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Phone Batteries We Replace By Brand

We replace batteries for the following phone brands

Phone Battery Replacement Information

The Lithium-Ion batteries used in all phones for the past 15 years all have one thing in common: their capacity decreases with every charge cycle.

Typically, you will find that after using the phone for over a year the ability of your phone’s battery to hold the charge is reduced and you might have to charge the battery more than once a day. Within two years you typically need to get your battery replaced.

There are two kinds of batteries, depending on your phone model:

  • Swappable (open battery compartment, remove the old battery and replace with a new battery that you buy from us).
  • Installable (we would need to open up your phone and use soldering and other tools necessary to replace your old battery with a new one). We, therefore, need to charge you for a new battery and a service charge for the labour provided by us. All these installation costs are already included in our battery prices.


We carry both swappable and installable batteries in our inventory. You can walk in anytime to one of our stores and get your phone a new battery.


Original Vs Aftermarket Battery Replacement

We are often asked why our battery prices are higher than the ones found online, via Amazon, eBay, etc.

The answer is quite simple, really. We carry only original (OEM) batteries, whereas the cheap batteries typically found online are really made by third parties. These counterfeit batteries are really something you should be wary of, as they are prone to:

  • not outputting correct power that your phone requires and damaging your phone’s circuits;
  • having a much shorter lifespan;
  • in some cases, aftermarket batteries might even explode causing a fire :(


Phone Battery Replacement Warranty

For your peace of mind, we offer a 6-month warranty with every phone battery we sell.

Please keep in mind though, that:

  1. Original receipt must be presented for warranty exchange.
  2. Warranty does not include failure due to damage, misuse or wear.



Buying Replacements Online

Other reasons to avoid buying batteries online


Hassles of purchasing batteries online:

  • You need to research the exact battery model your phone needs.
  • You need to pay up-front and online with credit cards.
  • Pay for shipping charges
  • Wait for delivery from an online supplier.
  • You need to ensure you are available to receive the battery when the courier comes to deliver it.
  • Super stress when you discover the battery does not work because:  
    • You ordered the wrong battery.
    • The supplier shipped the wrong battery.
    • you ordered the right battery, and the supplier shipped the right battery, but unfortunately, your phone has some other problem in addition to the battery, or instead of the battery, and ...
  • Even more stress when you discover that you did not need the battery at all, because:  
    • the problem was not with the battery but with your charger;
    • the problem was not with the battery but with the charging port inside your phone that is used for connecting your charger;
    • the problem was not with your battery but with your charging circuits in the phone itself;
  • And now you might need to:
    • stress about needing to ship the battery back;
    • stress about getting a refund;
    • pay for courier/post office delivery charges;
    • pursue supplier or insurance when the battery is not delivered;
    • pursue the vendor if the battery fails within the warranty period


Embrace the Comfort of In-Store Purchase:

Walk into the store with your phone, and eliminate the risks and guesswork associated in buying a replacement phone battery.

Make sure your phone smiles back at you when we put the new battery in (before you pay for it!).

If your phone does not smile, it has other issues (charger, charging port, or charging circuits) and you will be informed accordingly. The friendly folks at The TechKnow Space will provide you with solutions to all these problems.

Know where to find us via phone, email, or a physical location should you need any follow-up help. No need for long and painful emails...we will always be there for you!


Net Cost:

  • An additional $10 to $20, over an ecommerce solution.
  • A drive down to one of our convenient locations in the GTA, open 7 days a week.


Net Benefits:

  • No waiting
  • No heavy lifting
  • No stress
  • Guaranteed solution.


Buying Installable Batteries

Buying an installable battery (non-swappable) and installing it yourself


Manufacturers commonly refer to installable batteries as “non-user-serviceable”. These batteries are housed internally and can only be accessed by disassembling the phone.

Do we need to explain that trying to save $20 and ordering the battery online, trying to open the phone yourself without having proper tools, ignoring ESD protection, and just not having experience in electronics repair results in a frustrating experience and a phone having many more issues than before?

