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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Repair Toronto & Mississauga

Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Grand Prime Repair Service Centre Toronto near Rogers Centre & across from Square One in Mississauga. The Techknow Space is your local Samsung authorized phone repair service centre.


  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Phone Repair

Samsung Repair Toronto: Steps from Rogers Centre.

Samsung Repair Mississauga: Across from Square One.


Samsung Service Centre: 1 Hour Samsung Phone repair in Toronto & Mississauga . 

Toronto location: Street level store, steps from the CN Tower and Rogers Centre Dome Stadium.

South east corner of Front and Spadina.

Mississauga location: Street level across from Square One Walmart near Missisauga City Hall.


Part & Labour Included - Parts In Stock Screen Assembly
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Screen Replacement



Samsung released the curvy, slim version of their Galaxy S6, the S6 Edge in 2014 and the South Korean smartphone designer and manufacturer was surprised by the general public’s demand for this unique looking phone.

So they did what any good business would do, and followed up the success of the Galaxy S6 Edge with a new version of the phone called the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

The S6 Edge+ has a slightly larger frame and screen than the previous version but keeps the same look and feel as the smaller Edge ancestor.

The 5.7-inch screen curves on the left and right sides towards the glass and aluminum back cover, making a very slim smartphone look even thinner.

For people who are heavy phone app users, play a lot of mobile games, or watch a lot of movies and other videos, the large screen size of the S6 Edge Plus is perfect for any of these tasks.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is a game changer for the smartphone market. Currently there are no other large screen, “phablet” type smartphones that have the same type of curved screen combined with a glass and metal frame.

This winning combo makes for a very luxurious smartphone experience. But when your S6 Edge+ starts showing signs of wear and tear or you begin to experience problems or errors, it can make the phone seem less premium and more like the bottom of the barrel.

The Techknow Space is your repair destination for all Authorized Samsung Repair Service. We are open 7 days a week with extended hours to serve you best, in Toronto near the Rogers Centre and in Mississauga across from Square One.Common problems you might notice with the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus include:

  • Cracked or broken glass on the screen, from a bump, drop, or fall
  • The LCD is not very bright, or completely dark
  • The screen is glitching or moving on its own
  • The display looks discoloured or staticky, has lines running through it, or appears to have an ink stain under the glass
  • The touch screen doesn’t respond on some parts of the screen, or the entire display doesn’t react when you touch it
  • Your Galaxy S6 Edge+ doesn’t turn on or doesn’t charge
  • The battery drains very quickly, or doesn’t hold a charge for very long
  • The power button, volume buttons, or home button need a lot of pressure or wiggling to work, or won’t work at all
  • You are seeing error messages on the phone such as “No Network Found”, or No SIM Detected”
  • Your S6 Edge+ freezes or crashes when performing certain tasks
  • You can only see a logo screen when you try to turn the phone on
  • When you connect to Wi-Fi or LTE networks, the connection is consistently very weak, no matter what you do

These issues can be very stressful or annoying to try to deal with on a day to day basis. And if you are inventive enough or lucky enough to find a third party app that will let you work around your smartphone troubles, these apps can be frustrating to use or very slow to respond.



Instead of fussing with a broken phone

or trying to find a way around the problem,

visit the Techknow Space!

We are your local Samsung Repair Service Centre,

and our technicians are trained by Samsung to be

experts at all Samsung repair processes.



The Techknow Space has two locations that are open 7 days a week with extended hours so repairing your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is always convenient for you.

We are easy to access, in Toronto near the Rogers Centre and the CN Tower, and in Mississauga across from Square One Shopping Centre.

Don’t just live with the hassle of a malfunctioning or broken Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +, not when our on-site technicians can solve your phone troubles within one hour!

Andrew Lawson

a year ago-

In my opinion, The TechKnow Space (around Square One) was comprised of very friendly and knowledgeable people. I truly appreciated the quick service and pleasant interactions from Alicia and the rest of the staff.

Out of all places checked, The TechKnow Space seemed to be the most reasonable (regarding pricing) for the repairs that I needed to have done (specifically, a screen change, front camera replacement and mic. cleaning for a Samsung Galaxy S4), and because this place is partnered with Samsung, I like the fact that they use legitimate Samsung parts (as opposed to knockoffs that may not work as well). Further, within an hour, I had my cell phone back and in excellent working condition.

The best option for anyone is to keep your cell phone in pristine condition, take safe precautions (including purchasing a hard case and protective glass for screens), but if anything bad does happen, I highly recommend that you check this place out.

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Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860