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Charging Port and Power Jack Repairs - Devices

Our certified technical specialists expertly repair devices with charging port issues arising from physical damage and electronic failure.  Devices we service include: smart phones, laptops, tablets, macbooks, desktop computers, gaming consoles and wearables.


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Game Consoles

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iPhones & other Smart Phones


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 Other devices we can repair charging ports for:

  • GoPro Cameras
  • Wireless Headphones
  • Some Bluetooth Speakers

Charging Port Repair for Smart Phones

You absolutely rely on your smartphone charging port to keep your phones powered and alive, transfer your important documents to other devices, and on some phones even to connect your earphones...

When your phone's usb port or charging port fails the usefullness of your device depletes as quickly as the battery drains to zero!  Getting your power port repaired fast becomes a time-sensitive issue.   

Select your phone brand for details relating to repairing your specific device or continue reading below for more information about cell phone charging port repair.      

We repair charging ports for the following phone brands:

Typical turnaround time for smartphone charging port repair is

1 hour

With an approximate repair price range of

$49 to $169

Lightning Port Repair

$59.95 - $149.95

Micro-USB &
USB-C Port Repair

$69.95 - $159.95

USB-C Port Repair 

$99.95 - $149.95

Micro-USB &
Mini USB Port Repair

$49.95 - $129.95

Micro-USB &
USB-C Port Repair

$59.95 - $169.95

Micro-USB &
USB-C Port Repair

$79.95 - $119.95

SB-C &
Micro-USB Port Repair

$49.95 - $129.95

Micro-USB Port Repair

$49.95 - $109.95

Micro-USB &
USB C Port Repair

$59.95 - $159.95

Micro-USB &
USB-C Port Repair

$89.95 - $169.95

Micro-USB &
USB-C Port Repair

$59.95 - $139.95


The Cellphone Charging Port or Smartphone Charging Port may also be referred to as a:

Sync PortUSB PortPower port, Dock Connector, or Charging Connector.


We address, restore, refurbish, and resucitate the following damaged Phone charging port situations:

  • Phone charging port repair
  • phone power connector repair
  • broken phone charging port connector repair
  • phone USB port replacement
  • fixing broken dock connector
  • Phone won't sync - sync port repair
  • iPhone charging port repairs
  • iPhone Lightning Port replacement
  • Samsung charging port repair
  • Galaxy phone USB charging port repair


"My Apple iPhone 6 doesn't charge. What do I do?"        

If you are noticing your cell phone having problems with charging, or your smartphone takes a very long time to finish charging the battery, these issues can often be solved by replacing the charging port inside your phone.

This repair can solve many power issues, but it’s not an easy repair to accomplish on your own. The Techknow Space is open, with extended hours, 7 days a week to offer you high quality, 1 hour charging port replacements for all smartphones.

Apple iPhone charging port repairs at the Techknow Space are your solution for common smartphone issues with your iPhone dock connector, such as battery issues or other power issues.


“I can’t turn on my Galaxy S6 Edge. I think it’s the charging port that’s the problem. How can I tell?”

If you are unsure of what part of your Samsung phone is causing you problems, the Techknow Space has expert technicians working on site 7 days a week to offer you fast and accurate diagnostic services.

When you bring your smartphone to the Techknow Space, our technicians can often determine the cause of your cell phone troubles within a few minutes.

Thinking of replacing a charging port on your phone yourself?

Consider the tools needed, the number of intricate steps involved , and how fragile(easy to damage) the internal components are.

There is a fair amount of prying and force required, and often the application of heat.  You will need to be aware of delicate ribbon cables and surface-mount electronic components concealed beneath the casing and take great care not to cause damage when seperating the housing.

Tools needed:  High power inspections microscope, Precision soldering and rework station, pry tools, extra screws(they are tiny and easy to lose).

Example: A summary of an iPhone 5S charging port repair process:

Remove rear panel (tiny screws)

Remove the battery (many tiny screws and brackets, the battery is also affixed with adhesive)

Remove the speaker enclosure assembly (tiny screws and connector covers)

Detach the Dock Connector/Charging Port ribbon cable (be careful, tears easily and is secured with adhesive - may require heat)

Remove the antenna (tiny connectors)

Remove tiny plastic spacers (don't lose them)

Remove the anti-conductive tape (don't damage it and make sure it goes back in exactly the same place)

Remove more connector covers (at this point it is very easy to damage ribbon cables and components underneath)

Remove the Home Button (it is common for technicians to damage the home button connector and cable the first few times during training)

Remove the microphone holder (very small and bouncy - don't lose it)

Remove 1.3mm screws securing the Dock Connector

Remove spacers

Pry the Dock connector away from the housing (it is secured with adhesive)

Ok!  Got it?  No? 