We’ve seen this far too many times. Save yourself the time, money and mental health by just bringing the phone to us and letting us take care of it in less than an hour.

Blackberry Batteries

We replace batteries for the following BlackBerry models. All battery prices include installation (if required).

Blackberry Phone Model Battery Price Installation Time
Blackberry Classic $89.95 20-30 Minutes
Blackberry Passport $99.95
Blackberry Priv $109.95
Blackberry Q5 $89.95
Blackberry Q10 $49.95 No Installation Required
Blackberry Z10
Blackberry Z30 $99.95 20-30 Minutes

HTC Batteries

We replace batteries for the following HTC models. All battery prices include installation (if required).

HTC Phone Model Battery Price Installation Time
HTC Desire V $49.95 No Installation Required
HTC Desire Z
HTC Diamond
HTC Dream
HTC FuzeTouch
HTC Incredible
HTC One M7 $79.95 1 Hour
HTC One M8 $99.95
HTC One M9
HTC One S $49.95 No Installation Required
HTC Surround
HTC Touch 2

Huawei Batteries

We replace batteries for the following Huawei models. All battery prices include installation.

Huawei Phone Model Battery Price Installation Time
Huawei G7 $79.95 20-30 Minutes
Huawei GR5
Huawei Honor 8
Huawei Mate 7
Huawei Mate 8
Huawei Mate 9
Huawei Nexus 6P
Huawei P7
Huawei P9
Huawei P10 Lite
Huawei P10 Plus

iPhone Batteries

We replace batteries for the following iPhone models. All battery prices include installation.

iPhone Model Battery Price Installation Time
iPhone 8 Battery Replacement $ To Be Announced 30-40 Minutes

30-40 Minutes

30-40 Minutes
iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement $ To Be Announced
iPhone 7 Battery Replacement $79.95
iPhone 7 Plus Battery Replacement
iPhone 6S Battery Replacement $69.95
iPhone 6S Plus Battery Replacement
iPhone 6 Battery Replacement
iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement
iPhone SE Battery Replacement
iPhone 5 Battery Replacement
iPhone 5C Battery Replacement
iPhone 5S Battery Replacement
iPhone 4 Battery Replacement
iPhone 4S Battery Replacement
iPhone X Battery Replacement $ To Be Announced


Apple Slows Down iPhones with Aging Batteries


Even if your battery isn't dead yet - you may want to have it replaced ASAP.  Apple IOS software now slows down the processing speed of an iPhone as its battery gets older.  

iPhone Battery Replacement

The larger size of these models allow for a slightly larger battery inside the iPhone 6, and especially in the iPhone 6 Plus, which means an increase in battery life. This is good news for any iPhone users who find they are struggling to get their phone through the day without plugging it in for a top up at some point.

The batteries inside modern smartphones are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Not only are they more powerful than ever, but have also become much less bulky and heavy than in older cell phones. These advances in technology have allowed smartphone manufacturers to add more functions to their phones and also slim the physical phones down considerably.

With longer-lasting batteries, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are plenty capable of running multiple apps at once, while taking the title of being Apple’s thinnest iPhone yet. The battery is sufficiently powerful to light up the larger screens, watch videos, play games, operate apps, keep your cellular signal and your WiFi alive, and still last you through the day.

According to consumer reviews across the Internet, the latest iPhone’s battery life is fairly impressive considering its size. On top of that, the iPhone’s charging time has been greatly improved. The battery is charged to one-third (about 30%) after about 30 minutes of charging, and is usually fully charged within two hours.

Apple promises the battery will work as good as the day you bought it for at least 500 full charges. (Which if you need to charge it every day is about a year and a half.) On their website, they promise:

“A properly maintained iPhone battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 500 full charge and discharge cycles.”

Forbes magazine explains what this means for you as a consumer:

“This means that after 500 charge cycles – probably something achievable in 14-18 months for heavy users that charge their iPhone 6 every day – your iPhone 6 will have lost up to 20% of its battery capacity meaning it will only last 80% as long between charges. The longer you continue to use the battery, the more it will degrade.”


