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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Repair Mississauga & Toronto

Authorized Samsung Smartphone Repair - Toronto and Mississauga Repair Centre Locations - Screen, charging port, battery, headphone jack, and other components replacement, 7 days a week.

Prices Include Part & Labour: Screen Assembly Replacement
(LCD & Touchscreen)

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Replacement (Screen Repair)

The Toucshcreen and LCD are replaced as 1 entire unit. Thus if your S7 Edge Touchscreen is cracked or the LCD is damaged your S7 Edge requires a screen assembly replacement.





Samsung’s latest trend of releasing two new smartphones at a time is definitely an interesting way of approaching such a broad market of cell phone users. The market release of the S7 Edge alongside the Galaxy S7 means many Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge users needed to weigh the benefits of upgrading to a newer version, even though the S7 family is quite similar to its predecessors.


  • Smashed, cracked, broken, or damaged glass on the screen
  • Discolouration, flickering or lines in the display
  • Glitches in the touchscreen, such as apps or other windows opening or closing on their own, or the keyboard working on its own or some keys don’t respond
  • The display jumps or flickers back and forth
  • Part or all of the screen doesn’t recognize touch gestures, or other touch input
  • The display is very dark or completely turned off, even though the phone is on
  • The LCD looks like has chemical burns or ink spots underneath the glass
  • Your Galaxy S7 Edge doesn’t turn on, or won’t boot up fully and only displays the Samsung logo
  • The phone doesn’t charge fully, or doesn’t charge at all
  • The battery in the phone loses power within a short period of time or doesn’t hold a charge once unplugged from the charger
  • There is no sound coming from the loudspeaker, ringtones don’t work, or you can’t hear phone calls in speakerphone mode
  • Headphones or headsets plugged into the headphone jack don’t work or don’t plug in properly
  • People can’t hear you or you can’t hear other people when making a phone call
  • The home button needs a lot of pressure to work, or doesn’t work at all
  • The fingerprint sensor in the home button doesn’t work, or only works sometimes.
  • The power or volume buttons don’t work
  • Your Galaxy S7E is showing error messages, such as “No Network Found”, or “SIM not detected”
  • You can’t connect to Wi-Fi or LTE networks, or the connection is very inconsistent/weak

Neo Anderson

a year ago

Been here multiple times to repair different devices. Always get fast and professional service. Would not take my devices to any other place for repair. Convenient location and great service. Today I got my Samsung S4 phone digitizer replaced, as I could no longer see my screen. Less that 1 hour later I was out the door with my phone working again. Don't like it when my phone breaks, but I love the fact I know when to go to get it fixed.

2 weeks ago-
Fixed my galaxy S7 Edge screen under warranty within 2hours like they said.
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Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860