TechKnow Space is the answer!  

You should consider ahead of time the risks involved with a charging port repair attempt such as damaging other nearby components, short circuting the mainboard due to solder droplets or over-application of heat to the internal USB port pins.


You probably already know that your charging port also doubles as a data port -- meaning with a failed or damaged port -- when you connect the phone to your laptop to transfer your latest album of photos and videos you may find that the connection drops, corrupts data, or the phone may not even detect as being connected.


Charging and data transfer may not be the only functionality you rely on the USB port for.  On the iPhone 7 the Lightning Port, as the iPhone's charging port is called, is also used to plug in headphones.


How do I know my phone charging port needs repair?

You get up in the morning (late!) relaizing your wake-up alarm didn't go off because your phone is powered off and won't turn on - yet it's been plugged into a charger all night.

Annoying repetetive connection-beeps while your phone is plugged into your laptop, and your folder window keeps closing just as you select files to transfer.

Walk in without an appointment - walk out 1 hour later with an expertly repaired smartphone Charging Port/Dock Connector.

We repair the charging port on the following (but not limited to) phone models:

iPhone 7/7 Plus,6/6 Plus,6S/6S Plus,5/5S/5C,4/4S

Samsung S7, S6/S6 Edge, S6+/S6 Edge+, S5/S5 Neo, S4, S3

Sony Xperia Z/Z2/Z3/Z4/Z5

One Plus 1/2/3

Nexus Phones

Google Pixel/Pixel XL

Power Jack Repair for Laptops

The power jack or AC Adapter connector on your laptop is essential not only for keeping it charged up but also for maximizing the life of your battery -- a particular problem with a damaged power jack that works sometimes and sometimes not is indeed premature battery failure...

Choose your laptop brand for specific details relating to the repair of your laptop power connector.

More info about laptop power jack repair follows below.


We repair power jacks for the following laptop brands:

Typical laptop power jack repair turnaround time is

Same to next day

With a repair price range of

$99 to $129



The Laptop Power Jack may be called a Power Port, Power Connector, Charging Port, or AC Adapter Port.


We repair, restore, resucitate and revive the following damaged laptop power jack situations:

  • Laptop charging port repair
  • laptop power connector repair
  • broken laptop charger connector repair
  • Laptop power jack replacement
  • fixing broken laptop power connector
  • Acer power jack repairs
  • HP Laptop power connector repair
  • Toshiba AC adapter connection repair

“I think I can do a charging port repair on my HP Pavilion DV6 by myself. Looks like a no brainer in the uTube video!”

Step by step instructions for laptop charging port repairs will always skew the repair process to sound much simpler than it actually is in reality.

Repair guides are only as good as the people creating them, and on the Internet, there is often no way to verify the skill level and trustworthiness of the instructions or of the person who wrote them.

Another thing to keep in mind about doing laptop DC jack repairs or replacements on your own is that repair guides are only meant to be just that – guides.

A sample process of opening up a laptop:

1. Remove bottom cover

Just getting the laptop dissasembled can be a daunting exercise - especially when you have a handful of 15 to 35 little screws of different sizes just after removing the bottom cover...

2. Remove the keyboard - sometimes this will be sufficient to get at the power jack

...but you nay have to remove the mainboard completely

3. Undo more different size screws...

4. Disconnect all the ribbon cables...

The tiny ribbon cable connectors are fragile - very easy to inadvertently break - not to mention the cables themselves tend to rip if even only a little more force than necessary is applied...


Laptop power jack connectors rarely serve any other function than providing live AC power and charging the battery...


Some symptoms of a faulty laptop power port are:

  • Intermittent charging and persistent notifications that your AC power supply has been removed

  • Laptop loses power and shuts of randomly

  • Battery not charging message

With a repair guide, the steps are more meant to be a suggestion as to what your repair process will be like, and if something goes wrong or is slightly different inside your laptop, the guide can easily steer you in the wrong direction.

Choosing the Techknow Space for your laptop power adapter repair is the smart option. Our technicians are experts at all laptop repairs and have the skills and knowledge to anticipate or navigate any other issues that might occur while repairing your laptop’s DC Jack.

Apple Mac, Macbook Magsafe Power Port Repair

The magsafe power adapter on all Macbooks is a vital part of the normal usage for your Macbook. Without a working charging port, using your Macbook is impossible.

There are plenty of resources out in the infinite space of the Internet, but it can be very difficult sometimes to determine what resources are legitimate and which are less than trustworthy.


