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Laptop Fan Repair - Solving Laptop Overheating Problems
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You can try these bad ideas:

• Manufacturer Warranty Service
• Buy a Replacement Device (repair or replace)


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Laptop Fan Replacement / Repair Prices

Service Labour Part(s)
Laptop Fan Replacement 39.95 79.95 - 99.95

Mohamed Sulaiman

7 months ago-

These guys ordered a display cable for my laptop and installed it in one day. Canada computers said 3 weeks. Great customer service

Mainboard Damage

When after replacing the fan (or fans) they still dont spin, or your system is still overheating it is very liekly that the motherboard has suffered damage. This is especially common if you have continued to use the laptop after the fan stopped or slowed down. In these cases you will need a laptop mainboard/motherboard repair.

Symptoms include: fan does not spin after being replaced, system freezing, system overheating, no video.


Laptop Fan Repair / Replacement Mississauga & Toronto

We repair your laptop
overheating or cooling fan problems
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Your laptop is made up of hundreds, if not thousands of tiny components, and all of these little parts generate heat when they are working hard to run your laptop.

Hopefully, if your laptop has been well-designed, it has heat vents and cooling fans in the appropriate places to keep everything inside your laptop from overheating.

Overheating is a serious problem for laptops. Because all the parts inside your laptop are so close together, unlike the more spacious construction of a desktop PC, and that heat can have huge consequences if it becomes too much for the laptop to handle. The Techknow Space is your answer for all laptop overheating and laptop fan repair and replacement solutions. We are open 7 days a week at our conveniently located storefronts in Toronto near the Rogers Centre and CN Tower, and in Mississauga near the Square One shopping centre. The Techknow Space has in house expert technicians who can solve all your laptop heating and cooling problems within one day,

Overheating inside your laptop can cause problems such as:

  • Your laptop freezes when trying to perform certain tasks
  • It restarts or shuts downs at random moments
  • Programs or apps crash or stop working
  • Error messages popping up on your laptop screen
  • Burning out important components inside your laptop

If the fan or air vents inside your laptop become damaged from a drop or fall, or are malfunctioning because of dust and debris building up inside your laptop, you might notice a few different symptoms:

  • Loud whirring noises
  • Grinding or rattling coming  from inside your laptop
  • The cooling fans sound like they are running, but no air is being pushed out of the vents
  • The fans are very loud
  • The fans inside your laptop run constantly, even when the laptop is on but idle
Don’t let a fan or heat vent issue
become a big problem.
Visit the Techknow Space and let our
technology experts rescue your laptop
from a hot, melty death.


We have two locations in the heart of Toronto and the GTA for easy access, near the Rogers Centre and CN Tower in Toronto, and across from Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga.

Our on-site technicians have the expertise and skills to determine the best fix for your laptop overheating and cooling fan problems. If you need a fan repair or replacement, our technicians can complete the repair within one day.

Don’t risk ruining your laptop with a do-it-yourself repair. Laptops are intricate and complicated machines that need a knowledgeable technician to do repairs or replace parts.

Bring your laptop to the Techknow Space and save yourself the headaches and stress of trying to figure out and fix your laptop fan problems on your own.

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