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Screen Assembly
Samsung Note 4 Screen Repair - 1 Hr 219.95



***We have GALAXY NOTE 2, NOTE 3, NOTE 4, NOTE 5 S-Pen Styluses in stock!***

ABOUT OUR Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 Repair SERVICE

Authorized Samsung service Centre Toronto and Authorized Samsung service centre Mississauga. Samsung Galaxy Note IV 4 Repair Toronto & Mississauga.


  • Samsung Galaxy Note IV(4) Repair
    Toronto & Mississauga



  • Original Samsung Parts
  • Samsung Trained Technicians
  • Warranty Continuity



                                                     Samsung Galaxy Note IV(4):

One Hour Note 4 Screen Repair:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 IV Repair Toronto & Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Repair Mississauga. Note 4 screen replacement, Note 4 charging port repair within one hour.Galaxy Note 4 Screen replacement isn't all we do!
Other Note 4  Repairs:

Choose us for any of these Samsung Galaxy Note 4 repairs too:

  • Note 4 USB Charging / Sync Port Repair / Replacement
  • N4 Camera Problems
  • Can't Hear Note 4 Earpiece or Speaker Phone
  • Note 4 Microphone: Other Party Can't Hear You
  • My Note 4 Battery Drains Too Fast Or Doesn't Charge
  • Weak or No Antenna Signal on my N4
  • My Note 4 Won't connect to WiFi or LTE
  • Diagnostics for Galaxy Note 4: When You Don't Know what The Problem is

The Techknow Space is your local Authorized Samsung Repair Service Centre. Note 4 Screen replacement Toronto and Note 4 screen replacement Mississauga. We offer high-quality note 4 repair within one hour.Samsung’s line of “phablets” – AKA phone/tablet hybrids – the Note series, are a set of phones specifically designed to boost your day to day productivity.

The Note 4 comes with a stylus, dubbed the “S Pen”, which acts as a digital “pen”, allowing you to make handwritten notes straight in your phone.

The S Pen for the Galaxy Note 4 also works similarly to a computer mouse in certain apps, allowing you to use the stylus for selecting, clicking, dragging and any other common touch gestures or mouse functions.

The large screen size offers the user an immersive, high quality smartphone experience. Combined with a pixel-dense, incredibly high resolution display, the Note 4 provides a very impressive, clear image every time.

The screen is made of three different parts put together as one piece:

  • The display is the bottom layer. The display in the Galaxy Note 4 is what Samsung calls a “Quad HD Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode” display or QHD AMOLED for short. This type of display technology allows for better colour range and clarity.
  • In the middle is the touch sensitive film, or “touchscreen”. This part is what receives input from the S Pen or your fingers and tells the phone to perform that action.
  • The top layer is the protective, toughened Gorilla Glass. This glass is the most vulnerable part of the phone if you drop or damage your phone.

The Galaxy Note 4 is an impressive piece of technology. So when something is wrong with your phone, why live with the struggle and frustration of trying to work around the problem?

Instead of all that stress, bring your Note 4 to the friendly faces at the Techknow Space! Our expert technicians can repair or replace many problems with your Note 4 within one hour. We are your Samsung Repair Service Centre, and can complete Note 4 screen replacements in one hour at our Toronto and Mississauga locations.

You need your phone for everything. And the Techknow Space makes the process of a Galaxy Note 4 repair so simple, you would be making a big mistake by NOT repairing your phone!

Why Choose The TechKnow Space? | Why Trust The TechKnow Space?

1 Hour Note 4 Repair Service!

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Mariah Perry

8 months ago-

Just had my Samsung Galaxy s4 screen replaced at the TechKnow Space. Customer service was great, it was ready in under an hour and the results are beautiful! Would recommend to anyone needing repairs or services. They also have some great prices on accessories! :)

Repairing the Galaxy Note 4 On Your Own

Galaxy Note 4 repairs are a delicate and complicated process. Unless you have a lot of experience in smartphone repair processes and other skills such as micro-soldering and electrical engineering, repairing your Note 4 on your own is not a good idea.

Repairs such as screen replacements or charging port repairs in your Note 4 are very easy to get wrong. Don’t risk ruining your Galaxy Note 4 by trying to fix a damaged or malfunctioning part on your own.

Not only can the Note 4 repairs be quite difficult, but there are many steps to complete before you can even begin trying.

Sourcing an appropriate replacement part, like a screen assembly or replacement camera, can be a risk in itself.

Often the only place to get these parts is on the Internet, and giving your banking or credit card info to a stranger on the Internet is never a smart move.

Then you have to wait for the part to be shipped to you, and you need to hope it arrives in one piece and isn’t defective. Because if it is, you can kiss your money goodbye!

Repairing your Note 4 won’t save you time or money. Visit the Techknow Space instead, where we will fix your Note 4 quickly and affordably, every time.

a month ago-
My Samsung Galaxy 6 was completely cracked after it fell on the ground. It looked like blue ink had splattered all over it. Most of the buttons didn't work. I brought it to TechKnow Space it it was perfectly fixed in about an hour!
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