If your iPhone isn’t holding a charge for very long, or isn’t charging at all, you might need to get the battery replaced. The batteries in iPhones are glued in place, and then trapped under cables, metal clips and a screen that is screwed shut. Do-it-yourself guides on the Internet will make replacing the battery sound really simple and problem-free, but in reality, your experience will go a little something like this:

  1. Buy a replacement battery. Most reputable sources, like physical store locations, won’t sell you a replacement iPhone battery without doing the repair themselves, so your only option is to source one online.
  • After paying for one, and waiting for 2+ weeks, you hope you get a battery that offers a warranty and is not shoddily constructed or poorly insulated to explode within 6 months inside your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Worst case scenario: you buy a battery online but the battery never gets shipped to you and your credit card information is stolen.

(Are you still convinced replacing the battery in your iPhone is a good idea? Well, read on!)

  1. While you’re window shopping online for an iPhone battery that looks the least suspicious, you will also need to buy a special screw driver or two, a special tool for lifting up the screen, and possibly also tweezers. Now that you have the battery and the tools, you must:
  2. Unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the iPhone to open the front of the phone up.
  3. Use the suction cup tool to very carefully life the screen up. But don’t lift it too fast or you’ll break the cable connecting it to the rest of the phone! Also don’t shatter your screen or you’ll have to replace that too!
  4. Disconnect the cables from the screen
  5. Unscrew the screws holding the other cables in place
  6. Disconnect more cables – but be careful with these too! They control the display and the main functions of your iPhone, so they are pretty important.
  7. Finally, you’ve reached the battery! Undo the cable connecting it to your iPhone, but don’t remove the socket holding it or the battery won’t work.
  8. By this point you should have noticed the fairly scary warning written on the battery about the possibility of injury if the battery is mishandled. So now you have to use tweezers, which no matter how blunt they are, are still pretty sharp, to lift the tape holding the battery in place.
  9. This tape runs over and under the battery, and you need to get every piece or your new battery won’t sit right. (but who knows? It might not sit right because you bought it off some anonymous seller on the Internet, so you have that to be concerned about as well.)
  10. Now that the battery is mostly free, slide a thin card underneath it without bending either the card or the battery (if you can work out how to do that, then that’s it! You did it!)
  11. Now all you have to do is put your iPhone back together and hope you did everything right and that the battery works.

Instead of experiencing all this very cool stuff and graduating as the iPhone battery replacement expert suma-cum-laude,  you could bring your iPhone to the Techknow Space and experience the kick-up-your-feet and let the experts go to work for you:

  1. Bring your phone to the friendly customer service representative
  2. Leave your phone worry-free, or have a seat in our inviting lounge, watch TV and grab a coffee.
  3. Come back to the customer service desk after an hour
  4. Pay and walk out with a smile on your face.

I am sure the second option would leave you feeling less guilty ;)

iPhone out of warranty battery replacement canada

Apple Canada battery replacement requires an appointment, waiting and then getting yout battery replaced later.  Look for iphone battery replacement near me or speak into your iPhone and ask for "iphone 6 battery replacement service" or "apple iphone 6 battery replacement" and you should find us readily with our published apple battery replacement cost.

iPhone Battery Recall

Visit Apple's website or your nearest store for more information about the iPhone 6 battery recall which is the iPhone 6 battery replacement program. Or better yet dont waste your time for the minimal savings they are offering and get your iPhone battery replaced in Toronto and Mississauga in half an hour.   

iPhone 6 battery problems

The apple iphone 6 battery is not any more problematic than the others it is the nature of these batteries to lose power and cause the iphone 6 unexpected shutdown.  The iPhone 6 battery issues you may have experienced may also occur on other newer and older iPhone models.  You can drop in to TechKnow and have your iPhone 6, 6s or iPhone 7 battery replaced in 30 minutes or wait for an appointment and take advantage of the apple iphone 6s battery replacement program.

