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Laptop Power Jack Repair

2 Hour Laptop Power Jack Repair  -  $119.95

Our expert technicians will replace or repair your damaged internal power connector within 2 hours.

The process involves:

  1. removing all the components from the laptop.
  2. Cleaning each component.
  3. Removing the existing old solder around the power  jack.
  4. Removing the old power jack
  5. Using a soldering tool to solder in a new power jack.
  6. Letting the soldering take hold and solidify
  7. Use a charger/adapter to test the power jack
  8. Install and connect all the components that were removed  (step 1).
  9. Test all the components.
  10. Test the computer and the power jack.

Symptoms of  possible problems with your Power Jack

  • My laptop battery does not charger and needs replacing
  • My laptop charger will not charge my battery and needs replacing.
  • I need to replace my laptop charger since my laptop will not start.
  • My power cord (that connects the adapter/charger to the wall power source) does not work.
  • My laptop connector is wobbly and loose.

All these problems are often, but not always, a result of a power jack that needs to be replaced. Replacing the battery, or the charger, or the power cord is not the solution. Too often, people will buy replacement batteries, adapters and power cords online  only to frustrated that their problem remains unresolved.

The correct approach when experiencing these problems is:

  1. Bring your laptop and your charger in to one of our stores near you
  2. Our technician will test your adapter/charger. We carry all the adapters in stock, and will replace your adapter if it turns out to be faulty.
  3. Our technician will check your battery We carry almost all the batteries in stock,  and will replace your battery if it turns out to be faulty or depleted.
  4. Our technician will finally check your power jack. We will replace the power jack in two hours as described above.

Bottom line...you will be walking away with a solution that will allow you to go and hit the ground running, being productive and completing the tasks you need with your laptop that works!

Kurt Kinsman

10 months ago-

Excellent services quick repair.highly recommend. Hopefully I won't be back.

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