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Charging Port and Power Jack Repairs - Devices

Our certified technical specialists expertly repair devices with charging port issues arising from physical damage and electronic failure.  Devices we service include: phones, laptops, tablets, MacBooks, desktop computers, gaming consoles and wearables.

"What is a charging port?"

The charging port is the receptacle on your device that accepts a charger or external power supply connector.  When connected to AC power inside a building or DC power in your vehicle the electricity flows through the charging port and into your device providing either or both operating power and filling up your battery.

A charging port may be referred to as a USB port, Micro-USB, Mini-USB, USB-C port, Lightning Port, power jack, power connector, AC connector, DC Connector, MagSafe port, sync port, or may even have it's own specific terminology (depending on the device).

Select Your Device Type Below For More Information:

Phone Charging Port Repair Toronto Mississauga Phone USB Port Repairs

Charging Port Repairs for the following phone brands:
iPhone Samsung Google HTC Sony Motorola Huawei Nokia OnePlus...

You absolutely rely on your cell phone charging port to keep your phones powered and alive, transfer your important documents to other devices, and on some smartphones even to connect your earphones...

Tablet Charging port repair Toronto Mississauga tablet usb port repairs.

Charging Port Repairs for the following tablet brands:
iPad Asus Microsoft Samsung BlackBerry...

Tablets are typically used exclusively on battery power - and they usually require a lot of power - so having a functional charging port is completely necessary. When your battery runs low and you need a recharge that USB charging connector better be working!

Laptop Charging port Repair Toronto Mississauga Laptop Power Jack Repairs

Power Jack Repairs for the following laptop brands:
Acer Compaq Fujitsu HP Lenovo MSI Sony Asus Dell Gateway LG Samsung Toshiba...

The power jack or AC Adapter connector on your laptop is essential not only for keeping it charged up but also for maximizing the life of your battery -- a particular problem with a damaged power jack that works sometimes and sometimes not is indeed premature battery failure...

Macbook Charging port repair Toronto Mississauga Macbook Magsafe POwer Jack Repairs

Charging Port Repairs for the following MacBook Series':
Pro Retina Air...

The magsafe power adapter on all Macbooks is a vital part of the normal usage for your Macbook. Without a working charging port, using your Macbook is impossible.

There are plenty of resources out in the infinite space of the Internet, but it can be very difficult sometimes to determine what resources are legitimate and which are less than trustworthy.

Computer power supply repair & replacement

Power Supply Replacements for the following computer types:
Desktop Tower Server...

Unlike other devices your desktop or tower computer doesn't have an internal battery that needs charging. You need a fully functional power supply to power up your computer and use it on AC power.

When a computer power supply fails your power-computing - instantly becomes NO COMPUTING.

Game power port / charging port repair Toronto Mississauga.

Power Port / Charging Port Repairs for the following game consoles brands:
Microsoft XBOX Sony Playstation Nintendo Switch...

Gaming consoles such as Sony Playstation and Microsoft XBOX have power jack connectors which you plug the AC adapter into.

GoPro Camera Charging Port Repair at The TechKnow Space Toronto Mississauga

For many GoPro camera models we are able to replace your broken USB charging port...

GoPro cameras are very resistant to damage, as they're designed for, but charging ports get additional physical wear due to the plugging/unplugging of the port itself.

Wireless Speaker Charging Port Repair at The TechKnow Space Toronto Mississauga

Charging port repairs for audio devices, bluetooth speakers and headphones including: Bose, Klipsch, Beats, Sony, JBL, Sennheiser...

Wireless headphones, iPods and bluetooth speakers are just like any other mobile device. The port naturally gets worn down from over use and eventually needs to be changed.

If your device is not listed please inquire as we add additional devices on an ongoing basis.

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