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LCD Screen Charging Port Touchpad Fan Keyboard Hinges Battery Speaker WiFi Bluetooth Logic Board Liquid Damage Repairs


Laptop Brands We Repair

Please remember to bring your Charger/Power Supply when leaving your laptop for repair.

Laptop Repair Brands
Select Your Brand For Laptop Model List
ACER: Apire, Aspire One, Extensa, Ferrari, Ferrari One, Travelmate
APPLE: MacBook, MacBook Pro
ASUS: EEE, Lamborghini, Zenbook
DELL: Adamo, Alienware, Chromebook, Inspiron, Latitude, Mini, Precision, Studio, Vostro, XPS
 FUJITSU: Amilo, Celsius, Esprimo, FMV-Biblo, Lifebook
GATEWAY - All Models
HP/COMPAQ: Elitebook, Envy, Evo, Mini, Omnibook, Pavilion, Preario, Probook 
 LENOVO (IBM/LENOVO): Essentials, Ideapad, Thinkpad
MSI - Micro-Star International
SONY: Viao
TOSHIBA: Dynabook, Equium, Mini, Portege, Qosmio, Satellite, Satellite Pro, Tecra
All Gaming Laptops


Laptop Component Repairs & Prices

Laptop Hardware Repairs
Laptop Hardware
Repair Price
Repair Time
Screen Replacement $199 - $229 1 Hour
Keyboard Replacement $129 - $169 1 to 2 Days
Cooling Fan Repairs $159 Same Day to 7 Days
Power Jack Repairs $169 4 Hours to 1 Day
Hinge Replacement $229-269 Same Day to 7 Days

Hinge Structural Repair

Where the hinge itself is not damaged but has broken off from the plastic or aluminum housing. 

$129 - $149 Same to Next Day
LCD Back Cover Replacement (Special Order) $199 - $299 Approx 14 Days
Headphone Jack Repairs $109 - $139 Same to Next Day
Video Processor Mainboard Repair $199 - $399 1 to 2 Days
DVD/Optical Drive Replacement $89 - $149 Same to Next Day
(Unless it needs to be ordered)
Memory Upgrade (Labour) $89.95 Same to Next Day
Hard Drive Replacement
With Operating System Install
500GB - $199.95 Same to Next Day
1 TB - $229.95
2 TB - $279.95
Data Backup & Restore $99.95
Hardware Problem Diagnostics $40.00 Next Day
Laptop Charging Port Repair $139.95 - $169.95 Same to Next Day
Laptop Camera Repair $69.95 - $169.95 Same to Next Day
Laptop Power Button Repair $99.95 - $199.95 Same to Next Day
Laptop Speaker Repair $119 - $149

Laptop Software Repairs & Prices

Laptop Software Repairs
Laptop Software
Repair Price
Repair Time
Operating System Installation (i.e. Windows Install) $99.95 1 Day
Data Recovery (Lost/deleted files recovery) $99.95 - $199.95 1 to 4 Days
Data Recovery From Failing Hard Drive $99.95 - $299.95 2 to 10 Days
Virus, Spyware, and/or other Malware Removal
Hijacks, Worms, Trojans, Email Virus, Polymorphic, Macro...
$89.95 - $139.95 1 Day
Diagnose Multiple or Unknown Problems
Won't Turn On, Noise, Freezing, Black Screen, Lines on Screen
$40.00 Next Day

Motherboard / Mainboard Repair or Replacement

The motherboard of your laptop is the “brain”, or control centre. This part is essential to making your laptop work. The motherboard of a laptop has hundreds of tiny little parts that all work together to make different functions of your laptop work properly.

Your laptop may need to have the mainboard replaced if you notice problems such as:

  • The laptop doesn’t turn on
  • Some things run very slowly or freeze
  • Your laptop turns off or restarts randomly while being used
  • The power button doesn’t work to turn the laptop on
  • There are no lights or LEDs that light up when you try to turn the laptop on
  • The laptop sounds like it is turned on (the fan runs, or the power light is lit, etc.) but nothing is displayed on the screen.

The Techknow Space in Toronto and Mississauga will be able to determine the top options for your laptop and inform you of your choices.

More about mainboard/motherboard repair


000Charging Port Repair


The charging port is the most important port on your computer, if your charging port isn't working you will not be able to charge your battery. People buy Macbooks so they are limited to where there is a wall outlet, they like to be able to move around and be on the go! There are a few things you will notice if your charging port isn't working correctly, your Macbook may not be able to power up even when it is plugged in. You notice erratic battery charging, the light switches between orange and green, or perhaps no light at all even once it is plugged in. If you notice any of these problems, or just know your charging port isn't charging, bring it in and we can repair your charging port for you!


Our generation has become heavily dependant on the various technological devices available to us today.

When selecting your phone, there are a lot of points to take into consideration.
However, the most important part of your device is the USB or charging port, and the ability to charge your device.

If you can’t charge it, you can’t use it.