Typical MacBook MagSafe power jack repair turnaround time is

Same to next day

With an repair price range of

$129 to $199

Apple Macbook MagSafe Connector Repair


The Apple Macbook Power Jack is officially called the Magsafe Power Connector.  It can also be referred to as a Charging Port or Power Port.


We restore and revive the following damaged macbook power jack situations:

  • MacBook charging port repair
  • MacBook MagSafe repair
  • Macbook AC adapter connector repair
  • MacBook Won't Charge repair
  • MacBook won't turn on repair
  • Macbook power problem repair

“I want to change my Macbook Pro A1278 magsafe port by myself. Where should I start?”

A typical DIY repair process for a Macbook magsafe replacement can include:

  • Remove all the screws on the bottom of the Macbook’s case
  • Carefully disconnect the battery from the rest of the inside of your Macbook Pro (this step needs to be done the right way, as it can be easy to short out your laptop, or ruin the battery connectors.)
  • Unscrew and separate the fan from the motherboard (this step can be risky because of the possibility of damage to the fan or worse, damage to the motherboard.)
  • Detach the cables for the speakers, camera, Bluetooth, disc drive, hard drive, and trackpad from the logic board (damaging any of these thin, fragile cables, or the connection for them on the logic board can make one repair process easily turn into more work than it was originally worth very quickly.)
  • Remove the keyboard and display cables from the logic board. (doing this wrong can result in very expensive fixes)
  • Take out the screws holding the logic board and display cable in. (All of these screws are of varying sizes and lengths, so mixing them up or losing some would be BAD.)
  • Once the motherboard is out, all you have to do is remove the magsafe connector from the motherboard and stick a new one on.
  • Great! You made it this far – now all you need to do is complete all these steps in reverse and hope there are no bad surprises once you’ve reassembled your A1278 13” Macbook Pro magsafe power adapter replacement.


Instead of tearing your hair out in frustration or stress, trying to repair your Macbook magsafe DC jack on your own, just visit the Techknow Space.

The Techknow Space, located conveniently in Mississauga across from Square One and in Toronto near the Rogers Centre and the CN Tower, is your best solution for all Macbook magsafe power adapter repairs.

Micro USB, Lightning Charging Port Repair For Tablets

Tablets are typically used exclusively on battery power - and they usually require a lot of power - so having a functional charging port is completely necessary. When your battery runs low and you need a recharge that USB charging connector better be working!

Like smartphones, the charging port on tablets also serves the dual purpose of being a sync port...

Syncing your data (such as document, photos and videos) to other devices is often the most convenient method available...

Connecting your tablet to another device while having a damaged charging port risks cauing further damage to the tablet itself as well as causing internal circut and/or IC damage to the device it is connected to...

Specific information about repairing the USB charging port on your tablet can be found by navigating via the brands listed here...

Of course there is more information about tablet charging connectors underneath the images for your academic or professional interest.


We repair charging ports for the following tablet brands:

Typical laptop charging port repair turnaround time is

2 hours

With an repair price range of

$79 to $139

Apple iPad Samsung Galaxy Tab
Asus Tablet Blackberry Playbook
Microsoft Surface Amazon Kindle


The Tablet Charging Port may be called a USB Port, Power Connector, Charging Connector, or Sync Port.


We fix, revive and refurbish the following damaged tablet USB sync port situations:

  • iPad charging port repair
  • Samsung Tab charging port repair
  • Tablet USB port repair
  • Broken tablet sync port repair
  • Tablet micro USB port repairs
  • Tablet power connector repair
  • Microsoft Surface charging port repair

“What are good resources for DIY iPad 4 charging port repairs?”

The Techknow Space doesn’t recommend anyone trying to complete a sync port repair on any tablet, but some devices are definitely more complicated than others.


For instance, the charging port replacement on Apple’s iPad 4 is difficult to begin with, and is made even more challenging because the only way to access the internal components of the lightning connector port is to remove the screen assembly.

The iPad screen removal process is very complicated because it requires you to carefully heat up the adhesive holding the glass layer to the rest of the iPad.

This heating process is easy to get wrong, and breaking the glass touchscreen layer on your iPad while trying to open it up is a very real and likely possibility.

Another problem you might encounter with separating the glass from your iPad is scratching or otherwise damaging the second layer of the screen, the display.

The LCD is separate from the glass, but that definitely doesn’t mean it isn’t in any danger from a mistake or slip of your hand while trying to DIY an iPad repair.

So now you’ve miraculously managed to remove all of the adhesive strips under the glass without breaking it. All you need to do now is get the screen off without ruining any of the cables attached to it.

