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Camera Repair For Laptops

When other repair shops can't solve your Laptop camera problem we can guarantee a laptop camera logic board repair 9 times out of 10. 

Logic Board Repair For All Devices



Why deal with a broken laptop camera when you have the ability to get it repaired for a fraction of what it would cost to buy an external webcam? Here at The TechKnow Space, we specialize in laptop camera repairs (among many other things, of course!). 



Typical turnaround time for a laptop camera repair is:

Same to Next Day

With an approximate repair price range of:

$109 to $179 (MacBooks) $69 to $139 (All other models)


We Repair Laptop Cameras for the Following Brands:


  • Acer
  • Apple MacBook
  • Asus
  • Compaq
  • Dell
  • Fujitsu
  • Gateway
  • HP
  • IBM/Lenovo
  • LG
  • MSI
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Toshiba


Nearly every laptop or MacBook has a camera and they’re used for a variety of purposes, whether for VoIP conference calls or chatting with family while you’re abroad. In today’s media-driven society, people even use them to film YouTube videos to post on the internet. With a broken laptop camera or MacBook camera, you’re going to be in a tough spot - especially if you’re a frequent “video conferencer”.


Laptop cameras and MacBook cameras are built similarly to any other type of internal camera that you find within your devices and they offer the same functions such as snapping photos and recording video. In most cases, you’ll find that laptop cameras may not have the same impressive video quality but they are equally as difficult to repair without the right hands-on skill.


Mainboard Damage

When replacing the camera doesn't solve the issue or there are unusual behaviours when using the camera as a webcam or taking photos and videos the motherboard is likely the culprit. The camera speaks to and is controlled by the mainboard. If it has a problem you will need a mainboard/motherboard repair

Symptoms include: camera doesn't work after being replaced.


How to Test a Laptop Camera


Testing a laptop / MacBook camera should be just as simple as testing your phone camera, especially because you can access the properties directly from your computer’s “Devices” settings.


Step 1: Visit Camera Settings Page

The first step is to find where your camera is listed in your computer’s “Device Settings” and this will differ depending on your OS (Operating System). For example, for MacBook’s built-in iSight settings can be found under “Finder” > “Utilities” > “Built-in iSight” and for Windows 8.1 you would need to open “Camera” > “Settings” > “Options”.

Once you’ve accessed the right settings page, ensure that your laptop camera is turned on and functioning properly. If not, proceed to step 2.


Step 2: Software Updates

Often times developers will release an update for your computer’s software that improves the performance of your laptop camera, among other things. Ensure that your laptop has been updated to the latest version.


Step 3: Take Test Photos

If your laptop / MacBook camera seems to be functioning but you’re experiencing difficulties with getting a clear and crisp image you should take test photos to see if the same flaws transfer from the preview window to the processed image. If so, be sure to bring your device into one of our locations in Mississauga or Toronto for laptop camera repair today!



“Can I Do an At-Home Laptop Camera Repair?”


As much as we would love for you to learn more about how the inner components of your laptop work, we would have to say no. Laptop camera repairs are a delicate process that may not only require you to separate the outside casing with a prying tool but to also remove a variety of cables from the motherboard.

To give you a better idea of what’s involved with an at-home laptop / MacBook camera repair, consider these brief instructions:


Step 1: Removing the Outer Casing

This step is quite possibly the easiest part of the process as all you will have to do is remove the outer casing from your laptop. You’re going to need screwdrivers that are adaptable to the type of screws installed on your device, which most likely means a trip to the hardware store. Aside from that, ensure you keep track of all of the small screws.


Step 2: Removing the Motherboard and Keyboard

Depending on how your laptop / MacBook was manufactured, you’re now going to have to remove the motherboard and keyboard. During this step, you’ll be responsible for detaching delicate wires and cables from various components of your laptop to the motherboard. Not to mention you’re also going to need to remember where everything goes once it’s time to reassemble the device.


Step 3: Replacing the Camera

Now that you’ve disassembled everything, it’s now time to replace the camera in the unit. First, you will have to order a part online from a reputable source, hope that it shows up at your door within a reasonable time frame, and then hope that it’s even the right part. All of this stress will occur before you even begin to install the new camera. Doesn’t seem like it’s worth the trouble, right? That’s why it’s always better to take your device into The TechKnow Space for laptop camera repair instead of trying to do it at home!


Our Laptop Camera Repair Services


REVIEW: Shahida Kurji

"Very good service, professionals and delivery before time. My 2nd timehere and never going anywhere else. Worth every cent."


When it comes to finding the right team of professionals to handle your laptop camera repair, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Not only do we help to make the process simpler but we also offer competitive prices and competitive turnaround times.