For iPhone battery replacement iphone 6 especially (as it is the most popular model right now) you can drop in and have your iPhone 6 battery replaced while you wait - typically 30 minutes. iPhone 6 battery Canada wide shipping is available for your repair to be completed and return shipped quickly - your Apple canada battery replacement appointments can wait as here there is no appointment needed. 

Our table above includes pricing and repair times as one of the most common questions we are asked is about iPhone 6 battery replacement cost canada, or how much is a new battery for iphone 6? -- also included is iphone 6s battery replacement cost along with all other models we carry batteries for. 


Ashar Ghani

8 months ago-

I had an i-pad screen changed. Very satisfied so far with the end quality of the work. The staff was very courteous and did a good job after an initial hick-up. They put on a black colored screen by mistake instead of a white one. It was already beyond their closing time but they themselves offered to change the screen again by staying open late and without any extra charge. I had to wait a little but left very satisfied with their service. Keep up the good work! Thanks

iPhone 5 Series Battery Replacement

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Toronto MississaugaThe battery lifetime has been improved on iPhones 5, 5C and 5S, however, fundamentally, they use the same Lithium Ion technology. That means that the battery would generally have a lifespan of about 2 years, after which you will notice that the battery doesn’t hold enough charge to last you a full day. So it is time for you to get your battery replaced!

Another problem common to Li-ion batteries is that towards the end of its lifecycle the battery can develop internal current. When that happens, the battery heats up and the electrolyte inside starts to vaporize. That’s how batteries get swollen. iPhone batteries, being incased within the device, can damage the screen or the back cover of the phone.  Typically, if you see that your iPhone 5, 5S or 5C screen starts to lift up for no apparent reason – bring it in to our store in Toronto or Mississauga for a battery replacement immediately, before any damage is done to the internals of your precious iPhone.

We carry all batteries in stock for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, and are ready to replace it in less than an hour.

iPhone 4 Series Battery Replacement

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement Toronto MississaugaWe always have batteries for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S in stock. Replacing your iPhone battery would resolve the following issues:

  • Your iPhone battery doesn't charge;
  • Your iPhone battery doesn't hold charge;
  • Your iPhone shuts off even though it's showing that the battery still has some charge

If you are noticing that the behaviour of your iPhone 4/4S battery has changed siginificantly since you bought the phone - don't wait and get your battery replaced as soon as possible! If a faulty battery is kept in the device for a longer period of time it can affect other components, possibly making the repairs a lot more difficult and costly! For example, a bad iPhone battery can swell and actually break the back cover of an iPhone 4 or 4S!

Chantelle G

6 months ago

We had a very pleasant experience with the manager and staff of techknowspace. Our iPhone screen was damaged on couple occasions and the staff did a great job with fixing it as well as giving after service tips on caring for the device. they even put in a screen protector for added care..

iPhone Battery Swelling

An aging iPhone battery may swell -- that is inflate almost like a balloon.  This swelling iPhone battery problem can can happen due to age, damage, or having gotten the iPhone wet.  Sometimes the swollen battery can pu so much pressure on the inside of the iPhone it can cause the screen break. In this case you will need your screen replaced as well - but the good news is when replacing your screen we replace the battery at half price.    

iPod Batteries

We replace batteries for the following iPod Touch models. All battery prices include installation.

iPod Touch Model Battery Price Installation Time
iPod Touch 4 $69.95 30-40 Minutes
iPod Touch 5
iPod Touch 6

LG Phone Batteries

We replace batteries for the following LG Phone models. All battery prices include installation (if required).

LG Phone Model Battery Price Installation Time
LG G3 $49.95 No Installation Required
LG G5 $79.95 20-30 Minutes
LG Nexus 4
LG Nexus 5 $69.95
LG Nexus 5X $79.95
LG Optimus $49.95 No Installation Required
LG Optimus G2 $89.95 20-30 Minutes
LG Shine $49.95 No Installation Required
LG Shine Plus

Motorola Batteries

We replace batteries for the following Motorola Phone models. All battery prices include installation.

