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Laptop Hinge Repair
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Laptop Hinge Repair & Replacement

Laptop Hinge Repair Service Typical Price
Including Parts
Laptop Hinge Replacement 109.95 - 149.95

Laptop Hinge to Back Cover Structural Repair

Laptop hinge to LCD back cover repair at Techknow Space Toronto & Mississauga 
We recommend avoiding a glue or epoxy quick-fix offered by some shops.  Glue and epoxy are not strong enough to weather the high-pressure-repetitive opening and closing of your laptop screen - and will break again in a short time.

89.95 - 149.95 Your hinge is not actually broken, the mounting points on the LCD back cover have broken off. This requires an engineered solution which uses a bolt-through method to re-attach your hinge(s) to the back cover - avoiding a more expensive LCD Back Cover Replacement
Laptop LCD Back Cover Replacement 199.95 - 299.95


Using a laptop is great for portability and streamlining your desk space. There’s no need for extra accessories and you can pack up easily and quickly.

Toronto Laptop hinge replacement Mississauga. TechKnow Space Toronto & TechKnow Space Mississauga

An important part of your laptop that makes this portability possible is the hinges connecting the screen to the rest of your laptop.

Being able to close the lid on your laptop is an essential part of its convenience. But if damage to your laptop is preventing you from closing or opening it, you will definitely find the convenient nature of your computer has gone waaaay down.

Not only is the kind of damage inconvenient, but if it is left alone for too long without a repair, it can also cause damage to your laptop screen. You should visit the Techknow Space as soon as possible to avoid creating an even bigger issue.

You might think, “Oh, a laptop hinge problem is annoying, but I’ll be fine.” But if your laptop’s screen also becomes damaged or broken, you can lose the use of your laptop entirely.

You might be able to use your laptop with a broken hinge, but you definitely can’t use your laptop if you can’t see anything on the screen!

Damage to the hinges of your laptop does not necessarily mean you will need to replace the hinge itself but instead; it might be possible that the damage has happened to the back cover or lid in the area around the hinge.

Common damage to your laptop hinges can be:

  • The hinge mechanism of your laptop has failed or is physically damaged
  • The back cover or the lid surrounding the hinge breaks
  • Both parts are damaged or have failed

Our expert technicians will be able to assess the kind of damage or failure your laptop is experiencing. They will then diagnose the best solution for fixing your laptop hinges.

That solution might be one of few different things:

  • A full hinge replacement - if the hinge itself is damaged
  • If the hinge has become separated from the LCD back cover - it is usually the back cover (not the hinge) that has sustained the damage:
    • We can provide an engineered structural repair (less expensive)
    • Replace the entire LCD back cover

The structural repair option is often possible, but it cosmetically imperfect. In order for the technicians to fix the back cover or lid, they will need to open up the lid and reinforce the broken parts and then attach them back together using a bolt-through solution.

When this repair is finished, you will have a repaired back cover, but the broken area will show the top of the screws on the lid of your laptop.

Damage to the hinges of your laptop can happen because

  • You dropped your laptop
  • You dropped something heavy on your laptop
  • You opened or closed the laptop incorrectly
  • Normal wear and tear on the hinge

Visit one of the Techknow Space’s convenient locations in Toronto or Mississauga and let our experts find the best, most lasting solution for your sad laptop and make it smile again!

HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, MSI, Sony, LG, Fujitsu, Apple Macbook, Lenovo, Gateway laptop hinge replacement.

Eugene Akimov

3 months ago-

I used this place for few years, so far no complains, fixed many broken screens and keyboards, and they did some custom work to fix damaged laptop body. happy with service and quality, also fast

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