If you’ve begun to notice that your laptop camera or MacBook camera isn’t working or showing poor video quality, it means it’s time to bring your device into The TechKnow Space for a camera repair in either our Mississauga or Toronto locations. With extended hours, we’re always readily available to assist you and have your internal camera back up and running in no time!



The Importance of Laptop Camera Repairs


Imagine being in a situation where you’re getting prepared for an online interview and you find your laptop / MacBook camera isn’t working. It’s going to be a little bit more than your standard “Uh oh” situation! You’re going to need repairs A S A P! There are many situations when choosing our laptop camera repairs are the best decision ranging from having regular access to video conferencing to filming videos to post on social media.

  • High-Quality Video Conferencing: Whether for personal or professional use, there’s nothing more frustrating than logging into Skype or any other video conferencing software and not having a working camera. You may need to give a presentation at school or communicate with your team while you’re working from home. Bring your broken laptop camera into The TechKnow Space for repairs today so you can get back to VoIP conversations like before.

  • Having Clear and Crisp Video Conversations: Much like it’s important to have access to a functioning laptop camera, you also want to have clear and crisp video quality to use to your advantage. There’s nothing worse than chatting online with a friend or family member and them not being able to see you clearly. Whether it’s as a result of overheating or dirt trapped inside of your camera, our technicians will be more than willing to help!

  • Posting Social Media Videos: Everyone has had the itch to record a video review once in a while, and in the event that you decide to act on that itch it’s important to have a functioning laptop camera. Otherwise, you’re going to have to film it on another device, upload it to your computer, edit it, and then post it. Bringing your laptop into The TechKnow Space is just easier!


How We Can Help


Choosing to bring your laptop or MacBook into The TechKnow Space for laptop camera repairs is probably the easiest decision you will make all week! We help to make the process as painless and stress-free as possible. Once you drop your device off at one of our locations in either Mississauga or Toronto the device will be out of your frustrated hands and into our healing ones.

Available with extended hours, come on into The TechKnow Space (without an appointment!) to let us help you with your laptop camera repair needs.


About Camera Repair


What are Device Cameras?


The cameras inside of your devices may seem simple enough, but from a technical point of view, they handle an assortment of tasks within a few seconds. If you were to slow down the entire process of taking a picture, it could take minutes. This is why these components aren’t as easy to repair as you think and why you should leave the job to the professionals.


The TechKnow Space - 11+ Years in Business

iPhone Component Repairs - Breakdown

Front Camera Repairs: 32%, Back Camera Repairs: 68%


Common Phone Camera, Laptop Camera, and Tablet Camera Component Repairs


Since device cameras are such delicate parts to your tablet, smartphone, and laptop they may frequently be in need of repairs. They are entirely exposed in the event of water damage, impact damage, and electrical failure. When you take a picture there are 5 main components your device’s camera will use:


  • Focusing Lens: This component is required to achieve the maximum amount of sharpness when taking a photo.

  • Sensor: The sensor in your front camera and back camera is necessary for capturing the perfect amount of light for an image. If this is damaged, your photos will come out underexposed, dark, and barely visible.

  • Aperture: Without this component, the amount of light that enters the lens cannot be controlled. A damaged aperture is one of the main reasons as to why people realize they need to come into The TechKnow Space for front camera and back camera repairs. You’ll notice that when you take a picture, it will be overexposed as a result of too much light entering the lens.

  • Shutter: As another component that is responsible for managing exposure, your shutter will determine how long the sensor is exposed to light. This is another common reason as to why device owners come to us for camera repairs.

  • Camera Hardware: Depending on the device you own, there will be different hardware components that actually capture the image, process it, and record it in the memory of your device.


Now that you’re aware of the lengthy process involved with snapping a picture of something as simple as a scratch on the wall, it’s easy to understand how device camera repairs are a speciality more than something you can do at home.



How to Test Your Device’s Front Camera and Back Camera


Depending on the device you own, testing the cameras should be relatively easy. In comparison to testing other parts of your device, such as the loudspeaker which we also repair at The TechKnow Space! testing your cameras should be a breeze.

Before you bring your device into The TechKnow Space for repairs, we encourage you to test your cameras and check these important settings to determine if the issue is as a result of user-error (don’t worry - it happens to the best of us!) or something more severe such as electrical failure.

As each device’s camera settings will be different, below are some general steps to consider when trying to test your phone camera, laptop camera, or tablet camera. On our site, you can also find more detailed information about how to check phone camera settings, laptop camera settings, and tablet camera settings.


Step 1: Visit the Camera Settings

The first thing to do is check your camera settings. This will allow you to change things such as contrast, brightness, and even turn the camera on and off. Make sure that you go through all of your settings to ensure that if it’s not a problem with the camera itself.


Step 2: Taking Pictures and Videos

The next step will be to test the quality of the camera by taking pictures or recording a quick video. You’ll be able to notice any imperfections in the photos that could be as a result of camera failure.


