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iPhone Mute Button Repair

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The iPhone has the mute button or sometimes known as the silent mode switch typically right above the volume buttons, it is important for switching your ringer off so the phone will vibrate when a call comes in.

If the mute button doesn’t work, you may not be able to hear when you receive a phone call or may not be able to silence your phones ringer.

iPhone Model
Mute Button Repair
Repair Price Typical
Repair Time
iPhone X Mute/Silent Switch Replacement $CALL ~1 Hour
iPhone 8 Plus Mute/Silent Switch Replacement $CALL
iPhone 8 Mute/Silent Switch Replacement $CALL
iPhone 7 Plus Mute/Silent Switch Replacement $CALL 1 Hour
iPhone 7 Mute/Silent Switch Replacement
iPhone 6S Plus Mute/Silent Switch Replacement
iPhone 6S Mute/Silent Switch Replacement
iPhone 6 Plus Mute/Silent Switch Replacement
iPhone 6 Mute/Silent Switch Replacement
iPhone 5S Mute/Silent Switch Replacement $69.95
iPhone 5C Mute/Silent Switch Replacement $69.95
iPhone 5 Mute/Silent Switch Replacement $69.95
iPhone 4S Mute/Silent Switch Replacement $49.95
iPhone 4 Mute/Silent Switch Replacement $49.95


The mute switch might not seem like an important part, but using your phone without can get pretty inconvenient at times. Phones are meant to make your life easier, not more difficult – so why live with a device that doesn’t work 100%?

Come to The TechKnow Space and let the experts fix your iPhone mute switch within the hour, and allow you to enjoy the benefits of a working mute switch:

  1. Allow you to attend meetings without interruption.
  2. Snooze at night with no annoying notifications or call from different time zones.
  3. Enjoy movies and other public entertainment without aggravating the “public” around you.
  4. Now that airlines allow in-flight mobile use, let your co-passengers enjoy their quiet meditation, work, or rest.

Living without a working mute switch can get really inconvenient – just imagine going into the settings of your iPhone to mute it every time you are sitting in class, library, going to the movies or theatre where you need to mute the phone! It’s definitely much easier to do that by just flipping the mute switch. If your iPhone mute switch needs to be repaired – bring it in to our expert repair gurus who will replace it while you wait in our comfy lounge drinking coffee and watching TV!

Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860