Yay! You finally reached the USB charging port component. Replace and reassemble – fingers crossed you did everything right and you’ve fixed your problem on the first attempt…


But instead of going through all of that craziness, there is an easy and fast alternative – visiting the Techknow Space.


The Techknow Space’s in-house experts are skilled at all tablet power adapter replacements, and can complete these repairs while you wait!

We have two great stores in Toronto and Mississauga with extended hours, 7 days a week, to serve you better.

When would a tablet USB charging port need repair?

  • Frequent low battery level warnings

  • No power at all

  • The tablet shuts off when you plug an accessory into the USB port

  • The tablet won't turn, or shuts off immediatley after powering on

We repair the charging port for the following (but not limited to) tablet models:

iPad 1,2,3,4th, Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Microsoft Surface, Surface Pro


Unlike other devices your desktop or tower computer doesn't have an internal battery that needs charging. You need a fully functional power supply to power up your computer and use it on AC power.

When a computer power supply fails your power-computing - instantly becomes NO COMPUTING.

Click on the image to continue to the Computer Repair page.

Typical turnaround time for computer power supply replacement is

1 Day

With an approximate repair price range of

$89 to $229

A tower or desktop computer power supply may also be called the AC supply, or power unit


If you think it's simple to just swap out the failed power supply with a new one you may be in for a surprise if you don't know the specific volts and amps requirements of your computer...

Yes you can find cheap computer power supplies online, but what if you order the wrong one - it provides too much, or not enough power. It may not even physically fit into the computer's enclosure, or the mounting points may be different.


Let's say you pick up or receive your new power supply, it fits in, and all the connectors match.  BUT it doesn't provide adequate current to the computer mainboard (which you may or may not even know).  You could end up frying the mainboard of your expensive power-gaming-machine!...

Consider also that the computer power supply also provides electricity to any accesories you plug into the USB ports. They could be left non-functional or even damaged themselves from either over or under powering the volts and/or amps...


Trying to identify symptoms of computer power supply that requires replacement?

  • No power at all
  • Power light comes on but no display on the screen
  • The computer turns on and shuts off by itself
  • Noise from the power supply unit or back of the computer

GoPro Camera Charging Port Repair

For many GoPro camera models we are able to replace your broken USB charging port.

Repair Turnaround Time: 1 to 20 days (depending on model and whether we have to order or special order your port).

GoPro Hero3 Charging Port Replacement: $159.95.

Power Port Repair for Game Consoles

Gaming consoles such as Sony Playstation and Microsoft XBOX have power jack connectors which you plug the AC adapter into.

No batteries here - thus no charging is involved - just simply power-gaming on AC power ;)

Click the image to go to the Gaming Console repair page

Typical turnaround time for gaming console power connector repair is

1 to 4 Days 

With an approximate repair price range of

$89 to $159

A game console power jack could be referred to as a power connector, AC adapter port, power jack or power pins...

A do-it-yourself game console power supply or connector repair is actually rather complex.  If there is physical damage to the port the power supply unit inside may need to be removed, disassembled and repaired, or the entire power unit may require replacement.

There is a fair bit of work involved in either case.   Game consoles are constructed to make them difficult to take apart without breaking housing or electronic components...

Replacement power supply parts or connectors can be difficult to find...


What behaviour would suggest the need for a game console power port repair?

  • Game console doesn't turn on
  • The console shuts off in the middle of a game
  • There is not enough power to run optical and/or hard drive
  • The console's lights flash on and off seemingly at random

Cell Phone Charging Port Repair - Models

The following is an example list of phone models we repair charging ports for:

This list is not exclusive - if you don't see your model you can inquire or visit the smartphone repair page.

iPhone 4 iPhone 4S
iPhone 5 iPhone 5C
iPhone 5S iPhone 6

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Mega

LG G Flex LG G2
LG G3 LG Nexus 4
LG Nexus 5

HTC Raider HTC One

Sony Xperia Z Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Blackberry Q10 Blackberry Z10
Blackberry Z30 Blackberry Bold 9700
Blackberry Bold 9780 Blackberry Bold 9790
Blackberry Bold 9900 Blackberry Torch 9800
Blackberry Torch 9810 Blackberry Torch 9860
Blackberry Curve 9360

Motorola Moto X

Nokia Lumia 920 Nokia Lumia 1020

Tablet Charging Port Repair - Models

The following is an example list of tablet models we repair charging ports for:

This list is not exclusive - if you don't see your model you can inquire or visit the tablet repair page.

iPad 1 iPad 2
iPad 3 iPad 4
iPad Air iPad Mini
iPad Mini Retina

Asus Nexus 7 Transformer TF101
Transformer TF201 Transformer TF300/TF301

Kindle Fire HD 7 inch Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch

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