replacement $89.95

Gina Jorge

Great service. Quick and efficient! Very happy customer.

OnePlus One Repair Toronto & Mississauga

One Hour OnePlus One Screen Repair

in Mississauga and Toronto,

done while you wait!


The OnePlus flaghip phone, aptly named the One, is an impressive showing from the Chinese brand. The smartphone has all the hallmarks of other luxury, high-end smartphones from well-established manufacturers like Samsung or LG.

The One Plus One has a 5.5-inch high-resolution screen and offers a user experience that is smooth and fairly free of the digital clutter that tends to plague other smartphones.

Running off an Android-based system, the phone is fast and jam-packed full of features you would expect from a phone that costs much more than the OnePlus One, like the capability to capture 4K video, and fast processing speeds.

Buzz around the phone wasn’t about any of these things, as great as they might be. The media and the general public were more focused on the bizarre, invite-only, secretive release of OnePlus’ first smartphone.

The Techknow Space is your local OnePlus One expert for all smartphone repairs in Mississauga across from Square One, and in Toronto near the Rogers Centre.The main reason OnePlus has designed the release to be staggered in this way was not just so they would be a talking point on tech blogs, but also to ensure their manufacturing facilities wouldn’t be overwhelmed.

The phone is currently only available through OnePlus’ website, unlocked from any specific phone carrier’s contract.

If you are one of the lucky ones who managed to grab an invite to order from One Plus, you are then faced with a choice of 16 gigabytes of internal storage space, or 64 GB.

So while the OnePlus 1 isn’t currently available to the wider public, the shine of having a fairly unique smartphone can wear off pretty quickly if your phone doesn’t work properly.


Some early users of the One Plus One noticed some pretty big issues, such as:

  • The screen slowly grows a yellowish hue near the bottom of the display
  • The speakers on the lower edge of the OnePlus 1 are very weak and don’t offer enough volume
  • The SIM card tray is very difficult to remove and is easily damaged

Other common issues you might be experiencing with your OnePlus One phone could include:

  • The screen has lines through it, or looks discoloured
  • The display is flickering
  • Your One+1 is glitching, such as apps opening or closing on their own, or the screen flipping back and forth between different windows by itself
  • The touchscreen doesn’t respond when you touch certain parts of the screen, or the entire screen doesn’t work
  • The display is very dim or doesn’t light up
  • The screen has what looks like spreading ink underneath the glass
  • Your One Plus One won’t turn on, or turns but is stuck on the boot up screen
  • Your phone doesn’t charge fully or won’t charge at all
  • The battery drains power very quickly, or doesn’t hold a charge once you’ve unplugged it from the charger
  • You are unable to hear anything in your headphones or microphone headsets plugged into your phone, or they don’t plug into the phone properly
  • There is no sound coming from the speakers of the phone when you watch movies or listen to music without headphones in.
  • When on a phone call, the other person can’t hear you, or you can’t hear them (or worse – both are happening)
  • The buttons on either side of the phone frame – power and volume – don’t work, or need a lot of wiggling or force to work
  • You are unable to connect to Wi-Fi or LTE networks, or the connection is consistently very weak
  • Error messages, such as “No Network Available” or “SIM not found”


These issues can be a huge interruption to your day to day life.

Instead of stressing about a

damaged or malfunctioning OnePlus One,

visit the Techknow Space.


The Techknow Space offers fast and expert solutions for all OnePlus problems. Our technicians work in store, and have a wide knowledge of all repair components.

We are located in Mississauga near Square One, and in Toronto near Union Station and the CN Tower, with extended hours 7 days a week so we can always be ready to help you get your sad One Plus One back to smiling in no time!

When you visit the friendly faces at the service desk to leave you precious phone in our capable hands, you can return within one hour to get back a happy, healthy phone.

Holly Unruh

4 months ago-

Good service! Very friendly

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