Charging Port RepairSome issues you may experience with a damaged port may be:







The micro USB/charging port is,as it suggests,very small but also very delicate.Constant connecting and removal of the connector cord can be hard on the port and it can move, bend, or damage internal components.The charging cable should never be shoved into the USB or charging port of your device.By doing so, you are damaging the tiny prongs that connect with the motherboard. 

Another issue for your phone, is exposure to rain or excessive humidity. Over time, this exposure can gradually corrode the metal connections until the port fails.This may also lead to liquid damage corrosion which is a seperate repair concern.

If you have damaged the prongs or they have become corroded, your device will either charge intermittenly or not at all.
You may need to have the USB/charging port be repaired or replaced.
The best thing for your phone, if you are having issues with the USB or charging port,is to bring it to the professionals to have them troubleshoot your repair needs.


Software Installation

Have you recently purchased software or a program and then only realized you have no clue how to install or set it up once you got home?

Bring your laptop and the software you need installed on it to the Techknow Space. We can help you get set up and running your new programs, apps or software within one day.

We will ensure the new software or program has been set up on your laptop correctly, and that everything is running smoothly.

Buying software from us? Make sure it will work the right way with the rest of your laptop by asking one of our expert in house technicians to install the software for you.

Beth Leduc

3 months ago-

Thumbs up to Technospace. I've used them several times and recommend them to all my friends. They've always had my repairs done in the amount of time quoted

Graphics chip / GPU / Video card repair

When other repair shops can't solve your Laptop Video or GPU problem we can guarantee a laptop GPU logic board repair 9 times out of 10. 

Logic Board Repair For All Devices



If your laptop is experiencing problems with:

  • Displaying images correctly
  • Your screen sometimes freezes
  • The image is choppy or has “dropped frames” when you are watching a movie or streaming a video
  • Your laptop doesn’t display anything at all

It might be caused by the video or graphics chip. This component is in charge of all the images displayed on your laptop screen. If it needs to be cleaned, repaired, reconnected, or replaced, our on-site technicians will be able to determine the best solution for your laptop. We have convenient locations in Toronto, near the Rogers Centre, and in Mississauga, across from Square One, open 7 days a week to serve you better.

Aneta Nowakowicz

11 months ago-

Lovely front desk staff, great service. Been coming here with all my issues. Would recommend this to anyone.

No Sound / Unable to Plug in Headphones / Headphone Jack Replacement

When other repair shops can't solve your Laptop headphone jack problem we can guarantee a laptop headphone jack logic board repair 9 times out of 10. 

Logic Board Repair For All Devices



Using headphones with your laptop can be useful, sometimes it can be inconsiderate to use the loudspeakers, or sometimes it is too loud around you to hear the sound clearly without headphones.

So when your headphone jack inside your laptop is damaged or stops working, it can be very inconvenient to use your laptop for watching movies, listening to music, streaming Netflix, or talking to friends in a video chat.

If your headphones or microphone headset will not plug in all the way, or there is something stuck in the jack, or the jack is damaged or broken in such a way that means no sound comes out of your headphones, you will need a headphone jack replacement or repair for your laptop.

All laptop headphone jack repairs

Mohamed Sulaiman

7 months ago-

These guys ordered a display cable for my laptop and installed it in one day. Canada computers said 3 weeks. Great customer service

Virus Adware/Malware Removal

Virus Removal

We Reliably Remove:

  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Rogue Antivirus
  • Trojans
  • Worms
  • Riskware
  • Backdoors
  • Ransomware
Today's Internet browsing environment is full of both useful and entertaining resources. Unfortunately, along with the success of the Internet comes the pitfalls associated with it, including viruses, adware and malware. A good Internet Security Agent will go miles towards protecting your laptop. However, should you still manage to come across a virus or other malware, we'll be here to assist with all of your virus removal needs. 

Over heating? Fan Replacement / Cooling Pathway Cleaning

Laptop Overheating

Symptoms of overheating:

  • Freezing
  • Shutting down unexpectedly
  • Rattling Sound
  • High Temperature Message
  • The laptop is hot to the touch
  • The fan is very loud 
Laptop computers are an amazing invention, but there's a lot of components packed into a tiny device, and all those components create heat. Fortunately, laptops today are designed to release all of that heat through special cooling mechanisms. However, over time those mechanisms can become clogged with dust, or the fan may stop working. In such cases, your laptop may begin to overheat and even shutdown without warning. When this happens, you will need an overheating repair for your laptop.

Data Transfer + Backup + Recovery

Data Transfer and Recovery


  • Backup files to disc/flash drive
  • Transfer music/images/videos from phone
  • Recover files/pictures from damaged devices

Although we recommend that all computer users make regularly scheduled backups of all of their files, there are times when you simply cannot have helped the loss of your data such as software crashes, virus infections and even hard drive damage. Our laptop service centre can retrieve data from crashed systems, non-booting systems and even virus infected systems. Although we'll do our best to retrieve your lost data, we are not a laboratory environment, and as such, cannot do a physical recovery from damaged discs.

