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Laptop Charging Port Repair / Power Jack Replacement Toronto Mississauga
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Power Jack Repair for Laptops

When other repair shops can't solve your Laptop power jack problem we can guarantee a laptop power jack logic board repair 9 times out of 10. 

Logic Board Repair For All Devices



Typical laptop power jack repair turnaround time is

Same to next day

With a repair price range of

$129 to $169

Choose your laptop brand for specific details relating to the repair of your laptop power connector.

We repair power jacks for the following laptop brands:




The Laptop Power Jack may be called a Power Port, Power Connector, Charging Port, or AC Adapter Port.


We repair, restore, resucitate and revive the following damaged laptop power jack situations:

  • Laptop charging port repair
  • laptop power connector repair
  • broken laptop charger connector repair
  • Laptop power jack replacement
  • fixing broken laptop power connector
  • Acer power jack repairs
  • HP Laptop power connector repair
  • Toshiba AC adapter connection repair

“I think I can do a charging port repair on my HP Pavilion DV6 by myself. Looks like a no brainer in the uTube video!”

Step by step instructions for laptop charging port repairs will always skew the repair process to sound much simpler than it actually is in reality.

Repair guides are only as good as the people creating them, and on the Internet, there is often no way to verify the skill level and trustworthiness of the instructions or of the person who wrote them.

Another thing to keep in mind about doing laptop DC jack repairs or replacements on your own is that repair guides are only meant to be just that – guides.

A sample process of opening up a laptop:

1. Remove bottom cover

Just getting the laptop dissasembled can be a daunting exercise - especially when you have a handful of 15 to 35 little screws of different sizes just after removing the bottom cover...

2. Remove the keyboard - sometimes this will be sufficient to get at the power jack

...but you nay have to remove the mainboard completely

3. Undo more different size screws...

4. Disconnect all the ribbon cables...

The tiny ribbon cable connectors are fragile - very easy to inadvertently break - not to mention the cables themselves tend to rip if even only a little more force than necessary is applied...


Laptop power jack connectors rarely serve any other function than providing live AC power and charging the battery...


Some symptoms of a faulty laptop power port are:

  • Intermittent charging and persistent notifications that your AC power supply has been removed

  • Laptop loses power and shuts of randomly

  • Battery not charging message

With a repair guide, the steps are more meant to be a suggestion as to what your repair process will be like, and if something goes wrong or is slightly different inside your laptop, the guide can easily steer you in the wrong direction.

Choosing the Techknow Space for your laptop power adapter repair is the smart option. Our technicians are experts at all laptop repairs and have the skills and knowledge to anticipate or navigate any other issues that might occur while repairing your laptop’s DC Jack.

Mainboard Damage

When after repairing or replacing the power jack you systestill won't charge or run on AC power the motherboard has also been damaged. A mainboard/motherboard repair is required. 

Symptoms include: laptop won't charge after charging port repair, no power at all.


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