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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Repair Information

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Repair/Replacement Price

Part & Labour Included - Parts In Stock Completed in 1 Hour - No Appointment Needed
Samsung S6 Edge Screen Replacement- 1 Hr Screen Repair $259.95


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Repairs Screen replacement isn't all we do!

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Component repairs:

Parts In Stock: Completed in 1 Hour - No Appointment Needed
Back Cover Repair
USB Charging Port Repair
Headphone Jack Repair
Broken Glass Replacement
LCD Screen Replacement
Earpiece Speaker Replacement
Ringer/Loudspeaker Replacement
Microphone Replacement
Home Button Repair
Volume Buttons Repair
Power Button Repair
Front Camera Repair
Back Camera Repair
Battery Replacement and Installation
Liquid Damage Repair

Jesselle Romero

a year ago-

I ended up just buying a samsung edge and it broke and shattered when I dropped it. I got the backing repaired here and they promised it to be done by the next day I'm so im happy

Galaxy S6 Edge Repairs

Samsung’s newest flagship phones, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge are Samsung’s answer to the public’s middling response to the previous model, the Galaxy S5.

The Galaxy S6 Edge is a totally different look from all of the other versions of the Galaxy S smartphones. The biggest, and most obvious, difference is the look of the phone.

The screen is not your average, flat piece of glass. Instead, the screen gently curves down to meet the back cover on the left and right sides of the phone.

This is not the first time Samsung has tried this look on a phone, there is a larger version, the Galaxy Note Edge.

Another major difference in the Galaxy S6 Edge from the earlier models is that the expandable memory and removable battery is gone.

Unlike the S5, the S6 Edge does not have a microSD slot or a way for you to open up the back cover and replace the battery on your own.

For some users, this is a huge deal breaker, but other users recognize Samsung’s new requirements for phone specifications means big changes in functionalities.

In terms of software, the S6 Edge isn’t much different from the S6. The operating system on the Edge has a few added apps to take advantage of the extra screen real estate.

Unlike the Galaxy Note Edge, which crammed in app after app specifically for the sides of the screen, the S6 Edge goes the opposite way.

The Galaxy S6 Edge’s OS only contains 3 different apps for the side screens:

  • Information Stream – this app will bring up a display along the side of the current time, any notifications such as calls or text messages, and news headlines pulled from Yahoo News.
  • People Edge – this allows you to set five of your most common contacts as a specific colour, and when you are contacted (i.e. a phone call or text message) by one of these special people lights up the side of the screen with their assigned colour.
  • A digital clock display – this app will leave the side of the screen always on, displaying a clock. Don’t get rid of the alarm clock on your bedside table just yet – the S6 Edge will automatically turn the clock display off if the phone dips below 15% battery or after 12 hours.

Most online user reviews agree the S6 Edge is a beautifully designed phone, but it’s clear Samsung still hasn’t figured out what direction they want to take the Edge’s software for the side of the screen.

One thing is clear, however – once Samsung finally nails down the software for the Edge and strikes that balance between too much and too little, this smartphone will be unstoppable.


Nysiah Bascom

5 months ago

WonderFuller service. Fast repair of my S6.

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