Motorola Phone Model Battery Price Installation Time
Motorola Nexus 6 $79.95 20-30 Minutes
Motorola RAZR $119.95

Nokia Batteries

We replace batteries for the following Nokia Phone models. All battery prices include installation.

Nokia Phone Model Battery Price Installation Time
Nokia Lumia 900 $99.95 20-30 Minutes
Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia Lumia 1020
Nokia Lumia 1520

OnePlus Batteries

We replace batteries for the following OnePlus Phone models. All battery prices include installation.

OnePlus Phone Model Battery Price Installation Time
OnePlus 1 $99.95 20-30 Minutes
OnePlus 2
OnePlus 3/3T

Samsung Phone Batteries

Samsung Phone Batteries Toronto, In Stock at The TechKnow Space, and Samsung phone batteries Mississauga.   We carry batteries and adapters for Samsung phones.  

Swappable Samsung Batteries are available over the counter at both of our two convenient locations in Toronto and in Mississauga, open 7 days a week:

We replace batteries for the following Samsung Phone models. All battery prices include installation (if required).

Samsung Phone Model Battery Price Installation Time
Samsung A5 2015 $119.95 20-30 Minutes
Samsung Ace/Ace2 $49.95 No Installation Required
Samsung Admire A8
Samsung BE
Samsung BG
Samsung Corby
Samsung Grand Prime
Samsung Gravity
Samsung Infuse 4G
Samsung Mega
Samsung Mini
Samsung Nexus
Samsung Nexus S
Samsung Note
Samsung Note 2
Samsung Note 3
Samsung Note 4
Samsung Note 5 $79.95 20-30 Minutes
Samsung Pixion $49.95 No Installation Required
Samsung S3
Samsung S4
Samsung S4 Mini
Samsung S5
Samsung S6 $79.95 20-30 Minutes
Samsung S6 Edge
Samsung S7
Samsung S7 Edge

Sony Batteries

We replace batteries for the following Sony Phone models. All battery prices include installation (if required).

Sony Phone Model Battery Price Installation Time
Sony Ericsson $49.95 No Installation Required
Sony LT30A $99.95 30-40 Minutes
Sony Xperia Z
Sony Xperia Z2
Sony Xperia Z3
Sony Xperia Z5
Sony Xperia ZL
Sony Xperia Z Ultra $79.95

My Battery Is Not Listed

The battery I need isn’t listed here.


If you can’t find your phone model listed on this page, Contact Us

Chances are:

  • We have the battery in stock and were too busy to update this webpage;
  • We really don’t have it, but can special-order it for you. Most special-order batteries arrive within a couple days.


Phone Battery Life Saving Tips

Battery life-saving tips

  1. Once every few months or so, use your phone until the battery runs down all the way, to the point that the phone shuts down, and then charge it all the way up. With many devices this helps to “recalibrate” the battery.
  2. Turn off location services. Tracking your location uses GPS and drains your battery a lot. If you switch it off completely, you will commonly see up to as much as a 50% improvement in your battery life! If you must use location services for certain apps, most phones will allow you to select which apps have access to location data. Preventing apps you don’t use on a daily basis from having location information is a good solution for extending your battery life.
  3. Lower your screen brightness or turn on automatic brightness. As simple as it sounds, most people forget about this. Your screen is typically the one component of the phone that consumes the most of your battery. Lowering the brightness of your screen is a sure way to get more out of your battery.
  4. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If you travel around a lot you can switch your Wi-Fi off when you cannot use it. When switched on, your phone’s Wi-Fi is constantly searching for networks to connect to, which takes a toll on your battery life. Bluetooth is similar, if you don’t use it often you can keep it switched off, and only turn it on when you need it. When you are in a Wi-Fi zone however, make sure to switch to Wi-Fi as opposed to using your mobile data.
  5. Close apps running in the background. A lot of apps, once started, keep constantly running in the background, ready to provide you with notification updates. Try fully closing the apps you don’t use too frequently.  

Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860