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Typical turnaround time for computer power supply replacement is

1 Day

With an approximate repair price range of

$89 to $229

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A tower or desktop computer power supply may also be called the AC supply, or power unit


If you think it's simple to just swap out the failed power supply with a new one you may be in for a surprise if you don't know the specific volts and amps requirements of your computer...

Yes you can find cheap computer power supplies online, but what if you order the wrong one - it provides too much, or not enough power. It may not even physically fit into the computer's enclosure, or the mounting points may be different.


Let's say you pick up or receive your new power supply, it fits in, and all the connectors match.  BUT it doesn't provide adequate current to the computer mainboard (which you may or may not even know).  You could end up frying the mainboard of your expensive power-gaming-machine!...

Consider also that the computer power supply also provides electricity to any accesories you plug into the USB ports. They could be left non-functional or even damaged themselves from either over or under powering the volts and/or amps...


Trying to identify symptoms of computer power supply that requires replacement?

  • No power at all
  • Power light comes on but no display on the screen
  • The computer turns on and shuts off by itself
  • Noise from the power supply unit or back of the computer

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