Step 3: Bring Your Device In!

If you’ve toyed with the settings on your device and it still appears to not be working, we encourage you to bring your phone camera, laptop camera, or tablet camera into The TechKnow Space for repair. Our team of expert technicians will diagnose the issue and replace the camera, if necessary. We’re available with extended hours for your convenience.



"Great service staff. Very professional, reasonably priced."


Common Reasons You May Need a Front Camera and Back Camera Repair


There are plenty of reasons as to why you might find yourself in a position where you’re looking for a front camera repair, back camera repair, and/or laptop camera repair, including:

  • Random Camera Failure: It’s quite often for users to boot up their devices and find that their camera just isn’t working, even though it was working perfectly the day before. This seemingly random event can be incredibly difficult to deal with - especially if you had no prior indication your cameras were failing.

  • Physical Damage from Falls: We’ve all been there - you think you have a great grip on your device only to drop it when you’re walking up the stairs or moving from one room to another. Physical damage from falls is one of the main reasons as to why we offer the services we do, such as device screen repairs. The important thing is that most people don’t know they could also be in need of camera repairs as a result of fall damage.

  • Power Surge: As another seemingly unpredictable event, a power surge can be responsible for forcing you to look for camera repairs from The TechKnow Space. Your internal camera works because of intricate electrical components that are particularly susceptible to power surges and if one occurs, it’s going to short the entire system.

  • Overheating Devices: There are 2 main issues with an overheating device that could lead directly to needing camera repairs. The first issue is that the overheating has created a significant blur in the camera lens. The second is that the overheating has caused such a hot temperature in the camera lens that thermal temperature stress causes the lens to entirely shatter and/or crack. Either way, you’re going to need to bring your device into either our Mississauga or Toronto location for a phone camera, laptop camera, or tablet camera repair.



Why You Shouldn’t Repair a Front Camera or Back Camera at Home


The idea of DIY repairs has taken the internet by storm, but it’s always important to consider the difficulty of a task before you throw yourself into the process head-first. As with any other type of device repair, your internal camera or front and back cameras are delicate and need to be handled with care.


Caution: We cannot stand by any online tutorials to teach you how to replace your device camera. Typically these resources are written by people as they are conducting the repairs and their credibility cannot be confirmed. Use online tutorials at your own risk, especially if you don’t have any previous device repair experience.


If you’re still interested in figuring out how to replace your phone front camera and rear camera, laptop camera, or tablet camera at home, here's an example of the intricate steps involved in the process:


Step 1: Opening the Device

The first thing you’re going to need to do is completely separate the front casing from the or rear casing (depending on the device). To make sure your phone, tablet, or laptop doesn’t incur any scratching and to make sure the casing doesn’t snap entirely in half, you’re going to need to rely on special tools. One of these tools is known as a plastic opener. If the idea of potentially breaking your device in your hands isn’t daunting enough, proceed to step 2.


Step 2: Detaching Cables and Connectors

The next step will be to take a look at your phone’s motherboard and determine which cables and connectors need to be detached in order to gain access to the cables responsible for your camera. But be sure to keep track of where each cable is connected, as you may have to solder and de-solder certain wires to the motherboard/logic board. In the event of any mistakes during this step, you might be faced with the terrible decision of replacing your motherboard which is extraordinarily time consuming and at times, not worth the monetary value involved with the repair.

If you’re curious about our motherboard replacement services, feel free to visit our motherboard/logic board repair page.


Step 3: Removing the Motherboard

In most cases, you’re going to need to entirely remove your motherboard to gain access to where your cameras are connected. This is an extremely delicate process and should only be handled by professionals who have the right precision tools.

Those are just 3 out of the multiple steps you’ll need to take to repair and/or replace your device’s camera. Again, we strictly suggest you bring your device into one of our locations for assistance prior to attempting any camera repairs at home.



Why Choose The TechKnow Space for Front Camera and Back Camera Repair


Before you make the decision to leave your device with a professional repair company, it’s important to consider the benefits, such as:

Expertise Dealing with Delicate Components: The most common and simplest way to explain why you should leave phone camera repairs, laptop camera repairs, and tablet camera repairs to the professionals is because every part of your phone should be handled with care.

More than an Online Tutorial: There isn’t a single resource on the internet that can teach you exactly how to work with specific camera wires, find which wires are connected where, and teach how to solder and de-solder components as you make your way to the camera function.

Quick, Easy, and Affordable: The easiest, fastest, and least expensive option is to bring your device into The TechKnow Space. Not only do we have a team of technicians, but we have a team of highly experienced technicians with 12+ years of experience repairing devices from multiple brands.

Convenient Repair Hours: The best part? We’re available with extended hours, making it easy to drop your device off at any time that is convenient for you.

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