Hard Drive Replacement and Upgrade

Hard Drive replacement upgrade

  • Save more videos
  • Download more music
  • Play more games
  • Store more photos
Sometimes a harddrive may not be large enough to store all of your files, or it may have some faulty areas (bad sectors) which prevent it from properly operating in your laptop computer. In such cases, it may be necessary to replace or upgrade the damaged or tiny harddrive with a bigger one, or a properly operating one in the case of replacement.

Ibrahim Hadeed

10 months ago-

Bought a replacement battery for my laptop from this store. The service was great, the product is good so far, and it comes with a year warranty.

RAM Memory Upgrades and Replacement

  Add Ram

Why add more RAM?

  • It speeds up almost everything!
RAM is a special component in your computer that helps the main CPU perform operations. When your RAM fails, you may hear funny beeping noises when your laptop tries to power on.
Likewise, if your laptop is running slowly, or stalls often during operation, then a RAM upgrade will probably assist with speeding up your laptop.
For all your RAM replacement and upgrade needs visit our
Toronto Service Center and Showroom, conveniently located in Toronto's downtown core, just steps from the Rogers Center and CN Tower and 2 minutes from the Gardiner Expressway or our
Mississauga Service Center, located right across from Square One Mall on City Center Drive and a minute from HWY 403. Enjoy our comfortable customer lounge while you wait.
We are NOT able to provide RAM upgrade pricing over the phone.
You must bring your laptop in so that we can identify:
  • The required generation of memory
  • The compatible speed requirements
  • Whether your laptop needs ECC or Non-ECC
  • The number of memory banks in total/available
  • The configuration specifications for individual or matching pairs of modules

We will NOT be able to provide any memory enhancement estimates without analyzing your laptop.


Reinstall Windows / Mac OS

Reinstall windows/Mac ox

When should you reinstall your O/S?

  • Every 6 months - 1 Year
  • After malware caused crash

Why should you reinstall your O/S?

  • It makes your computer's software run like new

Sometimes, after a persistent virus infection, a problematic hard drive, or even just a general system crash, your laptop may need to have the operating system re-installed. For this service, we can backup all of your user files and restore them on your newly installed operating system. The backup fee is separate from the operating system installation, and depends on how much data there is to recover. Although we make our best effort at all times, we cannot guarantee success at all times for all data recovery.

OS Re Install and Installed Applications

See the section on our Repair Policies page

Laptop Keyboard Replacement Services

Keyboard repair

What makes a keyboard fail?

  • Wear over time
  • Liquid spills
  • Animal fur
  • Dust
  • Loose connection(s)
  • Impact
Laptop keyboards are generally fairly durable, but a little bit of liquid can stop your keyboard from working either partially or completely. If this, or any other problem happens with your keyboard, you can bring it in to our downtown Toronto or Mississuaga location and have our expert laptop repair technicians replace your keyboard fast.

Laptop CD / DVD - ROM / RW (optical drive) Replacement

Laptop CD/DVD ROM replacement

Sometimes a decent drive may stop working on short notice, and either stop burning discs, or stop reading them altogether. If your laptop stops reading discs, makes funny noises, or especially if it does not eject properly, then you probably need your optical drive replaced. Give us a call, tell us which model you have, and we'll order a drive replacement for your specific laptop.

Aileen Gardner

a year ago-

FANTASTIC customer service. My laptop screen gave up the ghost at 7.50pm and I had a presentation the next day. I called the Mississauga store (thinking it was the downtown one) and they were super helpful - checked if they had the right screen in stock downtown and called to make sure they stayed open until I could get there. The guys on Front St stayed open and fixed the screen in 20 mins.

I honestly can't recommend them highly enough

Laptop USB port Replacement Service

USB port replacement

Occasionally, a USB port may become inactive on your laptop computer, or due to an incorrectly inserted device, the USB port may become completely unusable. If you have a broken USB port, bring your laptop or computer to our Toronto Service Center and Showroom, conveniently located in Toronto's downtown core, just steps from the Rogers Center and CN Tower and 2 minutes from the Gardiner Expressway or our Mississauga Service Center, located right across from Square One Mall on City Center Drive and a minute from HWY 403. Enjoy our comfortable customer lounge while you wait.


Laptop Repair Prices

Laptop repair prices: Toronto & Mississauga 

ModelScreen Replacement

Keyboard Replacement

Cooling Fan RepairsPower Jack RepairsHinge ReplacementHinge Structural RepairLCD Back Cover Replacement Headphone Jack RepairsVideo Processor Mainboard RepairDVD/Optical Drive ReplacementMemory Upgrade, Data Backup & RestoreHard Drive Replacement
With Operating System Install
ACER $149 - $199 $149 - $169 $129 - $149 $169.95 $269 $149 $199 - $299 $109 - $139 $199 - $399 $89 - $149 $89.95 - $149.95 $229.95 - $299.95
All Gaming Laptops




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Some local destinations to help you bide your wait-time smile :

Things to do in Toronto Our Toronto Local Guide     Things to do in Mississauga Our Mississauga Local Guide


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